Best ideas for a children\’s pallet house: how to make it yourself

It would seem that an ordinary pallet, but if you “turn on” your imagination, this simple wooden structure opens up the widest possibilities. From pallets, you can make a lot of products and one of the options is an original children’s house. Such a structure can be assembled with your own hands in just a couple of days, and this is not a banal connection of several pallets, but a full-fledged structure.

Best ideas for a children's pallet house: how to make it yourself


Best ideas for a children's pallet house: how to make it yourself

When using pallets for the construction of a children’s house, it is extremely important to take into account some aspects.

  1. Choose your material carefully.It is absolutely forbidden to take pallets from the market (wood absorbs various microorganisms and odors), and since it is not known what they were used for, it is better not to risk it. In principle, give up pallets if you do not know what was transported on them, because they could have been used as containers for transporting chemicals.
  2. Even if you use new Euro pallets –be sure to thoroughly sand them with sandpaper, and preferably with a sander.

Assembling a children’s house from pallets

Best ideas for a children's pallet house: how to make it yourself

Wooden pallets are the most convenient and inexpensive material for improvising the construction of children’s houses. And with your own hands, you can make not just a typical small house, but really implement a whole project.

  • Disassemble the pallets– thick crossbars will be used for the frame, and thin ones, respectively, for the walls.
  • Prepare a high-quality Foundation.It can be just a flat area covered with crushed stone or rammed sand. However, it is best to put the children’s house on a hill so that the tree does not have direct contact with the soil. For example, on a cinder block. Mark where the structure will stand and dig holes the size of a cinder block 30 to 40 cm deep. You need 7 cinder blocks – 4 PCs. (corners), 2 between them along the perimeter and 1 in the center of the site. It is very important to set the base level so that there are no distortions.
  • The floor base.To simplify the design – you can connect 4 whole pallets from the bottom with boards, and close the holes between the boards in the pallets with dostochki from disassembled pallets, or better put plywood sheets.
  • The frame.Install a thick bar at the corners of the base and fix it to the floor with metal corners and self-tapping screws. Then, in the same way, install 1 more support between the corner ones (i.e. along the perimeter). If you plan to install a door, then measure the width of the future door from the corner rack and install 1 more rack. The opening is ready – immediately insert the door. Connect all the racks on top with thick crossbars.
  • The roof.To ensure the slope of the roof, install 2 more rows of thick timber on one side of the upper crossbar. For the roof itself, it is better to take lighter disposable pallets. After installation, cover with a film or wind barrier and cover, for example, with Ondulin.
  • Trim the walls.To do this, use thin boards made of disassembled pallets, which must be fixed vertically with self-tapping screws. Then mark out the location and size of the window (s) and use an electric jigsaw to cut out the opening (s). Fix the platbands on the outside.
  • The walls inside can be sheathed with plywood or chipboard to avoid draughts.
  • Paint the entire structure with 2 layers of paint (preferably oil).

Everything, the children’s house is ready. If desired, you can also build furniture from pallets inside, put a couple of soft Ottomans or a chair-bag.

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