Top 7 best stationary blenders Moulinex: rating 2021, review of the most reliable models in terms of quality

Top 7 best stationary blenders Moulinex: rating 2021, review of the most reliable models in terms of qualityMoulinex stationary blenders are ideal for lovers of smoothies, smoothies and cream soups.

With the fact that you need to grind, beat, grind, they cope with “excellent”.

And among the variety of models in the Moulinex brand, just the eyes run away.

The main technical characteristics and an overview of the configuration will help you choose the most successful option.

How to choose a stationary blender?

Let’s talk in more detail about what to pay attention to when buying a stationary Moulinex blender:

  1. Power output. It affects the possibility and speed of grinding products. If you buy a Moulinex blender for mixing cocktails and making cream soups, then 300-600 watts of power is enough. And if you plan to frequently grind ice or make nut paste, then it is better to choose models of blenders more powerful than 600 watts.
  2. Number of speeds. Moulinex blenders can have from 2 to 10 speeds. Their number affects the speed and quality of mixing. At the lowest speeds, it is best to work when large pieces are needed (for example, to split the ice). And if you need to grind the product into powder or flour, then you should use the highest speed.
  3. Set of attachments. Some models of blenders may have additional bowls, coffee grinders, and mills. It will be convenient to grind a bunch of fresh herbs for salad or a handful of nuts for sauce in a mini mill attachment. And in the Moulinex FreshBoost model, two 600 ml glasses are included with the blender, in which the drink is first prepared, and then you can take it with you. For example, to drink a smoothie on the way to work or on a walk.
  4. Overheat protection system. In the models of Moulinex blenders in the middle price segment, there is a shutdown sensor when the engine overheats. If you reload the blender, it simply shuts down.
  5. Control and program type. There are two types of blender controls: mechanical and electronic. The control type only slightly affects the user experience. But a variety of programs can make it very easy to work in the kitchen. You click on the “Hot soup” button in the Moulinex Ultrablend High Speed blender, and it will choose the speed and time of operation. Moreover, it will warm up all the ingredients that can be put in the bowl cold.
  6. The size and material of the bowl. The blender bowl cannot be filled completely, meaning that the useful volume is reduced by about 15%. Just over 0.3 liters of food can be loaded into a 0.4-liter bowl, while a 2-liter bowl will contain 1.7 liters. In Moulinex blenders, the bowls are presented in different volumes. For a family of 4 people, it is better to choose a volume of 1.5 liters, and for bachelors, small volumes are perfect. As for the material, everything is simple. If you are going to mix hot food in a blender, then plastic bowls will not work for you, but only glass ones.
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