Making a sandbox for kids with your own hands: tips and tricks

Children’s leisure time is entirely the concern of parents. In the private sector, it can be a Playground on a green lawn with a slide, a house, and sports equipment. However, no matter how equipped such a Playground is, without a sandbox, this is an incomplete composition. Making a sandbox with your own hands is quite easy – the main thing is to stick to the tips and arm yourself with the necessary tools. Here’s an example of how to make a Sailboat sandbox with your own hands.

Important-the wood material must be perfectly sanded, as well as impregnated with water-repellent, antibacterial and antiseptic compounds to prevent the development of fungus and mold.

Making a sandbox for kids with your own hands: tips and tricks

Sailboat sandbox»

Children love something non-standard, show your imagination and you, for example, make a sandbox in the form of a sailboat with your own hands. It is safe to say that your child will support this idea with great pleasure. This design, in addition to the aesthetic component, also has a practical aspect, since the sail (reinforced awning) will protect well from direct sun and rain.

To make a sailboat sandbox, you will need the following materials::

  • edged boards for boards 30 × 245 cm (2 PCs.);
  • boards for the end of the case 15 × 115 cm (4 PCs.);
  • seat boards 15 × 125 cm (4 PCs.);
  • boards for the mast 10×180 cm (2 PCs);
  • round rail 125 cm (you can use a regular handle (handle) for a MOP or shovel);
  • bolts and nuts, self-tapping screws, wood glue;
  • synthetic cord;
  • awning fabric 2.75 x 1.2 m (you can use any thick fabric, but preferably waterproof). Do not forget to make 2-3 holes along the edges of the fabric for tension;
  • metal hooks with thread (4 or 6 PCs.);
  • primer, paint, roller, brush.

Making a sandbox for kids with your own hands: tips and tricks

So, we are making a sailboat sandbox for the child.

  1. The edges of the boards for the base of the case (sides) should be cut off at an angle of 45°.
  2. Place the edge on a flat place and connect the sides with overlapping boards for sitting on top using glue and self-tapping screws. The seats also serve as a deck.
  3. Turn the product over and fix the wide end boards, but they are installed inside the side parts of the case.
  4. Turn it over and mark the center, where glue and bolt the vertical masts to each side. Insert a round rail between them into the pre-drilled holes.

Now Prime and paint (preferably in 2 layers). When the paint is completely dry, you can fix the sail. Screw hooks around the edges of the deck on both sides and pull the awning over the mast. Fill up the sand and let your child enjoy their own sandbox!

Important tips

Making a sandbox for kids with your own hands: tips and tricks

When creating a sandbox with your own hands, you need to take into account important aspects.

  • You should have a good view of the sandbox area from the window.
  • Use only river sand or quartz sand and do not be too lazy to sift it thoroughly. Quarry is absolutely not suitable, because there are a lot of impurities and clay in it.
  • Paint only with hypoallergenic acrylic paint. Before painting, be sure to treat all wooden elements with an antiseptic primer.
  • Put a waterproof film on the bottom of the sandbox so that the sand does not mix with the ground after the rain. For example, polyethylene (make a lot of small holes in it for drainage), geotextiles.

In principle, everything is ready. Do not neglect these tips, because any inattention to small things can lead to injury for the child (for example, splinters and boards).

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