17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

It is known that the eyes are one of the most attractive facial features. If you properly arrange them, that is, make a beautiful make-up, you can emphasize the advantages of appearance, make the look charming. One of the most effective tools for making brown eyes is shadows. Journalists of our online publication asked experts in the field of makeup to share with our readers useful secrets of choosing decorative cosmetics of this type.

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

Apply matte textures

When choosing cosmetics for eye makeup, it is very important to pay attention to what kind of finish you will eventually get. For example, a matte finish with an intense, opaque, non-reflective tone is an excellent solution for women with such features of appearance:

Large, wide-set or close-set eyes.

Narrow cut of the eyes.

Wrinkles around the eyes.

Matte shadows in light and dark shades help to create the effect of a play of light and shadow. Therefore, their use allows you to contour, emphasize the advantages and hide the disadvantages. Matte shadows also have such properties as versatility of application, the ability to use both in the daytime and in the evening make-up, and in makeup for Studio photography.

The choice of makeup with glitter

In addition to matte shadows there are a large number of other texture options:

Satin shadows allow you to get the effect of iridescent radiance, which is possessed by satin and silk fabrics.

Shadows with a velour finish have the effect of a slight soft shimmer of velvet fabric.

Shadows with a corduroy finish have a matte texture, which includes small shiny particles.

Decorative cosmetics with a shiny finish are very popular among young women. The degree of shimmer of shadows can vary – from soft mother-of-pearl to ultra-thin metallic luster. Mother-of-pearl products can be used in daily and evening makeup. In the first case, they should be used sparingly to emphasize and accent certain areas. And in festive makeup, mother-of-pearl shadows can play a major role, they are taken as a basis and supplemented with cosmetics with a matte texture.

The texture and shape of the release matter

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

The most common and popular are classic pressed shadows, which are available in flat palettes. The choice of such tools is large, you can buy single shadows or a whole set, which consists of 2-6 options. Professional palettes can have up to 30-60 different shadow colors at the same time. Pressed dry products are characterized by a high concentration of pigments, which are evenly applied to the skin in one or more layers. They are easy to mix and combine, blend and distribute on the surface of the eyelids. Dry shadows are applied with cosmetic brushes that may be included in the kit. Or with the help of applicators, sponges, even fingers, although the latter option is not hygienic. The advantages of dry eye shadows are that they are easy to store both at home and in your purse. They do not crumble and are used sparingly. If the makeup needs to be adjusted during the day, using dry eye shadow, it can be done in two minutes.

Crumbly dry

Also, dry shadows can be crumbly. In this case, they are available in small jars with a screw-off lid. They are convenient to apply with a small brush, picking up the right amount of pigment on the pile to adjust the degree of color saturation. Pressed or crumbly shadows are great for makeup if the girl has oily skin. They do not crumble, do not roll into balls (if a primer is used), do not clog into the creases of the eyelids.

Creamy products

On sale you can also find a wide range of shadows with cream, gel, liquid texture. Such products create a thin, almost weightless coating of bright and juicy shades on the surface of the eyelids. For applying cream shadows, it is recommended to buy brushes with synthetic lint. Cream and gel cosmetics are suitable for owners of dry skin.

Expert recommendations on the selection process

How to choose eye shadow based on consistency:

Choose samples of the most suitable and interesting shades. Apply the shadows on the back of your hand, making a conclusion about how easily they fit on the skin.

Hold your hand up to your face, look in the mirror, and see how well your makeup matches the color of your eyes, hair, and skin.

Do not rush to wash off the paint from the back of your hand, walk with it for about half an hour. During this time, you will be able to assess how comfortable the shadows are to “wear” on the skin. Pigments should not be easily smeared, cause a feeling of tightness, lose the saturation of the shade.

And the last tip of our experts-try not to use gel shadows during the heat, as they can leak. In the warm season, it is better to use a small amount of dry cosmetics. But in winter, when the skin requires additional protection, you can use cream shadows, but not water-based.

The choice of cosmetics depending on the technique of makeup

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

If you consult with a professional makeup artist, they will tell you that it is not enough just to choose the right shade. You still need to apply them correctly to emphasize the beauty, for this you can use different techniques. Some of them are extremely simple, while others can only be applied after a few workouts.

In any case, before using shadows, you need to make a make-up of the remaining areas of the face. This beauty product is applied at the very end – after the skin of the face is covered with a primer, Foundation, powder, blush. And also after the eyebrow makeup is done. After the shadows, you can apply eyeliner or a cosmetic pencil, apply mascara, lipstick or gloss.

We use the Nude method

Nude technique or natural day makeup for brown eyes of standard size and shape. In this case, it is recommended to use beige, brown, pinkish, peach shadows in pastel tones. We will need dry (pressed, crumbly) cosmetics with a matte finish. For example, light beige and light chocolate. A lighter gradient is applied to the entire surface of the mobile, static eyelid and to the area under the eyebrows. A darker pigment should be applied to the crease above the mobile eyelid, as well as to the area in the outer corners of the eyes. The lower eyelid can be lightly drawn with dark shadows, typing them on a thin brush and shading.

Nude technique for large, bulging eyes

The same light and dark shadows are used, but dark pigments are applied to the mobile eyelid to make it visually less voluminous. The static eyelid and the area under the eyebrows are highlighted. To reduce the size of your eyes, you can use black shadows to draw an arrow along the lash growth line on the upper eyelid, apply mascara, but only on the upper lashes.

Nude technique for wide-set or close-set eyes

In this case, everything is just as simple, using light shadows of a Nude shade and dark shadows of the color of milk chocolate. If the eyes are set wide apart, apply dark pigments to the corners of the eyes and up to about the middle of the eyelid, and then make a smooth transition to a lighter gradient. If the eyes are located too close to the nose, the inner corners of the eyes and nose needs to be brightened, and the outer corners of the eyes to darken.

Smoky eyes for girls with brown irises

To make up for brown eyes using this method, you will need two shades of eye shadow, one of which is lighter, the other is darker. The colors can be very different-purple and light purple, green and emerald, black and graphite gray. You will also need an eye pencil of the appropriate tone. First, a light pigment is applied to the entire surface of the mobile eyelid, then a dark one is applied to the crease above the mobile eyelid, its shading affects the outer half and outer corner of the eye. It turns out a carefully shaded triangle with a vertex, looking in the direction of the temple. After that, with a soft cosmetic pencil (optimal use of Kayal), a solid arrow (outline) is drawn on the lower and upper eyelids, affecting the interstitial space and the eye mucosa. The line drawn with a pencil should be shaded to create a haze effect.

A bright accent on the eyes is a technique suitable for creating an evening or festive look

In this case, we will need three shades of shadows. For example, light beige, light brown (both may have a light pearlescent sheen), and emerald. We start applying make-up with a light shade of eye shadow. They cover the entire eyelid up to the beginning of the eyebrow growth line. Light brown shadows are applied to the area above the crease of the eyelid, shaded in such a way that one gradient smoothly flows into the other. A narrow strip of dark shadows is also applied to the lower eyelid. Then you need to type an emerald pigment on the brush and apply it to the upper mobile eyelid, as well as along the mucous membrane, under the lash growth line on the lower eyelid. Blend the paint so that it creates a frame of the eye without unpainted areas. At the end, you can draw an arrow using a black eye pencil. The arrow should start in the inner corner of the upper eyelid, gradually expanding to end at a distance of 2-3 millimeters from the outer corner, but not go beyond the extreme point of eyebrow growth.

The choice of shadows for evening spectacular makeup – we use cosmetics of a shade of bitter chocolate and gold

This method of applying pigments to brown eyes will not only shade the iris, but also make the eyes larger and more expressive. First, shadows of a pronounced Golden tone are applied to the entire mobile eyelid, starting from the inner corner. Then you need to type a dark-colored beauty product on the brush and cover the area of the mobile eyelid with it, starting from the middle and up to the outer corner of the eye, shading towards the end of the eyebrow. The Golden gradient is applied to a small area under the lower lash line. Drawing an arrow with a black pencil – optional, the arrow is not required in this technique, but it can add more depth and charm to the look of brown eyes.

Technique of applying deep sea blue eye shadows

It is believed that blue does not go well with brown eyes. But this is not always true. If you like to try on new looks, buy blue satin, white mother-of-pearl, as well as beige matte shadows, black liquid eyeliner, and you will be able to embody a bright and unique image, spending only 5 minutes of your time. First, apply a beige product to the entire upper eyelid area to even out the skin tone as much as possible. Then cover the entire eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner with deep dark blue shadows. You can make several layers of cosmetics to achieve the most even and uniform color. On the lower eyelid, you can apply one light, almost weightless layer of blue paint. On the area directly above the iris, apply a spot of white mother-of-pearl shadows, blend them in such a way that they flow harmoniously into a darker shade, creating a glare in the middle of the eyelid. Draw a retro arrow on the upper eyelid. Apply black mascara to your upper lashes.

These are basic techniques that are suitable for brown eye makeup. The choice of shadows is up to you. It is important to take into account various factors, for example, bright eye makeup is inappropriate if the skin of the face has foci of inflammation, acne, deep wrinkles. And the makeup in the Nude style will look dull and boring in the evening under artificial light or when the camera’s flash at the ceremony.

Features of the iris and the choice of cosmetics

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

The shade of the iris in humans does not always match. If we are talking about brown eyes, then the shade of the iris can be very dark, almost black, with a faintly distinguishable pupil. Or medium-brown, light chocolate, marsh, amber. And also very light, almost nutty or the color of slightly brewed tea leaves. Accordingly, for different shades of brown eyes, shadows of different tones are suitable.

Let’s find out what colors of shadows are combined with irises of different shades:

If the color of the iris is dark brown, then the girl will suit the means of dark saturated colors-plum, graphite, Burgundy, bitter chocolate colors.

For make-up of light brown eyes, shadows of any color are suitable-from the lightest to cobalt and black. Moreover, you can use both warm and cold colors. In the latter case, it will be possible not only to emphasize the eyes, but also to favorably shade the skin.

If the color of the iris is light brown, you can use yellow and Golden shades for makeup.

An excellent choice of shadows for brown eyes, regardless of the shade of the iris – the entire palette of brown and beige, Golden Nude gradients. It also often happens that a girl has not just brown eyes, but flecks of gold, green, and gray dots can be distinguished in the iris. this feature can be emphasized with the help of shadows of appropriate gradients.

General makeup artists ‘ tips for choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

Recommendations of professional make-up artists will help you not to make a mistake when choosing decorative cosmetics:

Whatever shade of eye shadow you choose, it doesn’t have to match the exact color of your eyes. In other words, the shadows should be either lighter or darker. In combination with lighter shadows, brown eyes will appear deeper, more expressive. And if the shadows have a slightly darker shade, the eyes become mysterious and attractive.

If you choose very dark or bright, shimmery shadows, do not use juicy colors in your lip makeup. The emphasis is usually made either on the eyes or on the lips.

Keep in mind that shadows of dark shades combined with dark eyes can create an unnecessarily gloomy, dramatic, even overloaded image. The use of black and dark brown products can contribute to the fact that the girl begins to look older. Therefore, use a dark color scheme in your makeup very sparingly.

If you use shades of pink, reddish, or purple, this can become a highlight of the make-up or negatively affect the perception of your image by others. Therefore, choose and apply shades of pink and red with care, they can give your eyes and face a tired, painful look.

In order to make an interesting, unusual, as if voluminous eye make-up, use and combine 2-3 shades of shadows at the same time. These can be cosmetics of the same color scheme, similar shades. Or shadows of contrasting but harmonious colors.

If you plan to use cosmetics before going to the beach or to the gym, or in other similar conditions, opt for long-lasting eye shadow.

Whatever shadows you choose for your brown eyes make-up, you somehow draw some attention to this area of the face. Therefore, before applying makeup to your eyes, take care to mask bruises and bags under the eyes, if any. You can hide dark circles with a concealer or highlighter. And to remove the bags will help a cold compress made with the help of bags of brewed green tea, which should be placed in the refrigerator for half an hour, and then put under the lower eyelids for 10-15 minutes.

When buying eye shadow, pay attention to the brand. Experts do not recommend using products from unknown manufacturers. You also need to buy cosmetics in specialized stores, which provide the necessary storage conditions for products and reduce the likelihood of getting fake goods. Consider not only the price of cosmetics, but also the component composition. It is important that the products are free of chemical components or that their content is minimal. Make-up artists recommend giving preference to those shadows that contain oils, glycerin, minerals, and natural pigments. Flavors in the shadows are superfluous, so they should not be among the components of the cosmetic product. And the last but not least aspect of the choice is the date of manufacture and expiration date. An expired product may cause damage to the delicate skin of the eyelids.

When choosing shadows for brown eyes, never focus on the style of other girls. What is perfect for one person may not suit you at all. It is better to buy a large palette of shadows and use them depending on the situation. Since girls with brown eyes go with almost all shades, sooner or later you will find the perfect combination of beauty products for yourself.

Features of skin tone in the choice of cosmetics

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

The shade of the skin on the face directly affects the choice of shadows for brown eyes. For example, if a girl has dark or tanned skin, peach-olive, brown gradients are ideal for her. But it is better not to abuse black shadows, as they, in combination with dark skin, can overload the image.

If a woman has very light skin and brown eyes, shades of pink and brown, blue, green palettes will suit her. In this case, you need to take into account the undertone of the skin of the face. If it’s cold, avoid using red, orange, or yellow shades. If the undertone has a warm character, do not apply blue or purple shadows.

An alternative way to choose shadows for brown eyes – we focus on the color type of appearance

Not everyone, but some experts who like to try everything new and set their own standards in the field of make-up, advise when choosing shadows for brown eyes to focus, first of all, not on the color of the iris, but on the General color type of appearance. It is believed that in this case, the make-up will look more complete, harmonious, and complete.

How to make a choice of shadows for brown eyes depending on the color type:

If you have not only brown eyes, but also dark hair, and fair skin, you can put your appearance type in the “winter” category. In this case, your iris and other features of appearance should be in good harmony with cold shades of shadows, such as blue, plum, green with a predominance of blue undertone. But all the gradients of the chocolate range should be used with caution.

If you have light hair and light brown eyes, then your color type is “spring”. Warm colors will suit you-peach, brown, green with a predominance of yellow undertone.

If you have light or ash-brown hair and light brown eyes, you can use such shades of shadows as gray with a bluish tint, lilac, light gold.

If you have light skin and hair with red or even red, then your color type can be classified as “autumn”. There is a great choice in terms of options for suitable shadows. Gold, bronze, ochre, peach, terracotta, copper and brick colors-these are the gradients that can emphasize all the features of your appearance. The following colors can be considered contrasting and acceptable: plum, purple, and emerald green. But blue and blue ones are best avoided.

Try to make up for brown eyes with shadows of the recommended tones, most likely you will quickly find options for both everyday and evening make-up.

Choosing shades for brown eyes depending on the type of makeup

Make-up for brown eyes can be daily, evening, and such that they do when going to a friendly party or a Studio photo shoot, that is, bright and extravagant. Our experts shared a few tips for choosing shadows depending on the purpose of the make-up.:

Daytime makeup– all Nude tones that are close to natural are suitable. It can be apricot, agate gray, all variants of beige, sponge cake, pale pink, sand, pale yellow, pale brown, marsh, pebble gray, smoky white.

Evening makeupsuggests using more saturated and deep shades of shadows. For example, such options as alizarin red, anthracite gray, slate blue, turquoise green, bistre, purple, Magenta, Burgundy, wine red, deep reddish-purple are suitable.

Bright make-upfor brown eyes, you can do it using a variety of transitions and layers of juicy gradients. It can be the color of deep fuchsia, amaranth-purple, anthracite-gray, eggplant, Heather-purple, spring green, deep pink, garnet, purple, pear, yellow, green-blue.

When choosing eye shadows for brown eyes, evaluate how their color is combined with the color of other decorative cosmetics used. And also with the color of the outfit and accessories. The image should not be overloaded and vulgar, even if you are going to a party or a date.

The choice of shadows depending on the color of the curls on the head

17 secrets of choosing eye shadows for brown eyes

It is known that many modern girls often change their hair color by coloring, highlighting or using other techniques. Therefore, our experts have givena few tips for choosing shadows depending on the actual shade of curls:

If the girl is a brunette, dark tones of varying degrees of saturation will suit her. These can be options such as black and chocolate, graphite, wet asphalt colors, etc. You can also use Nude pink gradients, for example, the color of an ashen rose.

If the girl is blonde, she can use all the soft pastel shades of eye shadow. These are, for example, beige, sand, soft pink, light green, yellow, Golden, and brick colors

If the girl is brown-haired or has dark brown hair, she can use purple and blue, green, black, silver colors.

If the owner of brown irises has red hair, she can accentuate this feature of appearance by applying copper and red gradients of shadows. Red hair is also suitable for green, emerald, and deep blue tones. But not the blue and pink ones.

Experiment with shadows, if you often change your hair color, you can find unexpected and effective combinations of tones that will make your image unique.

Long-lasting eye shadow – permanent makeup and tint

If you do not want to waste time on the daily selection of cosmetics for brown eyes, you can make a tattoo of the eyelids with the effect of shadows. A specialist will choose a universal pastel shade of paint for you, so you can not worry about the fact that the make-up will look out of place at work or at official events. Moreover, you can apply pigments of several tones, making the make-up more saturated. And if you want to add brightness and make the image more solemn, it will be enough to use colored eyeliner or apply some shiny shadows to certain areas of the eyelids. Permanent tattooing for brown eyes with the effect of shadows can be done on both the upper and lower eyelids. It looks very impressive, the result is persistent.

If you do not want to get a tattoo, but you want to buy a shade for brown eyes that will have a rich tone, and will not fall off for more than 16 hours, pay attention to the tint for the eyelids. The product looks like ordinary liquid shadows of a matte or pearlescent texture in sticks. But after application, such cosmetics hardens quickly enough, covering the eyelids with a dense but soft film that cannot be accidentally smeared. Tints are easily shaded, making the surface of the eyelids velvety. At the same time, the beauty product has water-resistant properties, contains vitamins and a variety of nutrients to maintain the normal condition of the skin of the eyelids. The only drawback of shade-tints is that they are expensive, the price can exceed 1000 rubles for one tube. But girls who used this decorative cosmetics product note that the high cost is justified by excellent quality, since tints are usually produced by large well-known brands.

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