Photo of Robert Downey Jr.\’s luxury home

The famous actor, whose fortune is estimated at 250 million dollars, Robert Downey Jr. always finds time in his busy schedule in order to choose a home for himself to his liking. In 2021, he purchased a luxury mansion on the Malibu coast in California for $ 3.8 million. The home is located 15 minutes South of point Duma, close to Pepperdine University.

The 3,384-square-foot single-story residence was built in 1972. It features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a spacious open plan living room, beamed ceilings and a fully equipped kitchen with a Central island. Floor-to-ceiling and wall – to-wall glass doors connecting the living room to the balcony provide stunning views of the Pacific ocean. This design solution fills the house with light and warmth.

Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s luxury home

As for the exterior of the house, the outdoor living space is extended by verandas with views of the mountains on one side and the endless ocean on the other. And that’s certainly not all – the 3,384-square-foot lot also features a black-bottomed pool and heated Jacuzzi, Spa, changing booth, fire pit, Golf course, and private garage.


Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s luxury home

The spacious kitchen is combined with the living room. It is built around a trapezoidal island that reflects the shape of the room. There is also a work area, a white stone sink and a place to store large expensive plates and vases. The kitchen is equipped with various appliances, but special attention is drawn to the eight-sided Viking gas stove with a glass tile back cover and a wine refrigerator. A free-standing mahogany arched bar can accommodate up to 3 people. Here you can sit on high bar stools with soft mint-colored upholstery. The center of attention is also a large wooden table made of the same mahogany, designed for 8 people, around which there are soft high chairs in light shades, and next to a huge flowerpot to the ceiling.

Living room

Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s luxury home

As already mentioned, it is combined with the kitchen, so it is a continuation of its design. It is also dominated by mahogany, stone countertops, white walls and pastel shades of interior items and furniture. It is impossible not to focus again on the sliding panoramic Windows with a gorgeous view of the Pacific ocean. With their help, you can easily get from here to a spacious terrace with the same wonderful view. The floor here is the same as in the kitchen – square marble tiles. In addition to admiring the ocean, here you can spend time by the fireplace or watch your favorite movies, sitting on soft sofas. The living room is also decorated with small figurines placed on an unusual narrow shelf made of natural wood, wicker baskets near the fireplace, a huge painting on the wall and a handmade carpet in the center of the room.


Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s luxury home

The most comfortable place in the house is, of course, the bedroom. It is small, but due to the white walls and ceiling, light-colored carpet, minimalistic design and floor-to-ceiling Windows, it visually expands. Sliding Windows with brown roller blinds provide access to the back yard of the Villa. The Central element is a large white bed, above which hangs a painting with a landscape. Next to it are two wooden bedside tables, on which there are two large lamps. And the highlight of the bedroom can be called a huge yellow chair, where you can relax if you suddenly get tired of lying on the bed.


Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s luxury home

The bathtub in the Robert Downey Jr. home is a stylish blend of wood and marble. It’s quite big. The walls and ceiling, as in the whole house, are white. And the tiles on the floor are made of natural stone in different shades. For convenience, there is a large oval bath and a shower cabin. As well as two completely identical washbasins and mirrors located opposite each other.

The house of the famous actor can be called quite modest, not unusual. Ambience here is family-run atmosphere, sunlight and warmth. And the real” wealth ” of the mansion is, of course, the surrounding view of the Pacific ocean, California beaches, palm trees and mountains.

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