20 smart products from Aliexpress

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Progress never stands still, so items that improve a person’s life are regularly invented. Smart products never cease to amaze customers with their ease of use and useful features. They seem like things from the future, because yesterday it was hard to imagine that the Internet would appear, or that people would be able to communicate on a phone that does not have wires. In this rating, we have collected smart products from various categories on Aliexpress .

The best smart home products from Aliexpress

Most often, people buy smart home goods on Aliexpress. Here you can find unusual gadgets for the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Those who love to cook will love the induction cookers and temperature-controlled kettles. To expand the TV’s capabilities, you should order a smart set-top box that supports thousands of channels and video playback from any online services. In the bathroom, it makes sense to buy a smart scale or an original bidet seat for the toilet with heating and lighting.

5 FOHEEL toilet Seat

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A smart toilet seat isn’t the best gift, but it’s definitely the most unusual item in the selection. It provides the function of heating, drying with warm air, aromatization of the room, automatic cleaning and washing with a jet of water. Its pressure and temperature can be adjusted. There are 2 sizes available – small (480*380 mm) and large (510*380 mm) bidets. The kit includes a remote control with key translation in 3 languages.

In the reviews on Aliexpress, they write that the seat is easy to install, it is comfortable and functional. The product copes with all the stated tasks, it is easy to manage it using the remote control. Sensors are sensitive, heating is felt even in energy-saving mode. The jet isn’t very powerful, but that’s a good thing. The main disadvantage of FOHEEL was the very high price. Please note that you will have to pay tax upon receipt of the product. Another caveat is that there should be 5 filters in the kit, but usually only 1-2 filters are sent to customers.

4 Zeoota Smart extension cable

20 smart products from Aliexpress

The Zeoota brand offers an unusual alternative to outdated extension cords. Device dimensions– 320*60*45 mm, the cable length is 180 cm. There are three sockets and 4 connectors for USB cables. The network filter easily syncs with any smart home systems, and there is a voice control function via the app. Using your smartphone, you can remotely turn off power outlets, set up automatic switching on at certain times, etc. it provides protection against overvoltage and overload. There is also a standby mode, during which the extension cord consumes a minimum amount of power.

The reviews say that the Zeoota case is made of high-quality materials, the paint is applied evenly. To connect, you just need to register in the app, then turn on the extension cord and hold the button for 6 seconds. This smart product has one drawback: you can’t turn off the USB ports individually, but all at once.

3 vontar X96 mini Smart set-top box

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A Smart set-top box for a TV will turn the most ordinary TV device into a smart one (the so-called SmartTV). In practice, this means that you will get access to a lot of interesting interactive things without leaving the TV screen, for example: go online, download various apps, watch YouTube and TV shows through online services, and even play 4K videos. All this is possible thanks to a small box that connects to the global network via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port.

There are several versions on sale that differ in the amount of memory (the model with 2 GB of RAM works faster, but also costs more), as well as additional equipment (if you fork out, you can get a remote control with voice control). In theory, such a console even allows you to play games for Android (downloaded from PlayMarket), but it is not very convenient to do this and, of course, it will not compete with real X96 mini consoles.

2 Xiaomi Smart kettle

20 smart products from Aliexpress

The smart kettle is one of Xiaomi’s best kitchen inventions. It is controlled by the app: you can set the automatic shutdown after boiling or reaching a certain temperature. There are 4 modes for making coffee, powdered milk, green or black tea. The volume of the kettle is 1.5 liters, the stainless steel case keeps the temperature for 12 hours. The water is evenly warmed up by the 1800 W ring. It takes no more than 5 minutes to boil. The base rotates 360° so that the device can be placed anywhere. The manufacturer has provided triple protection against overheating and overvoltage.

Buyers note in the reviews the high quality of workmanship and convenient management of Xiaomi. You can use the touch buttons or the app to do this. The disadvantages of the product include packaging: sometimes the box is torn, the case gets dirty. Ordering a teapot as a gift will be risky.

1 ILIFE V7s Plus Robot vacuum cleaner

20 smart products from Aliexpress

The ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner tops the rating of smart things in the home category. Yes, such a device now will not surprise anyone, large technology companies have long presented a whole series of very diverse models of such robots, but today the price tags on them are still off scale. If you don’t want to overpay just for the brand name, but want to find out what smart vacuum cleaners are, then robots from ILIFE will be an excellent choice.

This model is suitable for apartments with any type of floor (laminates, carpets, etc.), can not only vacuum, but also wash surfaces, is equipped with a variety of sensors that allow high-quality cleaning (for example, the terrain scanner will protect the V7s from collisions with interior items), and, like any other smart device, has a huge variety of modes and individual settings. Out of more than 9 thousand customers, few were dissatisfied with this cute assistant.

Best smart products for personal use with Aliexpress

This category includes unusual gadgets for personal use. They are unlikely to be useful in the kitchen or in the bathroom, but many people can no longer imagine their life without these products. For example, a non-contact thermometer is indispensable when working with children, and the most accurate scales will appeal to athletes. Special attention should be paid to a variety of smart accessories from Aliexpress. A smart bracelet or watch will be a great gift for a loved one. A cap with built-in headphones will allow you to listen to music comfortably, keeping your ears warm.

5 Xiaomi Contactless thermometer

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A non-contact thermometer will help you out in situations where you need to measure the temperature of children, the elderly, or carriers of viral infections. Putting a thermometer in your mouth or under your arm is not always hygienic and convenient. Smart device Xiaomi works simply: you need to turn it on, place it at a distance of 1-2 cm from the forehead or bridge of the nose and press the button. It only takes a few seconds to get an accurate result. You can measure the temperature even for sleeping children, since the thermometer does not make any sounds, there is only a slight vibration.

Reviews are awesome and ergonomic design, and good measurement accuracy of the thermometer. But the price caused controversy among Aliexpress users, without discounts it seemed too high for many. The seller claims that the maximum error is 0.3 degrees, but in reality it reaches 2 degrees. Despite this, Xiaomi remains one of the most popular products due to the high quality of workmanship and stable performance.

4 Bluetooth header

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A hat with a built-in Bluetooth headset is useful for lovers of long winter walks or athletes who make morning runs. In it, you can talk on the phone and listen to pleasant music, while not getting tangled in the long wires from the headphones. Stereo sound played with very high-quality headphones. The volume can be adjusted using the buttons on the lapel. The headset can be easily removed if you need to wash your hat.

Material: double-layer 40% polyester and 60% acrylic. The device is compatible with any mobile phone, computer, or tablet. There is a function that allows you to see how much charge is left in the device on your iPhone. The maximum talk time is 6-8 hours.

3 gason S4 Scale

20 smart products from Aliexpress

Smart scales from Gason will help you fully control your body. The device is capable of measuring 14 indicators at once (in addition to the main ones, this includes information such as the percentage of fat and water, muscle and bone mass, etc.). of Course, not all the displayed figures are reliable, but a basic analysis of the physical condition of the data obtained is enough for you to get acquainted.

The scale is synchronized with your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of a special application, the gadget can analyze the collected information, build weight charts, issue recommendations, and much more. In order to have a more or less clear picture of the state of the body, GASON S4 reminds the owner every day about the need for measurement.

2 Melanda Smart watches for women

20 smart products from Aliexpress

Fitness bracelets and smart watches are difficult to surprise anyone, but the Melanda brand managed to do it. The company has released a stylish and beautiful accessory aimed at women. The elegant bracelet is made of stainless steel, available in 2 colors. The main advantage of the watch is its advanced functionality: there is a heart rate monitor, pedometer, alarm clock, calorie counter, etc. Especially for women, a calendar is provided with which you can track the menstrual cycle. The smart device syncs with your smartphone, so the bracelet is also suitable for calls and messages. A lithium battery with a capacity of 130 mAh will last for 5-7 days of use.

Melanda watches received mostly positive reviews from Aliexpress users. They are made with high quality, quickly connect to your smartphone and set up. The only drawback of this product is that it doesn’t sync with some social networks, including VK and Instagram.

1 Cawono Smart watch

20 smart products from Aliexpress

Of course, the rating would be incomplete without a modern smartwatch with support for a memory card up to 32 GB. They not only perform their main function-they show the time, but they can also replace a smartphone. The device is fully Russified, so there will be no difficulties with setting up and mastering the menu.

The gadget has a SIM card slot, but even without installing it, the watch can be used as a phone. To do this, just connect them to an Android or iPhone device using Bluetooth. In addition to making phone calls, the gadget can play music from your smartphone, as well as take photos and shoot videos.

Best smart toys and entertainment with Aliexpress

Smart products from this rating category can hardly be considered the most useful or necessary, but customers order them with enviable regularity. Unusual robots are popular with young children, and virtual reality glasses are popular among adult men and women. A wireless speaker with voice control will help you have fun while Hiking. A universal gift for the whole family will be a magnetic cube that develops logical thinking and attentiveness.

5 xiaomi Magnetic cube

20 smart products from Aliexpress

The Xiaomi brand usually produces the right things, there are practically no games and entertainment in the range. One of the few exceptions was this improved Rubik’s cube. It connects to your smartphone, and you can manually set any color schemes in the Gliker app. There is an automatic alignment function. The toy is designed for children over 6 years old. It is made of plastic, weighs a little less than 100 g, and the height of one face is 56.5 mm. Inside there are 48 powerful magnets, thanks to which the cube holds its shape, turns smoothly and accurately.

Reviews on Aliexpress praise the build quality of the magnetic cube. It rotates gently and quietly, the edges are fixed well. Connecting to the app does not cause difficulties even for those who have not used such toys before. Xiaomi is liked by children and adults alike, they are passionate about building a cube. The only drawback of the product – over time, vinyl stickers can be erased.


20 smart products from Aliexpress

Smart mug will not leave anyone indifferent. This is a kind of mini-mixer, in which it is convenient to mix or beat various ingredients. Its volume is quite large – 400 ml. You can make coffee or cocoa with various additives, beat all kinds of cocktails, mix fruit and vegetable juices, or stir the medicine. The mug is double: the outer side is made of stainless steel, the inner side is made of food-grade plastic in different colors. The tight-fitting lid has a hole for a cocktail straw.

The handle is equipped with a button that turns on the mixer. It is powered by two AAA finger batteries, so you can take it with you on a picnic. The mug must not be placed in the microwave and must not be washed in the dishwasher

3 Smart dog MG010

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A small smart dog is controlled remotely using a joystick. The robot is similar to the main character of the popular children’s cartoon “Snoopy”. The toy is presented in several colors, you can choose for a girl and for a boy. The dog’s parts are movable, the paws are equipped with wheels, so the dog moves easily and does not scratch the floor covering. The robot executes various commands, such as turning left and right, shaking its head, walking backwards, wagging its tail, lying down, walking, standing, crawling, apologizing, and rolling over.

It is equipped with a voice-activated speaker, so it can use recorded sounds to produce different emotions. Runs on battery power (takes about 60 minutes to charge) or from three finger batteries (AA cell). The eyes have built-in light indicators of the charging level.

2 XiaoZhai bobovr z4 VR Glasses

20 smart products from Aliexpress

An inexpensive and real virtual reality helmet that will allow you to get new impressions and unforgettable sensations when watching 3D movies, panoramic photos, and video games. The case itself is made of plastic, for better comfort, all the necessary areas between the lenses and the face are finished with soft foam, and there are a number of adjustments and straps to fix the device on the head. The screen role is performed by a smartphone (any Android and iOS models with a diagonal from 4.7 to 6.2 inches are supported, but for optimal effect, you need a device with a screen from 5.5 inches and a minimum FullHD resolution – otherwise the phone’s frames and pixels will be visible).

The output is a fairly high-quality and clear image (much depends on both the screen of the embedded phone and the video being played) with a large viewing angle and decent-sounding headphones. The helmet itself can be worn without discomfort for 25-30 minutes, which is more than enough for such a budget model.

1 ggmm E2 Smart speaker

20 smart products from Aliexpress

A good Bluetooth speaker of compact size with clear and loud sound, which can also sync over Wi-Fi and play streaming audio broadcasts from a smartphone. The main feature and part-time smart component of the device is the Alexa Voice voice assistant function, which allows you to control not only the speaker itself, but also other smart home systems connected to the same application.

For example, you can ask your device to turn on a specific song or turn down the sound. That is, using GGMM E2, you can send commands to other devices and other functions of the assistant. Today, all this fun is available only to native English speakers. However, this is even for the best – it will be a great reason to improve your foreign speech a little.

Best smart transport products from Aliexpress

Manufacturers of smart goods decided not to limit themselves to gadgets for the home. More and more often on Aliexpress there are original devices designed to make life easier for cyclists and motorists. Those who spend most of their time behind the wheel can’t do without a tire pressure sensor, an air purifier, and an adapter to work with a smart navigation system.

5 Carlinkit Adapter

20 smart products from Aliexpress

CarPlay technology was originally developed for IOS-based gadgets. You can use it to manage any applications without being distracted from the road. The main task is to build the best route and navigate. The control panel also allows you to quickly switch between tracks in the playlist, manage your calendar and calls. There is a voice activation function, assigning any tasks to the handles, buttons and steering wheel of the car. The Carlinkit smart adapter with Aliexpress performs only one main function – it starts CarPlay on any Android device.

Reviews usually praise this product. All the stated tasks are completed, and the app is stable. Connecting takes a minimum of time and effort: you just need to install the app on your smartphone, then connect Carlinkit to the radio. Not all customers were satisfied with the speed of delivery. Also, the disadvantages of the product include the fact that the adapter is not suitable for all models of radio recorders.

4 giahol auto air Purifier

20 smart products from Aliexpress

If the car is often driven by children or animals, you can not do without an air purifier. Aliexpress offers a fairly large selection of different devices, but GIAHOL is considered the best option for transport. It looks stylish, works quietly (noise level – up to 36 dB), there are 2 modes to choose from. An infrared sensor is located on the device body for activation with a single hand movement. Air purification is performed every 10 minutes and consists of three stages. The smart device not only removes dust and odors, but also fights bacteria. The LCD display shows temperature and humidity indicators, as well as an assessment of air quality.

Customers are thrilled with GIAHOL’s design. It is compact and beautiful, does not take up much space in the car. There is noise during operation, but it does not interfere with the driver and passengers. This cleaner copes with its main task: breathing becomes easier, and the smells of cigarette smoke, food, and animal hair quickly disappear.

3 Onever Smart FM transmitter

20 smart products from Aliexpress

An FM transmitter is a device for playing audio files in various extensions by transmitting the broadcast to the nearest radio receiver. The compact onever transmitter is compact in size and features three modes. To play your favorite music, the device is equipped with a USB connector and an input for a memory card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

The gadget can be synced with your smartphone. this will help you not only listen to music from your phone through the speakers in the car, but also receive incoming calls on the speakerphone, as well as call the last number by double-clicking on the button. If your phone runs out of battery, the device will help you quickly charge the battery. Configuration is easy, as the package includes instructions for setting up in 3 languages.

2 jakcom OS2 Bicycle light

20 smart products from Aliexpress

This is not to say that this gadget has any special smart properties, its main value lies in something else, namely in the accumulation of various useful functions and features in one place. Here you will find a powerful flashlight, a loud speaker, a compact but at the same time capacious power Bank, an FM receiver and a few more minor skills.

The device received the prefix “Smart” as a lantern, thanks to the presence of 5 different light modes. In addition to the traditional ones, JAKCOM OS2, for example, can Shine an SOS signal, which can be very useful in other situations.

1 Xiaomi Smart pump

20 smart products from Aliexpress

Xiaomi’s portable electric pump is probably the most useful product for drivers. The device is suitable for any wheeled transport, including electric scooters. It accurately detects the pressure in a matter of minutes and displays the readings on the LCD display. On the case there is a round joystick with 4 buttons for control. On the reverse side is a flashlight. It is bright enough to help out when Hiking or traveling at night. The smart pump is equipped with a 2000 mAh battery and can be charged from any device via micro USB. The kit includes attachments, a case and a needle for pumping the ball.

In the reviews on Aliexpress, the pump works quickly and relatively quietly, it is light and compact. Xiaomi not only does an excellent job of inflating tires, but also looks stylish. Among all such products, it is considered the most convenient and easy to manage. The only drawback – for fully flat tires, the pump will not work, the power is too small.

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