What to do if you have a flood? How do I fix the problem?

In multi – apartment panel buildings, the most common emergency situation is, of course, flooding. This happens for various reasons, but usually there are not many of them. The culprits are the residents themselves (they forgot to close the tap), the failure of the mixer (the valve of the washing machine or toilet bowl), as well as the negligence of management companies that do not control the wear resistance of water supply pipes (Sewerage, heating).

What to do if you have a flood? How do I fix the problem?

What to do in the event of a flood

What to do if you have a flood? How do I fix the problem?

Situations where flooding starts in residential areas are less common. Most often, accidents occur in the bathroom or toilet. If the flood occurred in your apartment-your actions are as follows.

  • Close the water supply valve and try to detect the location of the gust.
  • Turn off the power supply to the apartment.
  • You can quickly eliminate puddles, for example, by scattering rags or dirty Laundry from the Laundry basket on the floor.
  • Call the emergency services.
  • To prevent possible disagreements with the maintenance staff, record all the damage on a photo or video. It is good if witnesses (neighbors who were not involved in the accident) also get into the frame. At the same time, be sure to call your neighbors from below if water has passed through to them.
  • As quickly as possible, call the Housing Department employees to officially record and establish the cause of the leak. As a rule, the Commission must draw up an appropriate report recording the facts of the accident, and the culprit is also indicated in it. At the same time, be extremely vigilant – so that the utilities do not shift the blame on you, it is recommended to invite independent experts.

The Commission of the operational service (usually 2 housing Department masters and a janitor) draws up an act indicating the specific place and time of the incident. The causes of the accident and the list of damaged property are included in the defective report. Make sure that all damages are described without exception (walls, ceiling, household appliances, furniture) – otherwise it will be extremely difficult to prove anything else later.

If you flooded the lower neighbors, you

What to do if you have a flood? How do I fix the problem?

After stopping the flood and partially eliminating the consequences, you need to think about assessing the damage caused to your neighbors.

  • Take a few photos (take a video) of all the damage from the flood.
  • When inspecting the scene of an accident by the operating organization-personally monitor absolutely all descriptions and sizes of damage.
  • If the neighbors affected by the flood refuse to show you the consequences so that you can assess the damage, but they are going to invite an expert appraiser-know (and be sure to demand) that you have the right to be present and monitor this process and, accordingly, draw up a report.
  • If you managed to reach an agreement in a peaceful way, and you intend to compensate for the damage so to speak “from hand to hand” – take a receipt from the neighbors that the agreed amount was transferred in full and there are no more claims against you.
  • Try to solve problems with your neighbors in a peaceful way, without bringing them to court. Diplomacy and constructive dialogue will save you the expense of legal fees.

If an accident with flooding occurred due to the deterioration of communication lines-be sure to require an official written confirmation of your innocence from the organization serving the entire house. And the damage to neighbors from flooding occurred due to a pipe break.

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