How to open the Doorphone without a key

An intercom system is a great way to prevent unnecessary people from entering the house. In principle, you can only open it with a key or a special code. It can be individual, for an apartment, or shared.

The latter is used to allow special service personnel to enter the building:

  • the police;
  • Housing and utilities services;
  • ambulance service;
  • organizations with the appropriate security clearance.

Universal keys are also provided. However, they are only suitable for certain types of devices. There is simply no one. However, there are other ways to open the door.

How to open the Doorphone without a key

Physical strength

How to open the Doorphone without a key

Sometimes intercoms, especially old, worn-out ones, open under the influence of physical force.

For example, you can make a sharp jerk towards yourself with a neat stop at the right point. Magnets under the influence of force can also disperse. However, if they are of high quality, it may take too much effort. One person will not always be able to cope.

Hitting the bottom of the device also helps. Electronics are usually located under the buttons, in 10 – 15 cm. Hitting this area with a heavy object can close the circuit and open the doors. But in the case of a good intercom made of durable metal, this will not work.

So, physical strength rarely helps – only with low-quality or outdated equipment. Universal keys are available only for employees of special organizations. What should I do? Use codes…

How to open the Doorphone without a key

The main problem here is the abundance of manufacturers on the modern market. And each of them has many different models of intercoms. There is simply no single access method. However, there are technologies that work with the most popular versions and their groups.

So, for the Session (Vizit) are suitable:

  • to the old ones-12#345 or *#4230;
  • to new ones– *#4230, 67#890, 12#345 or *#3423;
  • if they change the code, it’s probably # 196.

If There are apartments with multiples of 100 numbers in a Cyfral entrance, the algorithm is as follows: call + find a code in the range 100-900 + call. At the end, use 7273 or 7272.

For the model with the letter “M”: call-4-call-code 1410. Sometimes the code 07054 is appropriate.

To open the metacom intercom, dial: call-the number of the first apartment in the entrance twice- (COD will pop up on the monitor) – code 5702. Sometimes it works instead: code 1234-call-digit 6-call-code 4568. Or: call-digit 1-call-code 570. But these intercoms have many security settings, and there is no single algorithm.

Eltis devices are hacked as follows: call-100-call-one of the codes (7272b 7273b 2323). Sometimes, instead of 100, you need to use one of the codes within 200-900 in increments of 100. Sometimes the code is changed by workers. You can find it out: call + wait 20 seconds-the combination will appear for about 5 seconds.

A standard lascomex Can be opened by pressing 1-key-8976 or 66-key-1989. Didn’t help? Enter the menu by pressing the key five times and then entering 1234.

If the intercom is Marshal, enter: a number equal to the largest apartment plus 1 + K + 5555.

For Factorial, the code 123456 or 000000 may be appropriate. If it doesn’t fit, then: 5 + in a few seconds 180180 + call + 4 + call.

For Keyman: call + 100 + after a few seconds 789 + after the sound 123456 + 8.

For Rainmann 2000: button with key + 987654 + after the 2nd signal 123456 + 8.

It is important to remember that all these methods are not an absolute guarantee of opening a door with an intercom. And physical hacking is fraught not only with personal responsibility, but also with a serious threat to the security of residents of the entrance.

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