11 best water ionizers

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Modern technology allows you to make life not only easier, but also healthier. In particular, you can get a water ionizer. In this case, you will begin to consume alkaline water, as a result of which the body will begin to restore the balance of magnesium, calcium and other useful minerals. You won’t even notice how you get used to this water. It is possible that in the future, tap water, even if it has passed through the appropriate filter, will start to disgust you. In short, let’s get acquainted with the best water ionizers, since they are so useful.

Rating of the best water ionizers

Category place product name price
Rating of the best water ionizers 1 ION-7400 67 900 ₽
2 KEOSAN ACTIMO KS-9610 17 900 ₽
3 BionTech BTH-100P 28 000 ₽
4 NEOS REDOX 4 980 ₽
5 I-Water Home 1400 6 850 ₽
7 NEVOTON IS-112 2 999 ₽
8 Akvapribor AP-1 version 3 4 199 ₽
9 Biocera A.H.A Water Bottle 5 990 ₽
11 WILLOW-2 SILVER 7 200 ₽


One of the most stylish representatives of this rating. He is engaged in converting standard tap water into an immune stimulator. In fact, the user begins to consume a full-fledged mineralized antioxidant. Such water is most useful for young children, who, with its regular consumption, are less likely to catch a cold. The manufacturer also claims that regular drinking of water coming out of the South Korean device prevents the development of cancer. And its use improves skin tone, which helps to normalize the pH level in the body. After this, it is already difficult to regret the money spent. A lot of money, because for ION-7400 they ask for more than 60 thousand rubles.

Like any other water ionizer, this instance is struggling with the acidification of the body. As you know, increased acidity is caused by stress, dust, a sedentary lifestyle, increased consumption of not the most useful products and an unhealthy environment around a person. Which of the residents of our country did not go through this?

This device has the simplest possible design. On its body there is a bright liquid crystal screen, the information on which is clearly visible in all conditions. The ION-7400 also boasts touch controls. The ionizer is capable of passing through itself up to three liters of water per minute. It is unlikely that at least some of the buyers will not have enough of this. The weight of the device is 5 kg.

Please note that the device is not localized. This means that the labels on its touch keys are in English. So are the captions on the display, which, however, are very few here. But you can easily understand the controls if you read the operating instructions or watch the tutorial video. Roughly speaking, here you only need to choose the level of ionization of water. To do this, you need to let the device understand what exactly this water will be intended for. For example, it may be necessary to drink medicine, quench your thirst, or prepare a dish based on it. All these modes are drawn in the form of pictograms, and therefore knowledge of English is almost not required. The display also shows three graphs.

This is probably one of the best ionizers on the market. Koreans did their best! It remains to be regretted that so much money is being asked for it, and therefore not all elderly people will be able to afford it. And it is they who need it most.


  • Stylish appearance;
  • There is a display that shows all the important information;
  • Easy operation;
  • Excellent water ionization;
  • Decent performance;
  • Long service life.


  • Buttons have English-language captions;
  • Very high cost.


11 best water ionizers

This is already a significantly less advanced representative of our rating. It even looks kind of sloppy. It recognizes a simple medical device, and not a device that would have seemed absolutely impossible to exist for a couple of decades. However, if this device is purchased for an elderly relative, then you can not think about the appearance. The main thing is whether the ionizer copes with its main task.

In fact, the device is a stand for a container through which water passes. At the bottom of the front panel is a tiny digital display that indicates the selected operating mode. There are three keys below it. The first one is responsible for turning the device on and off. The second will allow you to change the mode of operation-roughly speaking, the degree of ionization. The third option allows you to start and stop the process. In short, nothing complicated. With this control, even English-language signatures don’t bother you.

The power of the device does not exceed 10 watts. In this case, water does not pass through the entire device, but through a special filter, accumulating in a transparent container. And already from this container you can pour water into a mug, pot or somewhere else. This design has a serious drawback: ionization of water takes time, and it is impossible to get a large volume of it in a few minutes.

And what exactly does KEOSAN ACTIMO KS-9610 do? It’s very simple. The device mineralizes and softens water. It is cleaned by the magnetic method. The resulting water is very tasty, you can get used to it very quickly. It is well felt that it becomes enriched with oxygen. This water reduces plaque, removes drowsiness and improves mood. The whole process takes a few minutes, after which you get 1.5 liters of water — this is exactly the volume of the container used here.

Please note that the appliance may emit blue water when turned on for the first time. This is the development of an ionizer. Pass water through it three to four times, after which the staining effect will disappear. And only then can you start full-fledged operation of the device.

Well, what are the disadvantages of this ionizer? First, even 18 thousand rubles seem like an exorbitant price tag. Well, what kind of pensioner would be willing to pay such money? Secondly, the device can not be called any compact, it occupies a considerable part of the table. Third, and most importantly, the device is very loud. As stated in one of the reviews, KEOSAN ACTIMO KS-9610 can be compared to a spaceship-and because of the noise — and because of the many unnecessary lights.

It is also necessary to note the presence of Chinese fakes. When buying this model, be sure to make sure that it was made by a South Korean company.


  • High-quality manufacturing;
  • Beautiful funnel effect;
  • There is some water filtration;
  • Good mineralization of water;
  • Extremely simple operation.


  • Strange appearance;
  • Extra large sizes;
  • It makes a loud noise during operation;
  • High cost.

BionTech BTH-100P

11 best water ionizers

You might get the impression that ionizers always take up a lot of space. The first instance considered in this rating weighed 5 kg, the second one was also by no means small. Well, it’s time to talk about the most miniature water ionizer. BionTech BTH-100P can fit in your jacket pocket! Somewhere at work, you can screw the neck of a bottle onto the appropriate thread, after which the device will begin the process of ionization of the water contained in it. Just do not forget that the water in the bottle should be clean, not carbonated.

If the device turned out to be so small, why shouldn’t it be cheap? As it is not so. In Russian stores, they ask for about 28 thousand rubles for this device. If relatively small smartphones are expensive, then why shouldn’t a much more useful ionizer cost a lot of money? Apparently, the manufacturer followed exactly this logic.

What exactly does a portable ionizer do? It turns clean water into hydrogen. Therefore, there is a greater amount of oxygen in it. The use of such water allows you to cheer up. It’s funny that the device doesn’t even need to be connected to the power supply, since it has a built-in battery. It is charged in the manner of any smartphone.

Managing your device is as simple as possible. In fact, only two buttons are used here. If you get such a device, do not forget to activate the self-cleaning mode from time to time. In this case, the ionizer will last for many years. And since it is so expensive, I would not like to face its failure after a year of operation.

It remains to add that 0.5 liters of ionized water are obtained in 5 minutes. This, of course, is a long time when compared with the devices discussed above, but this model is pocket-sized. It is unlikely that you will be able to take a full-fledged ionizer with you to work, which weighs several kilograms instead of 150 g. A full battery charge is enough for ten ionization procedures. Use the USB Type-C connector to connect the network adapter. This suggests that the South Korean device was developed quite recently.


  • Powered by a built-in battery;
  • Very small size and weight;
  • It supplies water with oxygen well;
  • Maximally simplified management;
  • There is a self-cleaning mode;
  • High-quality Assembly.


  • Very high cost;
  • Only 0.5 liters of water are ionized at a time.


11 best water ionizers

Under the name NEOS REDOX, you can find several ionizers at once, which have a completely different appearance. NEOs REDOX ALKASTONE — the so-called hydrogen bottle-looks the most spectacular. Its body was created from Tritan — the latest impact-resistant plastic. The device supplies water with oxygen, softening its structure. Such water will definitely appeal to people who are engaged in sports. The fact is that it increases the tone, activates the metabolism and removes toxins. All this contributes to weight loss. And if you go to the gym, it will also speed up the gain of muscle mass. It is also noted that alkaline water will help in restoring the skin and increasing immunity.

However, our rating has already talked about the advantages of water obtained with the help of such ionizers. Let’s get a better look at NEOS REDOX itself. As mentioned above, it can be a hydrogen bottle — its use looks the easiest. This device is the easiest to take with you to training. The disadvantage of the device is only a small volume of the upper tank — at one time you will get only 0.5 liters of ionized water. But such a hydrogen bottle is sold for relatively little money, for about 5 thousand rubles. And this is not some Chinese device! A South Korean company is engaged in the production of NEOS REDOX. And you should have already realized that the best water ionizers are created in South Korea. By the way, do not forget that for any ionizer you need to buy replacement filters from time to time. And sometimes they are terribly expensive. Here, the purchase of a replacement accessory will cost only 2000 rubles.

Coolmart also produces a desktop ionizer sold under the same brand. In fact, this is a five-stage filter, the task of which is not only to supply water with oxygen. Such a device processes a much larger amount of water, its capacity reaches 0.25 liters / min. But it is also more expensive.


  • You can choose between a bottle and a desktop filter;
  • As easy as possible to use;
  • Modern materials were used for manufacturing;
  • Relatively low cost;
  • Long service life;
  • Minimum size and weight of the bottle;
  • Modern appearance;
  • It does not require electricity.


  • The bottle can ionize only 0.5 liters of water at a time;
  • The effect is not as strong as the competition.

I-Water Home 1400

11 best water ionizers

Based on the name of this product, you might think that this is a purely desktop ionizer designed for home use. However, it’s actually still the same hydrogen bottle. It just says absolutely nothing about its purpose — there are no extraneous inscriptions or anything like that on the walls. Moreover, the walls are made transparent so that you can always see the volume of remaining water, as well as observe the spectacular ionization process. Outsiders will think that you are holding an ordinary sports flask or something like a thermos flask. They will never guess that this is a portable ionizer, the cost of which is a little less than 10 thousand rubles.

Unlike stationary models, only one cleaning step is used here. In fact, the filter tries to rid the water only of impurities of chlorine and especially large particles. For this purpose, a tiny carbon cartridge is used here. The main task of such a bottle is to mineralize water, supply it with a large amount of oxygen. The output is water with a large volume of magnesium and elvan. Well, the tourmaline balls included in the cartridge are ionized in water, making its structure softer. As a result, water penetrates more easily into the cells of the human body.

The main advantage of the ionizer released by the South Koreans is the high speed of operation. The manufacturer promises the effect only a few seconds after the water is poured into the container. It is nice that the user does not even need to plug the device into a wall outlet or charge it — the process is carried out naturally. Well, the volume of the water tank here is 1400 ml. Yes, the dimensions are rather big. That is why the ionizer filter got such a name — the easiest way to use it, of course, is at home.


  • Does not require an electrical connection;
  • Good impact on water;
  • Relatively small size and weight;
  • Long service life;
  • Transparent case.


  • Taking an ionizer with you is still not so easy;
  • The price will not suit everyone;
  • Not perfect saturation of water with oxygen.


11 best water ionizers

Some water ionizers have a very dull appearance. In particular, this can be said about AKVALIFE SPAAQUA. You might think that this is some kind of plastic kettle used to store cold water. It can also be mistaken for a watering can for indoor plants. However, the ionizer can really be used for watering such plants! They will be shocked by such a pleasant alkaline water!

Despite the simple design, this model has a wide range of features. Unlike the examples discussed above, the device is able to prepare silver water! And if many competitors use a mechanical process for ionization, then AKVALIFE SPAAQUA will still need to be connected to the power grid. It’s funny that the control panel is not located somewhere on the side, but on the cover of the device. Because of this, pressing buttons and viewing the display can not be called a convenient action — you have to put the device on a chair or stool.

Usually, water ionizers are bought for elderly relatives, being used as a gift. Such people can live in rather old houses with poor electrical wiring. In this regard, we can be glad that this representative of our rating received as many as seven types of protection. The ionizer is not afraid of power surges in the network, wet hands, improper use of the glass, high and low salinity of water, falling and switching on again. The presence of a voice assistant is unexpected. It warns you that it’s time to pull the plug out of the socket. The assistant also lets you know if the product has a dangerous angle of inclination, or if the glass is incorrectly installed in the ionizer. The processor used here is insulated from moisture, as evidenced by the IP54 certificate.

The device received more than three hundred modes of silvering and ionization. Despite such a large number of them, this model is still very easy to manage. A fairly large color display makes it easy to learn. The manufacturer also tried to reduce the number of keys to a minimum. As a result, most often the owner of AKVALIFE SPA AQUA will use the arrow buttons.

This model will appeal to those who are going to prepare water for the whole family. This is one of the biggest ionizers in our rating. It simultaneously creates 3 liters of alkaline and 0.5 liters of acidic water. Alternatively, you can prepare 3.5 liters of silver water instead.

For the production of the case, long-lasting food-grade plastic was used, which does not emit substances harmful to the human body at all.

This model was developed and released in Russia. It would seem that a domestic product should be very inexpensive. However, for AKVALIFE SPAAQUA they ask for about 20 thousand rubles. In fact, this is not at all surprising. If other ionizers only filter water and supply it with oxygen, then the Russian device also makes it silver. It’s also the biggest in its class! The service life of the device is 12 years, you just need to remember to clean it at least once a year. You will also need to change the ECO-membranes from time to time. If you want to save yourself from this, then take a look at the slightly more expensive Aquacom SPAAQUA — it does not have replaceable filters at all.


  • Domestic production;
  • There is a voice assistant;
  • Easy operation;
  • Warm water ionization is possible;
  • The electrodes are made of platinum group metals;
  • Very long service life;
  • Creates silver water;
  • Able to prepare a large volume of water;
  • You can use the test period.


  • The appearance will not suit everyone;
  • Very high cost.


11 best water ionizers

Another device capable of preparing silver water. As you know, such water is extremely useful for the human body. Experts note that silver destroys at least five hundred types of pathogenic bacteria. After silver water, a person feels more alert and healthier.

Unlike most of the devices reviewed in this rating, the NEVOTON is-112 supports only two modes of operation. In the first one, silver water is prepared for safe consumption. Such water can be safely drunk in the manner of some mineral water. In the second mode, a concentrate is created. It is not recommended to drink such water, it is necessary for washing, watering flowers and taking baths.

Most often, ionizers have their own capacity, where water is poured. This is a different case. The purchased device should be installed on a regular glass jar with a volume of one to three liters, where water should be poured. Then you just need to select the operating mode and specify the volume of the jar. Touch buttons are used for this purpose. The process of water ionization begins immediately after pressing the “start” button. When the device is finished, it will beep. In case you are suddenly in another room, a short beep will sound every 10 seconds.

As you already understood, NEVOTON is-112 is distinguished by the most simplified control. It is also one of those devices that can prepare a very large volume of silver water at a time-up to three liters. The resource of the silver electrode used here is 60 thousand liters, which supposedly should be enough for many years of its use. However, in the reviews you can find information that the plate completely dissolves after a couple of years of operation.

Some inconvenience is caused by the need to connect the device to the mains, for which a 12-volt power supply is used. However, we must admit that the use of a glass jar is also slightly inconvenient. First you need to fill it with clean water (as such, there is no filtration in this device), then start the ionization, and then pour the water into some kettle. Many people will get tired of this after a couple of uses of NEVOTON is-112.

The existence of this model is justified only by a very low cost. If ionizers with a built-in water tank cost about one and a half to two tens of thousands of rubles, then only 3,500 rubles are asked for the above-mentioned model! It is not surprising that it is actively bought by pensioners.


  • High-quality silver enrichment of water;
  • Low cost;
  • Very easy operation;
  • You can prepare up to three liters of water at a time;
  • There is a beep.


  • Service life — not very long;
  • No water filtration;
  • You must use a glass jar.

Akvapribor AP-1 version 3

11 best water ionizers

And this is a Belarusian ionizer. It also boasts a low cost. Although 4200 rubles will scare an elderly person a little more than the price of the device discussed above. But “Aquapribor AP-1” has its own water tank, which makes its operation easier. However, let’s not compare the two devices. The fact is that this model is designed to create a completely different water. She doesn’t supply her with silver. Instead, it filters the water and also makes it live or dead by changing its structure.

The device is designed to work with cold water. Be sure to remember this! Warm or hot water will cause damage to the device. The power of this product is 70 watts. Most surprising is the weight, which reaches 2 kg. It indicates the presence of high-quality and durable materials inside. Well, the large size of the tank allows you to get a decent supply of water. You will definitely not have to deal with its ionization several times a day.

The transparent case of the glass used here allows you to always see how much water is left. However, it is not executed in the best way. First, the manufacturer used some too flimsy plastic, which is why such a container can easily be damaged. Secondly, filtering is not performed properly here. If you choose to pour tap water that has not passed through the filter, you will need to clean this glass regularly. And this is still a pleasure, it is almost impossible to get a sponge into some corners of the structure.

Another problem with the device is the complete absence of service centers in Russia. It is available only in the home country of the manufacturer, in Belarus. This means that no one will be engaged in the repair of “Aquapribor AP-1”. And it may be needed sometime. This is evidenced by one of the reviews, in which the buyer says that within two months he was engaged in replacing the fuse three times.

In short, the large volume of live water produced is the only advantage of the device, especially if you forget about the price tag. Therefore, you should only buy it if the devices discussed above are not available, or you don’t want to spend money on them.


  • Large volume of water received;
  • Low cost;
  • It is possible to get dead water;
  • Easy to learn controls.


  • Complex tank cleaning;
  • The design turned out to be flimsy;
  • There may be regular problems with the fuse;
  • In fact, there is no guarantee.

Biocera A.H.A Water Bottle

11 best water ionizers

In the course of our rating, we have already talked about the hydrogen bottle. Well, it’s time to mention another one! Since such ionizers are becoming more and more popular, you need to know about at least a few models that are considered the best of the best.

Like other similar ionizers, the Biocera A. H. A Water Bottle can only work with cold water. Although the shape of this model beckons to use it as a thermos flask. However, the situation is saved by a transparent case. It will allow you to understand that you are looking at a flask rather than a thermos or something similar.

The ionizer is supplied with a cover that is tightly screwed to the body. So tight that the manufacturer decided to attach a wrist strap to it. If the bottle suddenly slips out of your hand, it will definitely remain hanging on your wrist. It also prevents you from losing the lid itself.

Salinity of water here is carried out using a simple filter. The ionizer does not need to be connected to the power grid or use a battery. The process is quite long, but the water will definitely fill up with oxygen before you get to the gym, where it is most useful. The volume of mineralized water is not too large, but it is enough for one workout.

It remains to add that the product is supplied with an instruction manual written in Korean characters. However, you will not need it, because there are no buttons, display and other controls. You just need to fill in the water, and then the ionization process will be started.

Is this hydrogen bottle worth six thousand rubles? The answer to this question is quite difficult. The price tag seems high. But if you regularly go to the gym, then the Biocera A. H. A Water Bottle will be a true companion for you. This is the best way to always have alkaline water with you.


  • Extremely small dimensions;
  • The case is transparent and pleasant to the touch;
  • The price still can not be called exorbitant;
  • Does not require power supply;
  • There is a wrist strap;
  • Long service life.


  • Not very large volume of water received;
  • The ionization process is not fast.


11 best water ionizers

Our rating has repeatedly mentioned that some ionizers have a certain similarity with thermos flasks. Perhaps this is most noticeable in RAWMID DREAM FLASK. It has an opaque body, devoid of any identification marks — only the manufacturer’s logo is displayed here. At the same time, the bottle is available in two color variants — the version with a silver body is most similar to the thermos. The product is placed in a complete bag equipped with a shoulder strap. Therefore, it is possible to deliver a hydrogen bottle to the gym without any difficulty.

Like other ionizers of this kind, RAWMID DREAM FLASK can only mineralize cold water. Hot water will quickly put the cartridge out of action, as all its useful elements will dissolve in the shortest possible time. Another limitation also looks familiar — it does not fit a very large volume of water. To be precise, it is 0.4 liters. But the bottle turned out to be small and light. Without water, it weighs just over two hundred grams!

Structured water has a positive effect on the health of the person who uses it. It also brings some energy boost. Well, the antioxidant potential of water should contribute to longer workouts.

The operation of the hydrogen bottle is carried out using a filter module. Despite its tiny size, it boasts a long service life. The manufacturer said 12 thousand liters! In short, it is unlikely that you will want to buy another hydrogen bottle in the coming years.


  • Does not require an electrical connection;
  • Long service life of the ionizer and its filter;
  • They usually sell for relatively little money;
  • Comes with a handy bag;
  • Two colors to choose from.


  • Small volume of water.


11 best water ionizers

Another Russian-made ionizer in our rating. For some reason, domestic devices of this type often get a scary design. Unfortunately, the WILLOW-2 SILVER also has this appearance. You can immediately tell from it that this is a medical device, and not a thing for the kitchen that will stand there every day.

Just above, we have already considered the ionizer, the control panel of which is located on the lid. It’s the same case here. The device received four buttons and a simple digital display. Just above are indicators that indicate which process is running and whether the device is currently working.

Some home ionizers allow you to fill in a huge amount of water. The creators of IVA-2 SILVER took a different path. They made the device quite small, only 1.4 liters of water are poured inside it. But the use of the device does not cause any inconvenience. Inside it are two containers. The first one has a volume of 0.8 liters, it produces alkaline (live) water. The volume of the second one is 0.6 liters, here acidic (dead) water is created. Also, with the help of IVA-2 SILVER, you can prepare 1.4 liters of silver water.

Despite the relatively low cost, the device is able to boast an electrode made of 999-th silver sample. However, some competitors also have a similar electrode. But they have much less of it. Here, the weight of this element is 9 grams! As a result, the silver rod completely dissolves only after processing 250 thousand liters of water! None of the ionizers included in our rating can boast of such a resource!

After you create the silver water it should be poured into some dark vessel — a bottle made of opaque glass or kettle. In this case, the healing properties of the water will remain for one and a half to two months. However, you will drink it much faster, there is no doubt about it. As for the storage of water in the device itself, the design of the device does not imply this. It is very difficult to pour water from it into mugs. After all, this is more of a medical device than some kind of kitchen device. You’ll get it out of your locker once every few days, no more.


  • The electrode consists of a large amount of silver;
  • You can create living and dead water;
  • Maximally simplified management;
  • The price is not exorbitant;
  • Long service life of most instances.


  • Some devices have a bad build;
  • The appearance will not suit everyone;
  • It is inconvenient to insert paper partitions;
  • There is no full-fledged filter;
  • White plastic turns yellow over time.


Now you know which water ionizers are the best. I am glad that not all such devices are extremely expensive. This means that you can improve your health for relatively little money. However, we do not recommend looking for very cheap ionizers that are not mentioned in this rating. Such devices may not perform any actions with water, only simulating the process.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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