9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Why find time to go to the cinema when you can watch a movie on your own TV? To get the same pleasure, you will only need a home theater system. If you consider the range of retail chains and do not want to puzzle over the characteristics, then check out our rating. It includes the best models in different price segments.

Rating of the best home theaters

Category place product name price
Best low-cost home theaters (up to 20,000 rubles)) 1 Sony BDV-E4100 18 850 ₽
2 Samsung HT-J5530K 17 776 ₽
3 Sony BDV-E3100 15 990 ₽
Best home theaters in the mid-price segment 1 Sony BDV-N9200W 39 751 ₽
2 LG LHB655 17 999 ₽
3 Sony BDV-E6100 23 030 ₽
Best premium home theaters 1 Harman/Kardon BDS 880 69 990 ₽
2 Onkyo HT-S7805 69 900 ₽
3 Yamaha BD-Pack 498 64 990 ₽

Best low-cost home theaters (up to 20,000 rubles))

Sony BDV-E4100

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

This home theater system includes cute speakers with a total power of 1000 watts. It is difficult to find fault with the sound quality — Sony engineers have worked out almost all frequencies. Satellites can play music in the background, but you don’t have to play a movie to do this. The fact is that the complete Blu-ray player has support for FM radio, not to mention the ability to read music tracks from a USB flash drive or even receive them via Bluetooth.

Sony BDV-E4100 home theater belongs to the 5.1 acoustic standard, which is quite acceptable for such a budget. A distinctive feature of the product is a large number of decoders-everything is supported, from traditional Dolby Digital to DTS-HD HR. Customers are also thrilled with the subwoofer, which allows you not so much to hear as to feel the sound.

The “highlight” of this home theater is the presence of a Smart TV, which allows you to draw content from the Internet by connecting to the router via Wi-Fi. You can only regret the cost, you will be able to meet 20 thousand rubles only during sales.


Large number of decoders;

Built-in Smart TV function;

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules are available;

3D support is available;


No support for 4K resolution;

It can take as long as a minute to turn on;

It doesn’t do a good job navigating through a folder with a large number of files.

Samsung HT-J5530K

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

Home theater in the traditional form, where the set includes five speakers of different sizes and one subwoofer. Not forgotten is the Blu-ray player, to which all this stuff is connected. In total, all the speakers give out 1000 watts, and this power is quite enough to enjoy watching a blockbuster movie in a large hall. Unlike the product discussed above, there are two microphone inputs, which allows you to use the home theater as karaoke. The presence of a good equalizer also hints at the musical bias of the kit. The creators did not forget about Bluetooth-the “blue tooth” is needed to connect a smartphone.

You can only scold the South Korean manufacturer for the fact that his creation did not receive some memorable feature. There are no smart features or support for any unusual technologies. However, the Samsung HT-J5530K delivers a deep and loud sound, and many consumers need just that.


A decent number of decoders;

High power subwoofer and speakers;

Microphone inputs are available;

3D support is available;

High-quality sound — the best in this price segment;


There are no separate buttons for adjusting the subwoofer on the remote control;

Tricky FM radio settings;

The resolution is limited to 1080p.

Sony BDV-E3100

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

The most inexpensive home theater in our selection. For about 19 thousand rubles, the buyer receives a set of a Blu-ray player, five speakers and one subwoofer. The total power of satellites is the usual 1000 watts. The manufacturer made a bet on the compact size of the speakers. This is correct, because high satellites in budget home theaters hide a void under their body.

Like the instances mentioned above, the Sony BDV-E3100 has a large number of decoders. It is possible to play music from disks, USB flash drives, and even from the Internet — in the latter case, either a wired connection to the router or built-in Wi-Fi is used. The user can also listen to FM radio and receive music from a smartphone via the “blue tooth”.


Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;

High total power output;

Large number of decoders;

Good sound quality for this price.


No support for 4K resolution;

Smart TV works with wild slowdowns;

Comes with short wires.

Best home theaters in the mid-price segment

Sony BDV-N9200W

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

In the mid-budget segment, it certainly prefers Sony products. The Japanese offer to buy for 48 thousand rubles. an excellent set that supports the acoustic standard 9.1. the total power of all satellites reaches an impressive 1200 watts, and the walls start to shake from the rumble of the subwoofer.

Sony BDV-N9200W is distinguished from its budget counterparts by its wider capabilities. Here, child protection is available, and smart functions work without brakes, and the resolution is no longer limited to the outdated Full HD. But much more important is the presence of a large number of connectors and wireless modules — this is especially true for those who do not have an AV receiver.


Practically maximum number of decoders;

Audio output according to the 9.1 standard;

Very high total power output;

Built-in two HDMI inputs and one output;

There is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;

Internet functions work without brakes;


The equalizer doesn’t support manual settings;

Not the most convenient menu;

Some instances don’t sound the best.


9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

This home theater can be purchased for about 25 thousand rubles. which makes it very affordable. But due to the low price, the included Blu-ray player did not receive support for 4K resolution. Another limitation is the total power output, which does not exceed 1000 watts. Speakers belong to the 5.1 standard, the power of each of the speakers here is 167 watts (including the subwoofer).

With this home theater system, you can not only watch movies, but also listen to music. You can play it in a variety of ways, even an option with receiving a signal from a smartphone via Bluetooth is available. There are also all sorts of smart features that involve getting content from the Internet. Well, if the owner and his friends are bored, karaoke and a couple of microphones will come to the rescue.


Good power for such a cost;

You only need to hang the center column on the wall;

You can connect two microphones;

Blu-ray 3D supported;

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules;

There is a version with wireless rear speakers.


Not the longest wires;

Not all video formats are supported.

Sony BDV-E6100

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

Another set that you can buy in Russia for about 25 thousand rubles. It already belongs to the 5.1 acoustic standard. Four speakers are floor-mounted, while only the Central satellite is attached to the wall. The total power of all this stuff is 1000 watts-a standard parameter in this price segment. And if the home theaters discussed above had a Bluetooth module, then here it is supplemented with an NFC chip. This means that music playback from your smartphone will start immediately after you attach it to the top panel of the Blu-ray player. Without using wires, you can also transfer other media content — thanks to the support of Smart TV, the home theater is practically unlimited.


Implemented Blu-ray 3D support;

Sufficient power for most customers;

An abundance of various decoders;

There are Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi modules available;

There is a smart functionality.


There is no single HDMI input;

No support for 4K content;

Uncomfortable remote control;

The sound from the microphones is almost inaudible.

Best premium home theaters

Harman/Kardon BDS 880

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

One of the best home theaters among those made in the 5.1 standard. for 70 thousand rubles, the buyer receives a set consisting of fairly small speakers, a subwoofer and the main unit (Blu-ray player). Absolutely all components of the system have a glossy black plastic case. The rich features of the set are indicated by the abundance of various connectors on the back wall of the Blu-ray player. In fact, it can replace a simple AV receiver, because there are three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, a headphone Jack and other useful jacks. And the player can also access the Internet, providing the user with various applications.

The home theater system is equipped with a 200-watt subwoofer that can interact with the floor to boost bass. Another undoubted advantage of this model is the ability to connect a smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth. There are also a lot of Wi-Fi-based technologies implemented here-DLNA, Apple AirPlay, and many others. It is also difficult for a buyer to find fault with the remote control — it is convenient to configure any aspect of the display and sound.


Almost perfect sound quality;

Maximum number of decoders;

NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi modules are available;

Blu-ray 3D is supported.


  • The cost will not suit everyone.

Onkyo HT-S7805

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

The Onkyo brand is familiar to many audiophiles from high-quality AV receivers. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the Onkyo HT-S7805 home theater system includes a receiver, and not a Blu-ray player. This provides the buyer with a huge number of connectors, up to eight additional devices can be connected to the device via HDMI only! But there are other sockets here, not to mention the wireless method of receiving the signal.

Another distinctive feature of this home theater system is its support for 5.1.2 standard. this means that in the future you can purchase two additional subwoofers, increasing the bass power to unimaginable limits. By the way, the included low — frequency unit is not so powerful-you won’t surprise anyone with the 80 W parameter right now.


Plenty of sound settings;

A huge number of different connectors;

Many wireless standards are supported;

All the most popular decoders are available;

Implemented proper sound calibration;

Clear sound in all frequencies.


The subwoofer could also be more powerful;

Missing Blu-ray player;

Yamaha BD-Pack 498

9 best home theaters — from budget to premium

An excellent home theater system, which includes both a Blu-ray player and an AV receiver. Not bad for a set worth 65 thousand rubles.! What did Yamaha, which is known mainly for extremely expensive audio equipment, save on? Perhaps only on the speakers. They produce a clear and rich sound, the declared frequency range is observed perfectly. However, the total power was not high enough. In an ordinary apartment or even a country house, 675 watts is enough. But if the buyer decided to allocate a room for a small cinema hall, then you will have to purchase additional speakers.

The above does not mean that the Yamaha BD-Pack 498 does not deserve its money. The AV receiver alone justifies the investment. On its back wall is a large number of connectors that allow you to connect a game console, video camera, vinyl player and many other devices. Also on the case, you can find a pair of USB connectors that serve to connect external hard drives. There is also support for several wireless standards.


The kit includes an excellent AV receiver;

A fairly large number of different connectors;

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