What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

Every year, at the height of the heating season, the owner of an apartment faces the problem of heat return, namely, poor heating of the batteries. What should I do in this case? What is the cause of the problem and who should I contact to solve it? Below in this article, we will look in detail at the causes of this problem and how to solve it. Enjoy reading it!

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

Reason 1: radiator Blockage

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

In order not to run into blockages, it is necessary to check the system before the start of the heating season, because only a technician with the necessary knowledge and equipment disassembles the system and drives the air under pressure, and together with the air the problem is fixed.

Reason 2: poor quality welding

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

During the installation of the heating system, mistakes were made: the heating element is installed at too great a distance from the bypass; the bypass is installed in the heating circuit; the pipe diameter was narrowed during welding; with a large radiator, the system has a side connection, instead of a diagonal one.

Reason 3: there is an air plug in the heating system or battery

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

One of the simplest problems, you can detect and fix it yourself. It is enough to turn off the taps in the supply pipe and return, then you need to open the upper valve, preferably observing silence. If there is noise, it means that there is air. The solution is simple: buy a Mayakovsky crane and use it to release air from the radiator.

Reason 4: Public utilities do not fully meet their obligations

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

A very common reason is when utilities simply turn a blind eye to existing problems. In this case, you must inform the organization that serves the house. Public utilities will send a technician who will then find out and fix the cause of the malfunction.

Where to contact if the problem cannot be resolved independently

What to do if the batteries do not warm up well

If all independent actions to fix the problem did not help, we recommend that you call a qualified specialist. Below we will look at the services that should be addressed with this problem in the first place.

You need to call the company that serves the house, regardless of whether it is a private or public organization. The company sends an employee to inspect the heating system and make temperature measurements. Draws up an inspection report and leaves one copy to the tenant of the house, and the other copy to the utility company.

The review period is 3-7 days. If the utility organization has not taken any measures, then a claim report is drawn up based on the measurements taken.

As a rule, these acts are considered much more quickly than in the first case. However, the claim may be ignored.

In this case, each city has a list of instances for solving such problems:

  1. Administration.The city authorities monitor the work of public utilities, so you can make an appeal to them.
  2. A call to the hotline.All conversations are recorded, and the inspector answers questions about energy supply.
  3. The office for the protection of the rights of consumers.

If no appeal gives results, then the Prosecutor’s office or the court becomes the last inspection. Do not turn a blind eye to existing problems, even if the cause is the same, it is worth removing it.

Before contacting any authorities, we advise you to make sure that the temperature in your home does not meet the established standards.

We hope that the information we provided helped you solve your problem. Thank you for reading this!

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