Which refrigerator is better

Modern life is impossible to imagine without a refrigerator. But the choice of models in stores is so great that you can get confused. First of all, it is important to decide which cooling system to pay attention to. Today we will help you understand this issue and consider the pros and cons of know frost and the usual drip system.

Which refrigerator is better


Which refrigerator is better

The most common cooling system. The principle is simple: in the refrigerator, the evaporator is located behind the back wall and cools the entire chamber. Condensation forms on this wall, which can periodically freeze, forming a snow ” coat”. Then melt and drain in a special container. Hence the name of this system – drip, because it drips.

  • price (you can find very budget options);
  • roomy cells;
  • economical power consumption;
  • noiseless ones;
  • large selection of models.
  • a wet back wall where a layer of snow periodically freezes;
  • you need to defrost more frequently than the model Nou-frost;
  • it takes longer to catch up with the cold;
  • the temperature difference between the upper and lower shelves can be higher than 4 degrees.

No Frost

Which refrigerator is better

The evaporator and compressor are also located in the back of these refrigerators, but the cold is distributed through the chamber by fans. Cold air is constantly circulating inside.

  • requires less careful maintenance;
  • in all compartments of the refrigerator compartment, the temperature is approximately the same;
  • there is no ice in the freezer;
  • it gets cold pretty quickly;
  • there is no condensation (there is a little on the back wall, this is acceptable, but the amount is much less than in drip systems).
  • their cost is higher;
  • the mechanism of operation is more complex, so the probability of breakdowns increases;
  • they consume more electricity;
  • lots of noisy models (you need to read the specifications and user reviews).

It is worth noting that refrigerators with the know frost system dry food much faster than drip. Therefore, everything should be Packed in bags, containers or parchment. This applies to products that are cut into pieces, such as half a tomato, watermelon, a piece of bell pepper, or sliced cheese. But whole fruits, vegetables and berries in no frost store longer and better.

It is believed that No Frost does not require defrosting, but this is not entirely true. Once a year, it is recommended to disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply and thoroughly wash it. Food marks, splashes, and stains may appear on the walls and shelves. Washing will save the beautiful look of your refrigerator and get rid of odors. This is also a kind of defrosting.


Which refrigerator is better

After analyzing the pros and cons of each cooling system, you can make the right choice for you. After all, much depends not only on the desire, but also on the size of the equipment, the needs of the family and financial opportunities.

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