19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

If you really want to have a flat stomach, but there is no time and willpower for dieting and a gym, simple life hacks will help you achieve what you want.

19 easy ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting or the gym

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19 easy ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting or the gym 1 Correct posture 5.0
2 Chew thoroughly when eating 4.9
3 Drink water 4.8
4 Visit the toilet 4.8
5 Take probiotics 4.7
6 Nose breathing 4.7
7 Keep chewing gum to a minimum 4.7
8 Exclude salt 4.6
9 Hormone control 4.5
10 Lazy exercise while lying down 4.5
11 Beer and soda are banned 4.5
12 Silence while eating 4.5
13 Sweets and sugar – to eat or not to eat? 4.5
14 For cruciferous plants say no 4.4
15 Good sleep and quality rest 4.4
16 Shapewear 4.3
17 Healthy snacks 4.3
18 Boost your metabolism 4.3
19 Quit Smoking 4.3

Correct posture

19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

Notice if you’re slouching? Whenever you catch yourself doing this, straighten your shoulders, arch your back. This automatically puts the skeleton in an anatomical position, the stomach will already appear flatter than in a stooped position. If you have persistent problems with your posture, buy a posture corrector from a pharmacy or orthopedic salon. By the way, a straightened spine will help increase your height by a couple of centimeters, and a person with a straight posture looks more solid. It is not superfluous to strain the press with each straightening of the shoulders. This will press the stomach even more and help even in a lazy mode, but still train the muscles.

Chew thoroughly when eating

The key to the absence of bloating is thoroughly chewed food. In addition, when moving the lower jaw spends a considerable amount of calories. Good grinding of food is better organized in the stomach, the portion eaten takes up less space, respectively, after lunch there will be no bulging stomach. And prolonged chewing reduces the risk of overeating, and this prevents a set of extra calories.

Drink water

Lack of water in the body will certainly make itself felt by depositing moisture reserves on different parts of the body in the form of edema, because the body must provide protection from dehydration. The most interesting thing is that swelling on the face, legs and hands is familiar to everyone, but few people know that this is possible on the stomach. Therefore, 8 glasses a day is a must on the way to a flat stomach without dieting and a gym. It should be pure water – not tea, not decoction, not coffee-drink water, and within a few days you will notice positive changes in the body.

Visit the toilet

With any urge to postpone a visit to the toilet is not worth it. The bladder will not lose what has accumulated in it if it is not emptied. In addition, it will gradually grow, press on the stomach from the inside, making it visually larger. Postponing trips “on the big” can provoke bloating, and this also will not make the press flat, even visually.

The rate of visiting the toilet is 5-7 times a day or more if the drinking regime is observed.

Take probiotics

19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

Gut function depends not only on muscle contraction, but also on the microbiome. If there are not enough bacteria in this organ, which is especially often the case after poisoning, diseases, improper nutrition, stagnation, constipation, and bloating occur again. To normalize the processes and timely cleanse the body, and as a result, bring the figure in order, you should colonize beneficial bacteria. The use of probiotics, of which there are many in pharmacies today, will help in this. They will help not only to make the tummy flat, but also to normalize health and prevent the risk of developing a number of pathologies.

Nose breathing

Bloating can provoke banal mouth breathing, in which air can be involuntarily swallowed into the stomach and make the stomach visually larger. Also, do not be afraid to breathe from time to time not with your chest, but with your stomach: first, this way the body gets more oxygen, and secondly, the abdominal muscles swing at the same time.

Keep chewing gum to a minimum

Frequent chewing of gum is associated with the same risk of bloating. If you want to freshen your breath, use a mouth spray or Lollipop. In addition, chewing gum does not reduce appetite, contrary to popular belief. The artificial sugar substitutes included in it fuel the desire for a snack, which usually leads a person to fast food or a pie shop, and this will definitely not lead to perfect abs.

Exclude salt

In the right amounts, sodium chloride is very necessary for the body, but if you are a salty lover, you will either have to say goodbye to the habit of over-salting and reduce the use of such food to a minimum, or leave the desire to get a flat press. Salt retains water in the cells, and this is edema, which adds volume, including the press. Do not use the salt shaker at the table during lunch – the cook has already added the right amount of salt when preparing the dish. In General, the refusal of this food component is one of the first when losing weight.

Hormone control

19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

One of the non – food causes of obesity is hormonal failures. In women, an imbalance of estrogen causes visceral fat deposits in the abdominal area, just like in men. Dieting is difficult to save this situation, you will need the help of a doctor and appropriate therapy.

Lazy exercise while lying down

I don’t have the energy to work out in the gym, but I want to have the perfect abs? – lie on your back, put a cushion under your lower back (a rolled towel, a narrow pillow, a sofa cushion). In this process, the muscle memory process is activated. When the back is arched, the stomach deflates and becomes flat without any effort. Hold this position for 20-30 minutes and repeat the “exercise” every day, the result will not be long in coming. The method, by the way, came to us from Japan, where in this way they not only make the tummy slim, but also correct the posture.

Beer and soda are banned

Want a flat tummy? Drinking beer will not achieve the desired result, as well as other carbonated drinks, especially sweet ones. They contribute to fermentation in the stomach and the appearance of bloating,which does not stick with a flat press. In addition, these drinks are high in calories, which like to be deposited in the form of fat cells in the sides and stomach.

Silence while eating

The saying “When I eat, I am deaf and dumb” is one of the rules of a slim figure. First, a lot of air is swallowed with food, which inflates the stomach. Secondly, the food is not chewed thoroughly enough. The third reason – shifting the focus of attention from food to other things there is a high risk of overeating. After all, it is not nice to talk at the table, it can be unpleasant for the household.

Sweets and sugar – to eat or not to eat?

19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

Sugar gives the products that contain it a high glycemic index, that is, it leads to a jump in blood glucose, is quickly absorbed, and with an excess of 1 sugar molecule turns into 2 fat molecules. Don’t like this prospect? – limit the amount of sugar. A good alternative for those with a sweet tooth is treats with a substitute. They will help you achieve a flat press and without much effort.

Avoiding cruciferous vegetables.

For cruciferous plants say no

If you are prone to heaving, you should avoid cruciferous vegetables-broccoli, cauliflower and ordinary cabbage. They provoke bloating in the stomach due to the breakdown of their constituent raffinose. They can be present in dishes, but in small quantities.

Good sleep and quality rest

Studies have shown that a lack of 30 minutes of sleep stimulates the deposition of fat cells. The ideal sleep mode has the conditional name “Sunny”, that is, you need to go to bed and get up with the setting and sunrise of the sun.

To the question of quality rest: cortisol, released under stress, provokes the deposition of fat reserves in the body. And there are plenty of unpleasant situations in our lives. The best way to get rid of stress is to relax well: meditation, yoga, playing musical instruments, even the usual reading of a pleasant book helps to calm down and support a slim figure.


This is the most obvious and quickest way to get a flat stomach. In General, you will not have to make any effort – just put on a fitting utyazhku, selected for the size. By the way, when choosing corrective underwear, you need to take products of your own size range-1 size. Taking a corset 2-3 orders of magnitude less is a common mistake of women. Such things do not sit on the figure, often lead to tug of war and stagnation of blood, often causes the formation of skin folds.

Healthy snacks

19 effective ways to get rid of belly fat without dieting and gym

Catching a candy bar, sandwich, and other Goodies between main meals is a big problem for modern people. Not everyone is able to control the number of snacks, which in total come out in a considerable amount of calories. Replace your usual sweets with fruit and vegetable slices, whole-wheat crackers, and cereal bars with sugar-free granola. They have a low glycemic index, do not cause glucose spikes, contain fiber that promotes comfortable digestion, are easily absorbed and postpone the feeling of hunger. And this is a direct path to a slim waist.

Boost your metabolism

Natural fat burning depends on the activity, plan, and quality of your diet. One of the ways to speed up the process is to introduce herbs into the diet: mint and fennel have a beneficial and calming effect on the digestive system, and contribute to the accelerated transport of food to the gastrointestinal tract. This also includes mild diuretic herbs – fennel seeds, lingonberry leaves, which favor the removal of excess water from the body.

Quit Smoking

How many disputes around the issue of Smoking: some complain that when they try to quit cigarettes, they gain fat sharply, while others, on the contrary, note rapid weight loss, but with subsequent reverse recruitment. So, the causes of these conditions are stress and autosuggestion with attempts to take out secondary benefits as a reason for refusing to quit the addiction. Smoking disrupts metabolic processes in the body and makes blood vessels fragile. What kind of high-quality metabolism can we talk about? If you want a flat stomach, stop Smoking, it’s time to do it right now.

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