11 best music centers with karaoke

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Music centers are a complete alternative to home acoustics with a whole range of additional features. Their system unit is equipped not only with programs for reading information from media, but also with FM modules for listening to radio, and even karaoke.

Editorial Board of the magazine together with the portal team rankquality.com conducted a comprehensive market analysis and identified 11 of the best karaoke music centers available to consumers at the moment. The following parameters were used as criteria for selecting products for the rating:

  1. the stated capacity of acoustics;
  2. quality of execution and reliability of structural elements;
  3. consumer and expert reviews;
  4. the cost;
  5. availability of special functions and additional equipment.

How to choose a high-quality music center with karaoke

Choosing a music center is much like choosing speakers for a home theater or personal computer. However, there are also some special features that you should know and take into account. To make the right choice of a music center with karaoke, be sure to pay attention to the following parameters::

Number of columns.The main indicator that is determined by the set of acoustics. As a rule, according to their completeness, they are divided into:

  1. 1.0 – a special type of music center that can switch audio sources alternately. You buy a control unit with Bluetooth, and then buy additional speakers included in the same system (for example, x-Boom from LG). By placing them all over the house, you can set the sound switching mode to the source next to which the music distribution device (smartphone) will be located. This is a very interesting and rare version of the center.
  2. 2.0-classic type with two front-facing speakers. It does a good job of reproducing midrange frequencies, but it is weak at low frequencies and can cut off high frequencies.
  3. 2.1 – system with speakers and built-in subwoofer. Realistic transmission of low-pitched sounds. In low-cost centers, the bass may prevail over the mid and high frequencies, so if you are a music lover, be sure to check the sound quality at high volume. Also, be sure to ask about the depth of the equalizer settings.
  4. 2.2 – centers for large rooms that combine as many as 2 subwoofers. They allow you to achieve the perfect volume bass. If you plan to organize parties with loud music, then you don’t have to take expensive models, but if the sound quality is above all else, it’s better to spend on something more solid.

The sound quality. This parameter depends on the number of speakers and the number of bands. A distinction is made between one-way, two-way, and three-way music centers. The first two types reproduce audio in a limited frequency range, with distortion, and in insufficiently high quality.

If you don’t have a budget for the purchase before you, then we recommend choosing three-lane systems. They consist of at least three speakers, which are responsible for separate reproduction of low, medium and high frequencies. This ensures better transmission of sound without interference. You can also pay attention to premium two-way speakers, but in any case, do not take centers with one speaker.

Support for audio sources.Music centers can read information from USB flash drives, DVDs or CDS, receive tracks via Bluetooth, or play playlists on the Internet via Wi-Fi. They can also be equipped with an FM module and interfaces for connecting micro-flash drives. Choose what’s right for you. Our recommendations – you must have Bluetooth enabled.

Housing material.Here everything is simple: the thicker and denser the speaker body, the cleaner the output sound will be. Most modern acoustic elements are installed in wooden cases made of beech, oak or pine. They are responsible for the total weight of the product. You can make it a rule: if the speakers are very heavy, then their sound will be better (if the acoustics themselves are not cheap).

An alternative to wood is plastic. To minimize noise in plastic cases, their corners are smoothed out. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to such models.

Rating of the best music centers with karaoke

Category place product name price
Rating of the best music centers with karaoke 1 LG CK99 63 439 ₽
2 Sony MHC-V90DW 63 030 ₽
3 LG XBOOM OL100 47 680 ₽
4 Panasonic SC-MAX3500GS 35 990 ₽
5 Sony SHAKE-X10D 31 950 ₽
6 Panasonic SC-UA7EE-K 26 990 ₽
7 LG OM7550K 19 990 ₽
8 Sony MHC-V11 13 880 ₽
9 Panasonic SC-UA3GS-K 16 560 ₽
10 Sony MHC-V21D 16 990 ₽
11 Hyundai H-MC180 5 190 ₽


The winner of our rating is the LG ck99 music center, which belongs to the same X-Boom line. Its leadership is due to one single factor: the colossal sound output power. 5000 watts is hard to imagine, and you can only listen to it. The main focus, of course, is on low frequencies. However, there is a dedicated band for playing high frequencies, so that they come out clean and not “cut”.

If we discard the performance indicators, then the model is seriously inferior in equipment to the Sony MHC-V90DW. Of the “technologies”, it has only two ports for a flash drive, an output for headphones and another subwoofer, as well as Bluetooth and two inputs for microphones for karaoke. The FM module is much more tenacious, capable of storing up to 50 radio stations. Oh, Yes, we completely forgot to mention compactness. However, few people can compare with the dimensions of the Sony model, and any other center against its background will have an advantage in ergonomics.


  • 5000 W of power – the highest indicator in the rating;
  • very clean reproduction of high frequencies and deep bass;
  • nice design;
  • ergonomic design;
  • high performance.


  • not detected.

Sony MHC-V90DW

11 best music centers with karaoke

Calling this music center anything other than grandiose is unlikely to work. Its total weight is 50.5 kg, of which 37 kg is reserved for only one subwoofer with two speakers. In General, a rather complex scheme with 10 sound sources is implemented here: in addition to the sub, the speaker has 4 treble and midrange speakers of different diameters. Combined, they deliver 2,000 watts of power, and they sound slightly cleaner and better than the LG XBOOM OL 100.

In General, the level of this music center exceeds everything that was before. In addition to Bluetooth and USB input, it has an Ethernet port and a Wi-Fi module. This way, you can play music directly from the network. In addition, it should be noted that 7 audio formats are supported, including FLAC. The FM module is still there. It works not only mediocre, but also without any innovations. The karaoke function is also introduced for the “check mark”, since its quality is very good.


  • excellent build quality;
  • very good sound split into 3 bands (low, medium and high frequencies are played from different sources);
  • excellent design and impressive appearance;
  • ability to connect to the Internet;
  • you can also use your smartphone for gesture control.


  • not detected.


A very cool x-Boom midsystem with very deep sound settings and powerful equipment. Its power is 2000 watts, and it is worth saying that it sounds really Grand. At the same time, the two front speakers give out 550 watts each, and the main “pressure” comes from the 900-watt subwoofer. This way you can easily determine the prevailing playback frequencies.

Indeed, the bass here is very voluminous and deep. However, the midrange / treble speakers did not disappoint as well. The reason for this, in part, is the equalizer with 18 presets. In General, it should be understood that this music center is designed for discos and parties. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprised to have features like Pro DJ and wireless integration of X-Boom Plus/Party Link devices in one system. Among the features of the music center, we can highlight three USB slots and a long-awaited headphone output! It seems that the perfect solution for music lovers has been found.


  • beautiful design (red projection on a black case);
  • 2000 W of power;
  • DJing features and the ability to combine X-Boom series devices into one large unit;
  • updating the firmware using your smartphone;
  • 3 USB interfaces.


  • not detected.

Panasonic SC-MAX3500GS

A midisystem designed in a similar visual style to the Panasonic SC-UA3GS-K. The slightly futuristic design with blue lighting looks great. At the same time, manufacturers have not forgotten about the functionality: two dedicated speakers have as many as three bands for playing low, medium and high frequencies. Their total capacity is not disclosed, so as not to mislead consumers, and this is a very competent business policy.

For the first time in the rating, a second USB Type a input is located on the connector panel of the music center. Among the basic options, you can note the function of recording to a storage device, the presence of its own device memory, and the connection of two microphones. There is an FM receiver with 30 slots for memorizing stations and a CD drive for activating the karaoke function.Also note that the system is quite bulky and weighs 19 kg in Assembly. But the ratings from users are perfect: only sharp high frequencies are considered disadvantages.


  • best value for money;
  • stylish, recognizable design;
  • backup slot for USB Type A;
  • three channel breakdown of the speakers in the columns.


  • treble reproduction is a bit harsh.


Combined acoustics of three modules with a very beautiful design and average ratings from consumers. It is an exemplary example of a good horn technique with a power of 1200 watts. Each front-facing speaker has one WOOFER and treble speaker, which are connected to the system unit with a Dolby Digital decoder and equalizer. The total weight of the entire center is 17.8 kg, but the dimensions are very compact.

The SHAKE-X10D music center supports Xvid, MPEG-4, MP3, and VCD formats. The main unit has a built-in DVD receiver, FM module and Bluetooth interface, as well as a bunch of inputs and outputs (including HDMI, composite input, stereo audio, USB type-A and 2 microphone connectors). The only nuance of this center lies in the high purchase price – it is unlikely that many will allow themselves to spend more than 30 thousand rubles on its purchase.


  • beautiful design, nice design;
  • high power and very good sound;
  • the presence of deep bass settings;
  • large number of supported audio formats;
  • an abundance of connection interfaces.


  • the high price;
  • no connection cable included.

Panasonic SC-UA7EE-K

A 14-kilogram mini-system with a fairly simple appearance, but a very large internal “potential”. Delivers up to 1400 watts of power with a set of speakers 2.1. The main load falls, of course, on the subwoofer, but the high and medium frequencies also do not suffer from a lack of quality. It sounds quite clean and voluminous, including thanks to the wide possibilities of equalizer settings.

The SC-UA7EE-K has 2 microphone and stereo audio inputs, an FM module with 20-station memory, and a Bluetooth receiver. It has NFC support and the function of recording a stream to a USB drive. You can also manage it using smartphones, but the app itself is quite strange and inconvenient. In some cases, there is a “crackling” of plastic in the upper part of the speaker after disconnecting. This is a feature of the build, but if you are sensitive to extraneous sounds, it is better to test it again before buying.


  • high power output;
  • moderately clear and high-quality sound;
  • 2 microphone inputs;
  • ability to control via smartphones.


  • inconvenient management program;
  • the radio unit may fail.

LG OM7550K

The midacoustics from LG have a very interesting appearance and belong to the famous x-Boom series of heavy-duty audio systems. The total power of the Central midrange and treble playback channel, as well as the dedicated subwoofer, is 1000 watts. Naturally, the output sound is very loud and voluminous. Moreover, if in the case of the previous competitor there are doubts about overstating the characteristics, then here the power is indicated correctly – experts confirm the stated number.

FROM the om7550k configuration, you can note the presence of a DVD drive and a karaoke disc in the kit, as well as an FM module with the function of remembering 50 frequencies. There is an HDMI output, a USB Type A and a Bluetooth receiver. The system itself is quite cumbersome, but this is the cost of high power and an abundance of additional elements in the system.


  • very loud sound;
  • cool combination of black panel and red backlight;
  • wide range of equalizer settings;
  • Dolby Digital codec that improves audio quality.


  • 30 kg of weight;
  • there is no headphone output.

Sony MHC-V11

In fact, the appearance of this mini-system is very similar to the Sony MHC-V21D model. It uses the same 2.1 speaker kit with a dedicated subwoofer for bass reproduction. But the sound quality here is much better: 470 watts of power guarantees the creation of loud and surround sound. Not the least role in this is played by the equalizer with 9 preset settings.

Other features of the model include support for NFC tags for quick connection, support for VCD, WMA and MP3 formats, and the function of recording a stream to a USB flash drive. There are 20 radio stations in the device’s memory, and the tuning range allows you to independently search for a wave at a frequency from 87.5 to 108 MHz. MHC-V11 is much more bulky than previous competitors, and weighs 10 kg. The disadvantage of the model is “overbass” – too many low frequencies with mediocre reproduction of high and medium ones. If you want a center for noisy parties, then feel free to take it. If not, it is better to look at other models.


  • surround bass sound, especially for large parties;
  • nice appearance;
  • high build quality;
  • 2-microphone input.


  • too much bass – can’t be corrected by adjusting the settings;
  • the declared capacity is greatly overestimated.

Panasonic SC-UA3GS-K

A horizontal mini-system of a block Assembly that has a set of speakers 2.0. this means that it includes two speakers of a wide frequency range. Their total power is 300 watts. The model also has an equalizer and a CD receiver that reads CD-R and CD-RW discs.

A special feature of the Panasonic SC-UA3GS-K is its small overall dimensions (650x196x274 mm) and light weight – only 6.1 kg. music for playback can be streamed via Bluetooth, or downloaded via a USB flash drive. The system also provides a radio receiver with frequency memorization of 30 radio stations. But the signal is often interrupted, and, according to users, this is due to problems with the center itself. Many people highlight the lack of input for headphones and the inability to connect them to the device even via Bluetooth as a disadvantage. Otherwise, it is a great model that is worth the money.


  • the purity and power of sound;
  • compact dimensions;
  • attractive design;
  • convenient sound adjustment via remote control.


  • I can’t connect my headphones;
  • it doesn’t catch the radio well, and it often gets lost in interference.

Sony MHC-V21D

A single-unit Sony music center with a 2.1 speaker kit. it Has two small speakers for playing medium and high frequencies, as well as one large WOOFER for surround bass sound. The case is made in traditional black with stylish blue and white subwoofer lighting. The model has an equalizer, a Dolby Digital decoder, and an optical DVD drive. So to speak, it was created for several epochs at once.

Among the features of the MHC-V21D, it is worth highlighting the presence of a Bluetooth interface and an FM receiver, a USB type A slot and HDMI for displaying pictures from karaoke discs on the screen. In terms of ergonomics, the center is also good: with dimensions of 324x600x286 mm, it weighs only 8.4 kg. But the cost is significantly higher than that of the previous representative. But the sound and build quality is better.


  • small size;
  • extensive connectivity options;
  • the light;
  • Bluetooth and FM receiver with 20 slots for storing radio stations.


  • not very clear bass;
  • inconvenient control via Android and a complete remote control.

Hyundai H-MC180

Single-unit mini audio playback system without optical drive. It has a nice design with a combination of black body color and several gradations of blue/purple on the speakers and decoration elements. It has a fairly compact overall dimensions (230x572x220 mm) and weighs only 8 kg.

A set of two midrange (midrange) speakers with a total power of 80 watts is responsible for sound reproduction in the Hyundai H-MC180. That is, when buying this model, you should not wait for a deep bass, since the subwoofer is not provided in the design. The center is able to play audio from Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard memory cards, from conventional USB drives (Type A), and also tune in to FM-wave and Bluetooth. Naturally, the kit includes karaoke mode and microphone support. But, again, do not rely too much on the quality of this function.

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