10 most popular vacuum cleaners

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Buying popular equipment is an almost win-win option. Vacuum cleaners can also be selected, focusing on the demand for a particular model. Our rating lists the best-selling home cleaning units from each category – classic bag, vertical, washing, robots, 3 in 1. They are most often asked about, detailed information about these devices is well covered in reviews and reviews, they are present in almost all stores and there are always consumables and spare parts available.

TOP 10 most popular vacuum cleaners

10 Kitfort KT-537 (manual car)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

A good vacuum cleaner is needed not only for the home, but also for car interior care. In this category, the most popular device is the Kitfort KT-537. It has a decent suction power for such a baby (10. 5×10. 5×42. 5 cm, 35 W), a nice design, and an optimal set of attached nozzles. The device is connected to the cigarette lighter, and with a power cord length of 4.5 m, they can clean the entire interior and even the trunk.

Buyers in reviews note the convenience of the grip – for an hour the hand does not get tired at all. They also like the quality of 3 different types of nozzles. They are well fixed in the nest, and a thin brush allows you to vacuum hard-to-reach areas. With sand, crumbs and other garbage, the unit copes perfectly, it can even collect spilled liquid, but not all fine dust is retained in the container. In General, the effect of professional dry cleaning is not worth waiting for, but the model allows you to quickly remove contamination and can be stored directly in the car.

9 Kitfort KT-525 (vertical network cable)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

The Kitfort kt-525 network model is one of the most inexpensive vertical vacuum cleaners that can replace 2 devices at once. With the extended handle, it is convenient to clean floor coverings, when folded, the unit is used as a manual cleaner for furniture or a car interior. The structure is very compact (24x110x14 cm), weighs only 2 kg, stands steadily in an upright position, and a special hook is provided for the network cable wrapped in a Bay.

It is obvious that the owners of even the smallest houses and apartments do not face the problem of moving and storing the vacuum cleaner. Despite its size, the thrust is powerful, however, it also makes a decent noise. For local cleaning of the room, it is irreplaceable, many people also use it as the main unit for dust control. You just need to take into account that there is no power regulator or automatic cord winding in it, but in the basic configuration there are all the necessary attachments (slot, floor, furniture), and mains power allows you not to worry about full charge or loss of battery capacity.

8 Samsung SC8836 (cyclonic)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

The Samsung SC8836 vacuum cleaner has become popular due to its independence from dust bags. Instead, a plastic container consisting of two chambers is used. Large particles sucked in with a power of 450 W under the influence of centrifugal force enter the external chamber, while small particles remain in the internal one. Then the air passes through several more filters and is thus 97% purified. At the end of cleaning, the operator can only shake out the garbage and rinse the flask – this completes the care of the device.

Reviews praise the powerful suction – half the power is enough for cleaning, while the vacuum cleaner pulls dust even from clean-looking carpets and makes almost no noise. But it happens only when you clean the auxiliary filter. As soon as they become clogged, which happens after about a year of operation, the operation becomes more noisy. Another caveat: the device can not be pulled by the handle on the dust collector, as this threatens to break the entire container.

7 Tefal VP7545RH Clean & Steam (with a steam cleaner)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

This is not a simple vacuum cleaner, but a hybrid of a steam MOP with a cyclone filter. Thanks to a special nozzle, the device simultaneously removes dust and treats the floor with steam, destroying up to 99% of germs. It is also important that in Clean & Steam does not need to be filled with household products – in a removable tank with a volume of 1.7 liters should be only water. Once the device is connected to the network, you can start cleaning in 30 seconds. To protect floor coverings from excessive temperature exposure, Steam Select technology is provided, which allows you to adjust the steam power.

The advantages of the device in the comments are simply stated: for a home where cleanliness is important, it is irreplaceable. Tile, laminate, linoleum washes great, but you need to adapt not to leave streaks. In addition to the affordable price, the vacuum cleaner also does not require the purchase of consumables, the main thing is to wash the rags-nozzles in time (you can use a typewriter). It is often noted that for cleaning carpets, you should choose another popular vacuum cleaner, this one is more designed for smooth surfaces.

6 Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter (with Aquafilter)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

Those who can’t stand messing around with a bucket and a MOP should pay attention to the vacuum cleaner with the function of collecting liquid and washing – Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter. It perfectly vacuums and cleans not only the floor, but also tiles, furniture, Windows, is indispensable in cleaning mattresses and sofas. Allergy sufferers can breathe deeply at home – the filtration system does not allow the smallest dust particles to pass through, and the smell characteristic of cleaning is completely absent.

The number of complete attachments and accessories seems intimidating, as well as the dimensions of the model. In fact, thanks to its maneuverability, two-position Parking and easy installation of all attachments, using the device does not bring any trouble. Additional convenience is provided by automatic cable winding with a length of 6 m and a Softtouch switch. A little more often than you would like, you need to change the water in the washing container, but after cleaning, you can walk around the house in white socks.

5 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner (robot)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

We have long been accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi produces inexpensive, functional, and therefore well-selling gadgets. The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner has similar advantages. In the price category up to 25,000 rubles, it simply has no equal in terms of autonomy, quickness, and ease of operation from a mobile app. Judge for yourself: an impressive battery provides up to 150 minutes of active operation, the robot itself builds a map of space and calculates the optimal path of movement, and is able to continue the process interrupted due to recharging from the last point.

To make it as easy as possible to control the device, voice support is provided using Alice. Among its capabilities: detection of live conversation, in Russian, Internet searches, and control your smart home. However, the list of teams it has maintained so far has been quite sparse. The reviews often point to difficulties with the authorization of the robot in the application “Yandex”. To resolve them, you need to specify the “mainland China” region in your account.

4 Philips Performer FC9170 (bagged)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

Philips released the FC9170 model in the early 2010s, so this vacuum cleaner is considered a classic cleaning technique. Among its advantages – a decent volume of dust collector (4 liters) and the length of the cord (7 m). This is enough to clean a 1-or 2-room apartment of 40-50 sq. m., connected to one outlet. Surfaces are quickly cleaned of dust thanks to the high power of the device 2200 W and the same suction power-500 W.

Users describe the device as the quietest of all that they have ever tried. The Tri-active universal brush included in the kit works very efficiently: it collects large debris, removes dust and dirt near furniture and walls, lifts carpet lint and sucks dust from deep layers. The device, assembled, tested and successfully sold in Europe, is characterized by reliability and quality – in many homes, the vacuum cleaner works flawlessly for 5-7 years. The only thing he needs is a timely replacement of S-bag bags. They are standard for Philips, Electrolux, AEG and cost about 1000 rubles. for a package of 4 pieces.

3 Karcher Mediclean DS 6 Premium (washing with aquafiltering)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

All of Karcher’s vacuum cleaners are among the best-selling, but the DS 6 Premium Mediclean seems to have surpassed them. In addition to the fact that the model is washing, due to the multi-stage filtration system, it provides air refreshment and significantly improves the microclimate in the house. The complete set includes all the necessary brushes and accessories for General cleaning: a turbo brush, a switchable nozzle for dust suction, a nozzle for cracks, for upholstered furniture, as well as a defoamer, which is recommended for use in cleaning vacuum cleaners to protect the motor filter from foam penetration.

The design is designed and assembled soundly, you can feel the German approach to production-it is written almost in every second review. The air really becomes much fresher, there is practically no dust left. Due to its large dimensions and weight (535x289x345 mm, 7.5 kg), you should also take a vertical model for local cleaning. It is also important to provide storage space – this can be difficult in a small apartment.

2 Electrolux Beam (built-in)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

If cleaning vacuum cleaners and robots are more popular in the Russian market, then in Western countries the best-selling systems are built-in type. The category leader is the Electrolux Beam brand, which offers vacuum cleaners for both small apartments and houses with a large area. The model is a powerful power unit that can be installed in the utility room or even on the balcony. Connection to it is carried out through pneumatic sockets built into the walls of living rooms. The user only needs to connect the hose to one of them.

The advantages of the design are complete noiselessness of operation, because the Central unit is located in the distance, high suction power and the complete absence of consumables. Instead of a simple ramjet engine, the Beam is equipped with a bypass one. Thus, it is protected from the flow of dust that goes around. He is not afraid of the temperature difference that occurs due to the remote location of the main installation. The disadvantages are also obvious – the high cost of the device itself, as well as the installation of communications and their maintenance with the necessary involvement of specialists.

1 Dyson V11 Absolute (vertical, wireless)

10 most popular vacuum cleaners

Dyson engineers have been developing vertical vacuum cleaners for more than 10 years, and the crown of their work is the V11 line based on a smart engine. The best – selling model is the Absolute with 7 nozzles, 20% more capacious battery compared to the previous generation and increased suction power. The design includes 3 microprocessors that monitor the operation of the device with a frequency of 8000 times/s. The sensor system allows you to monitor the type of coating and adapt the operating mode, thereby ensuring economical charge consumption.

According to users, before the vacuum cleaner is fully discharged, you can completely clean a house or apartment up to 100 sq. m. including carpets and upholstered furniture. it is Convenient that the current information is displayed on the LCD screen, which also reminds you about the need to clean filters or replace them. The process of cleaning the container is thought out perfectly – the collected dust is pushed out by pressing on a special lever, direct contact with dirt is excluded. The only negative from the reviews is the high price.

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