Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Undoubtedly, an induction cooker is the best option for Housewives with small children, because the risk of getting burns is minimized. The device is much safer than plates with glass-ceramic tiles or with standard cast-iron pancakes. Modern design, practicality, ease of operation make them more popular with each new day. If gas or electric stoves first heat the panel, and then the dishes, then induction cooktops immediately begin to distribute heat to pans and pans. To make the selection easier, we have compiled a rating of the best induction cooktops.

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

The rating of the best models includes:

  • Bosch PIN675N27E.
  • Gorenje IS 677 USC.
  • Bosch 4 PUE611BB1E.
  • Korting HI 42031 BW.
  • Gorenje IT 332 CSC.
  • Siemens EH675MV17E.

Let’s look at each sample separately.

Bosch PIN675N27E

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

It is equipped with four hotplates, two of which are designed for using large dishes. All four burners support the automatic boiling function. It allows you to provide accelerated heating of dishes, and after reaching the boiling point, switch to the power level selected by the user. The touch control panel is equipped with a separate button for each operating mode. Thanks to this, switching between them takes a minimum of time.

Number of burners 4
Control type touch screen
Power output 7200 W
Size (WxDxH) 560×490 mm

Price: from 33 to 37 184 650 rubles.

  • timer with shutdown for each hotplate;
  • adaptive FlexInduction function;
  • 17 modes, including special 4 frying modes.
  • missing items.

Stylish modern panel with all the bells and whistles. There is all the automation that can only be: timer, automatic boiling, shutdown when spilling, etc. Very convenient. I often use the extension of the heating zone for large dishes.

Gorenje IS 677 USC

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

It is made of wear-resistant glass-ceramic, the surface of which has no irregularities and is easily cleaned of dirt. The device is equipped with four burners of the same size and power. The device is controlled using an intuitive electronic menu, which is represented by touch buttons and a set of indicators. For safe operation, all heating elements are equipped with a light signal of the remaining heat, which prevents the palms from touching the hot surface.

Dimensions (WxDxH) 60×51 cm
Power output 7.4 kW
Type touch screen
Number of burners 4 pieces

Price: from 41 to 42 081 044 rubles.

  • safety (heating elements are equipped with a light signal of the remaining heat);
  • childlock safety lock for children’s safety;
  • countdown timer with automatic shutdown and audible alarm.
  • missing items.

Touch slider control — easy sliding of your finger. Hotplates can be combined into two rectangular canvases and put to cook a lot of dishes. It works perfectly. The equipment justifies its price and confirms once again my attitude to the brand.


Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Independent kitchen unit constructed from high-tech stainless steel. It will be an ideal solution for lovers of culinary experiments, because it is very easy to manage such a universal device. The combined cooking surface consists of 4 burners: two of them are electric, and two are gas. The developers of the hob have provided a lot of small things for a more comfortable use of this model, providing it with rotary heating power controls and the ability to lock from children.

Management touch menu
Number of burners 4
The size of a niche 560×490 mm
Power consumption 3700 W

Price: from 27,353 to 37,490 rubles.

  • powered by gas and electricity;
  • availability of a timer;
  • lock function.
  • missing items.

If dishes are removed from the stove, the hotplate automatically shuts down after a few seconds. Child protection at the programming level. I’m happy with the choice.

Bosch 4 PUE611BB1E

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Used for cooking induction technology. Its features are fast heating, economical power consumption, and a high level of security. If you want the hotplate to heat up particularly quickly, use the PowerBoost function. In this mode, you can significantly increase the power of the hotplate. The glass-ceramic surface looks beautiful and is easy to care for. It conducts heat well, which ensures rapid heating, and after use – rapid cooling of the surface.

Type touch screen
Quantity 4 pieces
Power output 4600 W
Size 560×490 mm

Price: from 24,430 to 29,990 rubles.

  • Power Boost technology provides instant heating when needed;
  • each hotplate has its own shutdown timer;
  • recognizing the presence of dishes.
  • the use of specialized utensils.

Fast food heating, quick cooling of the burner (virtually eliminated the possibility of sunburn), a great blend of power and efficiency. Easy to clean. I recommend this stove to everyone!

Korting HI 42031 BW

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

The Booster function allows you to instantly increase the power by 15%. The device shuts down independently: using a timer or when there is no activity. If the panel is heating up and there are no dishes on it, it will warn you about this with an indicator and an audible signal. If there is a malfunction, the device will automatically perform diagnostics and display the result on a digital display. After cooking is complete, the hotplate will retain heat for some time. You can use it to heat up cold dishes or bring freshly cooked ones to readiness, saving energy.

Type touch screen
Power consumption 5200 W
Number of burners 3
Size 430×495 mm

Price: from 490 28 to 37 990 rubles.

  • the device is equipped with a child protection function;
  • there is an indication of residual heat;
  • if there are no dishes on the hotplate, the stove will sound a warning signal.
  • the countertop must be at least 30 mm thick.

This hob was purchased because of its compact size and good white color. For 2 months of use, I have never used special cleaning products, just after cooking, I wipe it with a damp cloth. So far, I’m completely satisfied.

Gorenje IT 332 CSC

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Equipped with a timer for each cooking zone. The display of unsuitable dishes and touch switches simplify the use of this model. A special indicator will show which of the burners can be used to warm up cold dishes or maintain the temperature of ready-made ones. The use of residual heat significantly reduces energy consumption. Small overall dimensions allow you to combine the cooking surface with others.

Total hotplates 2
Power output 3.65 kW
Management type sensor
Overall dimensions 30×51 cm

Price: from 24,860 to 24,900 rubles.

  • availability of a timer;
  • residual heat indicator for each hotplate;
  • indicator of unsuitable dishes.
  • missing items.

The far burner in the “power” mode boils water faster than the electric kettle! There are no buttons, twists, or other potentially clogged and removable parts. Cleaning the stove is something unrealistically fast. Two swipes of a wet rag and everything is clear!

Siemens EH675MV17E

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

The function of expanding the heating zone allows you to cook in dishes of any diameter with a different bottom shape. Only special cleaning agents are used to clean the surface of the induction panel, as abrasive powders leave scratches. The hob is equipped with a child protection function that prevents accidental switching on, automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction or when liquid is spilled. There is a timer for turning off the burners and automatic shutdown if there are no dishes on the panel.

Number of burners 4
The size of a niche 560×490 mm
View sensor
Power consumption 7200 W

Price: from 56 to 56 075 105 rubles.

  • adaptive induction zone;
  • there is a cleaning pause;
  • equipped with child protection function.
  • no metal edging.

It’s great that each hotplate has its own timer. The surface, at first glance, looks very vulnerable, still glass-ceramic, but in fact it is not so-I move pots on it, I dropped the ladle a couple of times and nothing, not even a scratch left! It is also washed simply, I have already forgotten what a General plate washing with a bunch of funds is.

Comparison of models

The table below summarizes the characteristics of the devices discussed above.

Model number Control type Number of burners (PCs) Power (W) Price (RUB)
Bosch PIN675N27E touch screen 4 7200 from 33,650 to 37,184
Gorenje IS 677 USC touch screen 4 7400 from 41,081 to 42,044
ELECTROLUX EGD 6576 NOK touch screen 4 3700 from 27,353 to 37,490
Bosch 4 PUE611BB1E touch screen 4 4600 from 24,430 to 29,990
Korting HI 42031 BW touch screen 3 5200 490 from 28 to 37 990 rubles.
Gorenje IT 332 CSC touch screen 2 3650 from 24,860 to 24,900
Siemens EH675MV17E touch screen 4 7200 from 56,075 to 56,105

Lists of the best

Let’s highlight the best models in the following categories::

  • Best price.
  • On 2 burners.
  • On 4 burners.

Let’s take a closer look at the presented range.

LEX EVI 640-1 BL — best price

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

It will become a useful and reliable assistant in your kitchen. The model is equipped with 4 hotplates, the diameter of which is 180 mm. You will be able to appreciate the presence of a sensor for detecting the presence of dishes and indicators of residual heat. A control panel lock button is provided. The advantage of the device is the presence of the Boost function, which operates on 2 burners. The surface is made of black glass-ceramic: this material is very easy to clean. The model is characterized by a connection power of 7 kW.

Cost: from 14,699 to 20,640 rubles.

GEFEST PVI 4000-for 2 burners

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

Installed independently and fully embedded. The panel is made of durable glass-ceramic and is equipped with 2 hotplates. The hob has a touch-sensitive control panel conveniently located in the center of the front. It is possible to set a timer.

Price: from 15 to 18 090 980 rubles.

Bosch PIF 645FB1E-for 4 burners

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

It is characterized by lower energy consumption, reliability and faster cooking. The independent stove is convenient because it can be placed absolutely anywhere. The presence of 4 induction burners allows you to cook a large number of dishes at the same time. The model has a glass-ceramic coating, and for connection it needs a power of 7.4 kW. Easy operation – another feature of the hob: just touch the sensor to adjust. Additional features include a hotplate timer, a protective shutdown function, a “PowerBoost” function, and a surface lock.

Price: from 31 to 48 840 990 rubles.

Tips for choosing

Rating TOP 7 best induction cooktops

To choose a good device for your own use, you should definitely pay attention to:

  1. Size.Modern technologies allow you to make a panel of any shape – from square to oval. The future user can choose which induction cooker is best to buy based on the size of their kitchen. For example, if the area of the room is small, then you can recommend a diamond-shaped version that will fit perfectly in the corner. Sizes also allow you to choose individually: from miniature 30×30 cm to large 100×100 cm.
  2. Number of burners.Various induction panels can vary from 2 to 6. there Are, however, models with one hotplate-compact portable cookers or built-in modules of the Domino system. The more heating zones your induction panel has, the more dishes you can cook at the same time.
  3. Protection.Induction cookers are safe for humans, because they operate at low frequencies (no more harmful than radiation from a laptop), and the magnetic field itself is limited by the size of the device. Additional protection is provided by the automatic shutdown and control panel lock functions.
  4. The control panel.The controls can be either touch-sensitive or mechanical. The touch buttons look more elegant and emphasize the design of the hob.
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