15 best car vacuum cleaners

Characteristics in the rating

The car interior is very easily and quickly exposed to various types of contamination, so for many scrupulous and clean owners, a car vacuum cleaner is an important necessity. With its help, you can quickly restore order, constantly maintaining cleanliness inside the car at the proper level.

The review presents the best car vacuum cleaners with good suction power, which can be purchased on the Russian market. The rating is based on the declared and actual characteristics of models, as well as reviews of owners who have already made their choice. Several popular categories have been created for the reader’s convenience.

The best cheap car vacuum cleaners: budget up to 2000 rubles.

A budget vacuum cleaner doesn’t mean it’s bad. This statement is true for any of the devices included in this category. They are powerful enough to effectively clean the interior, have an acceptable build quality and all the necessary attachments for cleaning cars.

5 Airline CYCLONE-2

15 best car vacuum cleaners

Presented in this category, the airline cyclone-type car vacuum cleaner will be the best purchase for performing regular cleaning of the car interior from dust and small debris. Despite the fact that this model has a light weight and compact dimensions, it has a decent suction power-150 watts. This ensures optimal quality and efficiency of the cleaning process. A distinctive feature of this vacuum cleaner is also the ability to demonstrate maximum vacuum pressure values, which reach 4000 PA. Thanks to its design features, the useful power of the Airline CYCLONE-2 car vacuum cleaner does not decrease during operation and does not depend on the fullness of the dust collection container.

The presence of a HEPA filter in the unit guarantees the most purified air at the outlet (it is able to retain microparticles of dust up to 0.3 Microns in size). Airline CYCLONE-2 is delivered with a small flexible hose, a set of attachments for specific tasks and a convenient storage bag. This car vacuum cleaner is the most powerful and perfectly copes with any dirt, thanks to which it has earned many positive reviews from satisfied owners.

4 Kitfort KT-537

15 best car vacuum cleaners

When choosing a car vacuum cleaner, the best choice is the compact manual Kitfort KT-537 model, which will please not only with an affordable price, but also with efficient operation. The device functions when connected to the car’s cigarette lighter, and at the same time provides a suction power of up to 75 watts. With this vacuum cleaner, you can not only quickly rid the interior of dry debris and dust, but also collect accidentally spilled liquid. The capacity of the dust collector is only 150 ml, and reliable protection eliminates the risk of short circuits. The removable container can be washed with water using non-aggressive detergents – this will eliminate the appearance of unpleasant odors and bacteria on the internal surfaces of the device.

The Kitfort KT-537 car vacuum cleaner is supplied with a slot and silicone nozzle in the kit, as well as a pile brush, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process. The cable length of 4.5 meters is enough to work in the most remote corners of the car interior and trunk. The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of durable ABS plastic, which has a positive effect on its reliability and service life. Owners in their reviews note the noiselessness and productivity of the work performed, as well as the ergonomics of the handle and ease of use.

3 VITEK VT-1840

15 best car vacuum cleaners

VITEK is one of the leading brands of home appliances and electronics in Russia. According to statistics, every third family has at least one product of this company on their farm. VITEK combines technology and design, decent price and quality. For 17 years of presence on the market, the company has achieved several dozen awards, for which Forbes has three times included it in the list of the best-selling Russian brands.

VITEK VT-1840 is a manual car vacuum cleaner with a power consumption of 90 W, a cyclone filter dust collector (not a bag) with a capacity of 1.5 liters. A separate feature is the three-stage filtration (quick-release HEPA filter), which includes a fine filter for the smallest particles. The cord is 3.6 meters long. Another advantage of the model is the electric brush included in the kit, which collects lint, and a convenient case for the device. The power is enough to clean seats and carpet, and the size and weight of the device make it very convenient.


15 best car vacuum cleaners

The black+DECKER NVB12AVA ergonomic handheld vacuum cleaner is specially designed for dry cleaning of the car interior. Despite the fact that this model can not be called the most powerful, its ability to pass air flow up to 1050 l/min is quite enough for high-quality and efficient operation. The design of this car vacuum cleaner provides for an extended nozzle, so it is possible to cope even with large garbage. All major parts of the BLACK + DECKER NVB12AVA, such as the filter and dust collector bowl, can be easily detached and washed.

The presented car vacuum cleaner best copes with cleaning the interior, which is confirmed in their reviews by users. They also note the high quality of the build and the cable length of 5 meters sufficient for convenient use of this device. To be able to get to the most inaccessible places of the car, an additional set of brushes and attachments is provided in the complete set of this model of vacuum cleaner.

1 the Aggressor AGR 170

15 best car vacuum cleaners

The aggressor 170 is a true sales leader in its class. For several years now, car vacuum cleaners of this company occupy a leading position in the Russian market due to the combination of power, quality and excellent price. This popular model is equipped with an excellent cyclone filter, in which centrifugal forces discard debris in such a way that the filter remains clean.

The body of the vacuum cleaner is made of durable and lightweight plastic and has a strict design. The device fits well in the hand, works from a cigarette lighter, 2 extension cords and 3 nozzles are included. Power-85 W, Bagless dust collector, weight-1.25 kg, warranty-3 years. The AGR 170 car vacuum cleaner is one of the most practical and reliable models. In addition, the presence of a turbo brush, an extension hose and two nozzles (slot and flat) greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

Best mid-range car vacuum cleaners

Car vacuum cleaners from well-known manufacturers are designed with special attention to user-friendliness. They have a long power cord that is enough to clean even the largest car, excellent filters, an advanced dust extraction system, and their dust collector is easy to disassemble and clean.

5 Bomann AKS 713 CB

15 best car vacuum cleaners

The Bomann AKS 713 CB portable car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a built-in Ni-Mh battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh, which provides it with Autonomous operation for 20 minutes. The compact design of the device allows you to restore order even in the most inaccessible places of the car interior (under the seats, glove compartment, etc.). With its help, you can efficiently clean not only covers, but also collect wet dirt from car mats. A distinctive feature of the bomann AKS 713 CB cordless vacuum cleaner is the ability to work from a cigarette lighter, for which a special power adapter is provided in the package.

The battery charge indicator has a positive effect on the user-friendliness of this car vacuum cleaner, ensuring its timely recharging. There is also a special compartment for storing the wire. Due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner model is equipped with a special filter that can be washed, the device is much easier to care for, thereby extending its operational life. Car owners who have purchased this device leave mostly positive reviews, while noting the mobility of the device and full compliance with expectations.


15 best car vacuum cleaners

Multifunctional portable device PROFFI PA0330, powered by a car battery, is designed for dry cleaning of the car interior. In addition, this model of vacuum cleaner can be used as a compressor with a power of up to 120 watts. The presence of a special hose with attachments and the possibility of continuous operation for 10 minutes allow you to quickly pump up a flat wheel in any place. Another feature of this car vacuum cleaner is the presence of illumination, which greatly facilitates the cleaning process in hard-to-reach places or will be very useful in case of an emergency stop in the dark.

The high suction performance of the PROFFI PA0330 vacuum cleaner and the presence of various attachments guarantee the best cleaning results and quick disposal of dirt, wool and other debris. At the same time, the exhaust air entering the car interior is maximally purified due to the presence of a HEPA filter. On the handle of this device, there is an on / off indicator and power adjustment. In the reviews, the owners note the convenience and ease of use of this car vacuum cleaner, as well as compliance with all the declared characteristics that ensure fast and high-quality cleaning.

3 Berkut SVС-800

15 best car vacuum cleaners

The Russian brand Berkut is known to motorists for the quality, reliability and power of its products. The selected model combines an excellent filter, a powerful suction of up to 57 W with a consumption of 100 W, a long hose, a flashlight, nozzles for hard-to-reach places and a quiet motor.

Berkut SVC-800 is a hand-held vacuum cleaner with dry cleaning, a dust collector – cyclone filter with a capacity of 0.4 liters. the cord Length is 2 meters, and the weight of the entire device reaches 2 kg. The bag-case is equipped with a belt, with which it is easy to carry the vacuum cleaner.

2 Philips FC 6141

15 best car vacuum cleaners

Philips is a global brand of home appliances and electronics that is known to everyone. Their products are distinguished by quality, reliability and modern design. Philips FC 6141 is an excellent model that is equipped with a cyclone system, has 5 accessories in the kit. For its operation, a 12 V car cigarette lighter is used. A distinctive feature of the vacuum cleaner is a two-level cyclone filter, which ensures that all dust and debris remain inside the vacuum cleaner.

The second feature is the aerodynamically shaped nozzle, which perfectly collects and cleans the car interior. For the most comfortable grip, the engineers decided to use a curved handle, and a soft rubber coating will not allow sliding to spoil the cleaning. The Philips FC 6141 is a great vacuum cleaner that feels good to hold in your hand.


15 best car vacuum cleaners

The best helper for quickly restoring cleanliness and order in the car will be a compact portable vacuum cleaner BLACK + DECKER PD1200AV, operating on the principle of cyclone technology. Thanks to this design feature, the device does not lose power during operation, demonstrating it in full force and easily coping with any, even the largest garbage. This property is confirmed in their reviews and numerous users who have made their choice in favor of this model. At the same time, the power consumption of this car vacuum cleaner does not exceed 72 watts. An additional argument in favor of buying the PD1200AV is its creative and ergonomic design. The long flexible hose provided in the complete set of the vacuum cleaner has a fixed fixation on the body, which is very convenient for transportation and storage.

The model is equipped with a 5-meter cable, with which it will not be difficult to vacuum even the Luggage compartment of a large car. Made of strong transparent plastic, the dust collection container has a decent capacity of 5.6 liters. At the same time, it is removed with a single movement of the hand, which allows you to quickly get rid of the dirt collected in it. The BLACK+DECKER PD1200AV car vacuum cleaner is manufactured using high-quality materials and components, so that the operational life of the unit is many times higher than the capabilities of many competing models.

Best battery-powered car vacuum cleaners

As with many other battery-powered household appliances, the most important thing about an Autonomous vacuum cleaner is battery quality. It is this parameter that has the greatest impact on the time of operation without recharging, reliability and service life of the device. And it is also important to properly balance the vacuum cleaner and the battery charging speed. This category includes only the most successful models of car vacuum cleaners that can work both from the cigarette lighter and from the built-in battery.

5 Clever & Clean HV-100

15 best car vacuum cleaners

A lot of positive reviews were received by the manual battery model of the Clever vacuum cleaner & Clean HV-100, characterized by increased power. Depending on the work performed, this device can exhibit a suction force of up to 34 mbar, which is the best performance for a wireless device. Thanks to this feature, this vacuum cleaner quickly and efficiently copes not only with cleaning the car interior, but also with cleaning upholstered furniture.

A distinctive feature of this mobile vacuum cleaner is its versatility. With the task of collecting liquid, it will cope as easily as with the destruction of loose debris and dust. At the same time, the container’s fullness indicator will tell you when to empty it. An additional advantage of Clever & Clean HV-100 is the ability to quickly wash car Windows. This vacuum cleaner is supplied with all the necessary attachments and a container for their storage. The included charging station serves as a stationary storage location for this device. The only drawback of the vacuum cleaner, which is indicated in the reviews, is the insufficiently long battery life.

4 Dyson DC43H Car

15 best car vacuum cleaners

This vacuum cleaner can work both from the battery and from the car cigarette lighter, for which a special power supply is supplied with it. Its battery life is 20 minutes in medium power mode, while the specially improved lithium-ion battery is consumed evenly, without losing power even at the end of cleaning. Together with the vacuum cleaner, the buyer is offered: a mini-electric brush that effectively collects dust, animal hair and hair from the interior upholstery, as well as a combined and slot nozzle.

Owners praise the autonomy of the device, easy cleaning of the garbage container, and are also satisfied with the excellent balancing of the vacuum cleaner, thanks to which it is easy and convenient to use. There is only one drawback – the high cost. The battery-powered device from Dyson is almost four times more expensive than its closest competitors.

3 GARDENA EasyClean Li

15 best car vacuum cleaners

The car vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter works both from the battery and from the household power supply of 220 V using a cord with an adapter. This solution is very practical and prudent, because it will always allow you to finish cleaning. A reliable engine filter prevents the ingress of moisture, allowing you to clean the interior without looking back. The presence of various attachments (2 pieces included) facilitates access to hard-to-reach places and allows you to effectively remove dirt from the fabric upholstery. For storing the device, there is a wall hanging bar, which can be installed in the garage or other utility room. It should be remembered that temperatures above 45 °C are undesirable for this vacuum cleaner, so it is not recommended to store it in the trunk of a car, especially in summer.

The fairly decent power developed by the vacuum cleaner allows it to be successfully used not only for cleaning the car interior (this brand specializes in the production of garden equipment). The reverse side of the outstanding performance of GARDENA EasyClean, judging by the reviews of the owners, is its noise. Regardless of the power source, the motor of a car vacuum cleaner generates 92 DB – a kind of anti-record of our rating.

2 VITEK VT-1811

15 best car vacuum cleaners

This truly versatile vacuum cleaner, which is produced by VItek, a well-known company on the Russian market, can not only collect crumbs, sand and dust, but also cope with spilled liquid. Thanks to the included manual washer for Windows and mirrors, the owner of the device has the opportunity to completely put the car in order. Moreover, many buyers use this vacuum cleaner not only in the car, but also for cleaning ceramic surfaces in the apartment.

With a far from small suction power of 60 W, the battery life of the device declared by the manufacturer is 30 minutes. Customers like the low cost of a vacuum cleaner, versatility and good equipment. Minus – a fairly large weight: 2.6 kg.

1 Bosch BHN 20110

15 best car vacuum cleaners

The Autonomous model of the BHN 20110 vacuum cleaner, from the world-famous manufacturer-packer Bosch, is equipped with a Ni-MH battery, which allows you to dry clean the car interior for 16 minutes. Despite the fact that this device is powered by a battery, it is quite powerful, and shows quite a decent suction power, reaching up to 20.4 watts. Thanks to this, the best result of cleaning the car interior is guaranteed, regardless of the degree of contamination. A distinctive feature of this car vacuum cleaner is the presence of a unique High Airflow system, which provides the most effective air purification even from the smallest dust particles.

Since the presented vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.4 kg and has an ergonomic handle, it is very convenient to hold it in your hand, which is confirmed in the reviews of users. The indicator provided in this model shows the level of battery charge, which requires an average of 15 minutes to recharge. For the normal functioning of the Bosch BHN 20110 car vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer recommends timely emptying the container and cleaning the washable filter.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your car?

When choosing a car vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to several important points::

  1. Type of power supply: from the cigarette lighter or from the built-in battery. Network vacuum cleaners are cheaper, battery – powered ones are more convenient.
  2. Suction power. The more powerful, the better.
  3. Type and volume of the garbage collection container. Cyclone models without a bag are most convenient.
  4. Number and type of attachments. In the car, especially often need long slotted tips.
  5. Weight and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner.
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