12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

Gray eyes add mystery and mystery to the image of a woman, especially if you choose the right makeup shadows. The advantages of gray eyes are that you can use almost the entire color palette for make-up, which opens up great opportunities for experimenting with images. Professional makeup artists have shared with jurnalistami the subtleties of the selection and use of cosmetics for eyes with grey irises. You will find their recommendations and tips in this article.

Shadows for gray eyes in accordance with the color type of appearance

12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

There are two main color types of appearance-warm and cold. Therefore, makeup for a blonde and a brunette or a brown-haired woman with gray eyes will be different. This means that you need to decide on your type of appearance before choosing shadows. To find out your color type, take a box of warm pink and cold pink powder, bring it to your face, stand in front of the mirror. Evaluate how well these colors suit you and how they reflect on your appearance. If the complexion is combined with a cold or warm shade becomes earthy or unhealthy, this is not your option. If the appearance is positively transformed against the background of a cold / warm tone, then you have a cold / warm color type.

If you can’t decide on your type of appearance, then make-up artists give you a small hint. The warm color type usually includes women with peach or pink skin and red, red-brown, straw, Golden, or honey hair. For such girls, if they are owners of gray eyes, brown, yellow, Golden, almond warm tones of cosmetics are suitable. However, contrasting cool gradients will help to shade the skin and emphasize its beauty – blue and blue in all its manifestations, greenish, purple.

The cold color type usually includes women with fair skin, which may have a pinkish or bluish undertone. The color of natural hair in such girls is cold blonde, black, light brown, ash or brown without a hint of red. Girls with gray eyes of this type should not use too bright or too pale tones. In the first case, the eyes will simply “get lost” against the background of cosmetics, and in the second case, the image will be faded and somehow painful. But discreet bed gradients such as yellow-brown, coffee, azure, peach or beige are ideal for making up gray eyes.

Don’t forget that when you dye your hair or get a tan, your color type changes. In accordance with this, you need to use other shadows that are more suitable for your current image.

The right choice of shadows will help to emphasize the features of the iris of gray eyes

Gray eyes have an amazing feature – they can change their hue. Depending on the lighting, the mood of the woman, the color of clothing and accessories, the iris may not appear gray, but gray-blue, gray-green, or gray-brown. And properly selected shadows can further enhance this chameleon effect. Therefore, make-up masters advise you to choose cosmetics in this way:

In order to emphasize the gray-blue irises, pastel, sky tones, silvery blue and all shades of blue are suitable. As well as khaki, olive, and ash-pink colors.

In order to emphasize the gray-green irises, you can buy cosmetics in blue, saturated gray, graphite, variations of maroon, terracotta and copper shades, plum-purple, green tones.

In order to emphasize the gray-brown irises, use all shades of beige-brown scale. Shades of ochre, olive, and dark green go well with gray-brown eyes.

How to choose eye shadow for gray eyes depending on your skin type

Recommendations of makeup artists for choosing decorative cosmetics for gray eyes and different skin types:

If a girl has oily, rash-prone, or otherwise dry, reddened skin, she should avoid all shades of red. Shadows of light pink, red, pink-purple tones will help attract attention to problem areas of the skin. In this case, it is also not recommended to use all the green options.

If a girl’s skin has a natural yellowish tint, she should not use cosmetics of yellow, orange and purple colors.

If the girl’s natural skin tone is too pale or bluish, the shadows of orange and blue colors will not suit her.

If a girl has naturally dark or tanned skin and gray eyes, shadows of warm chocolate, beige, caramel and Golden shades will help to emphasize the features of her appearance. But it is better not to use products related to pink or purple colors.

It is important to keep in mind that the condition of the skin is constantly changing. For example, in winter, the skin is paler than in summer, young girls are more likely to have rashes than middle-aged women, etc. Therefore, you need to buy a few shadows that are suitable for gray eyes, from which you can choose, taking into account the current state of the skin on the face.

General tips for choosing cosmetics for gray eyes

12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

Experts give such tips on the selection of decorative cosmetics for gray-eyed girls:

Shadows can be of different tones, but not the same color as the color of the iris, otherwise the eyes will become inconspicuous, and the appearance will be blurry and unattractive.

Carefully apply pink and purple shades. Experiment with this color scheme and you’ll see if it suits you.

You don’t need to combine blue and green gradients in the same make-up at the same time.

In any case, a win – win option for gray eyes is all the options of silver and gray, graphite and smoky.

To make the make-up look interesting and rich, combine 2-3 similar tones – from lighter to darker. The technique of application may vary and depends on the characteristics of the appearance and goals, but the borders of shades should always be carefully shaded.

These are basic recommendations of makeup artists that will be useful for all women with gray eyes, regardless of the color of their hair, skin, and overall color type.

The choice of shadows for gray eyes depending on the finish

A finish is a type of final coating or effect that occurs after applying eye shadow. The finish may be different:

Matte-shadows have an intense opaque hue, but no Shine or radiance. They don’t reflect light. Matte shadows are applied to areas that need to be “hidden” from the attention of others. For example, they are used by women with such features of appearance as a drooping eyelid or large eyes slightly protruding. But in General, matte products are universal, they are suitable for both daily and festive makeup.

Satin is a semi-matte universal shade that can be used to achieve the effect of light and soft iridescent glow of satin fabric or silk.

Veluxe – usually means of decorative cosmetics with a creamy texture. They provide minimal shimmer, comparable to the gloss of a velvet coating.

Velvet-matte shadows interspersed with individual small sequins.

With the Frost effect, these are mother-of-pearl shadows that create the effect of frost shining in the sun. Such eye makeup products create a shimmering coating with a medium or high degree of gloss. Professional makeup artists often use these options as a highlighter. Mother-of-pearl shadows can be used for daytime makeup, if applied moderately and with taste. And also for formal and artistic makeup. But they are not recommended for women over the age of 45, as mother-of-pearl products allow you to focus not only on the eyes, they attract attention to aesthetic skin defects (wrinkles, age spots, etc.).

With the Lustre effect – the most brilliant and radiant shadows with large mother-of-pearl particles in high concentration. They allow you to get the effect of ultra-thin metallic luster.

Usually, girls buy several eye shadow options with different types of finishes at the same time. The makeup bag should contain at least one matte shadow and additionally one shadow with a glow effect.

How to choose shadows based on their texture

12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

When choosing eye shadows, the texture of cosmetics is not the last thing that matters. It depends on the ease of application, and the durability of makeup, and the brightness of the shade, and the finish.

The types of shadows on the texture and form of issue:

Compact dry shadow according to the type of pressed powder for the face. Such products have a high concentration of pigment substances. They evenly fall on the skin of the eyelids, perfectly blend, they are easy to mix, achieving the desired shade or eliminating the boundaries of different tones. Such cosmetics can be applied with brushes (both dry and wet methods), applicators, even fingers. It is convenient to store it, they take up a minimum of space in a cosmetic bag or purse and do not spread. On sale, you can find palettes with a different number of dry shadows – from 1 to 6 or more options. They can be used as the only means of decorative cosmetics for eye makeup, or in combination with a base for shadows, pencils, cream products that allow you to achieve a more saturated shade.

Loose eye shadow in jars. Usually, such products have a high concentration of pigment, which allows you to get both a light and rich shade. This type of cosmetics fits well on the eyelids, does not roll down, does not crumble, and is well shaded. Loose shadows are applied mainly with brushes with natural pile. The only minor drawback of such products is that they can Wake up from the packaging, especially if they are carried in a cosmetic bag every day. And it is not very convenient to use them outside the house. Otherwise, loose shadows are a great option for both everyday and evening makeup.

Cream eye shadow in tubes and jars is a bright and effective shades. Using a synthetic brush or a mixed-pile brush that has less absorbent properties, you can create a flawless, weightless finish. Or make a base for applying dry shadows, providing greater durability and color saturation of cosmetics.

Liquid shadows with a more fluid texture than cream products. They are easy to use at home, applied with a brush, applicator, and finger pads. Well mixed and shaded, do not dry out, do not cause the effect of tightness, do not roll, do not crumble.

What is the best eye shadow texture? In principle, in this matter, you can be guided by your own taste, but there are General recommendations of makeup artists regarding how to choose the texture of eye cosmetics depending on the skin type. If you have dry skin, liquid products, dry compact ones, shadows in the form of a greasy pencil and baked ones will suit you. If you have oily skin, you can buy cream, dry, crumbly preparations.

Additional features of choosing decorative eye cosmetics

When choosing shadows, you need to focus not only on the color of the eyes, but also on a number of other criteria. Experts shared with our readers the rules for choosing decorative cosmetics for eye makeup:

Brand. Make-up masters do not recommend buying cosmetics from unknown manufacturers. Even if you read positive reviews about the products of such companies on the forums, it is better not to take any risks, but to give preference to proven and reliable options.

Place of purchase. Do not buy eye shadow and other types of decorative cosmetics on the market or in non-specialized stores. This is because there is a risk of buying a fake or low-quality product. The storage conditions of cosmetics in such places are also questionable.

Cost. Even if you buy cosmetics from well-known brands, they don’t have to be expensive. Now you can find eye shadow of any price category – from mass market to luxury and Pro. For example, Oriflame cosmetics have proven themselves well. And this company produces both budget product lines and luxury series.

Component composition. Be sure to read the information on the label. The composition should not contain harmful synthetic components or allergens. It is desirable that the ingredients of the shadows were mostly natural or gentle (oils, glycerin), not drying the skin and fixing the pigment on the eyelids.

Durability of eye shadows. In principle, all modern means of decorative cosmetics for the eyes have sufficient durability so that you can not touch up your makeup during the day. But there are super-long-lasting eye shadows that can be used in exceptional conditions. For example, if you apply makeup in the morning before work, and after a busy day, without stopping home, you plan to go on a date or party. In this case, you will need a long-lasting eye shadow that will last longer than eight to nine hours.

The expiration date. In order not to harm the delicate skin of the eyelids, make sure that the eye shadow has an appropriate shelf life, shelf life after opening the package and first use. Expired cosmetics are not only harmful to the skin, they do not fit well, roll down and crumble, and have an uneven shade.

How not to make a mistake with a purchase

12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

If possible, test your eye shadow before buying. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to the skin on the inside of the wrist. Shadows are suitable for you if:

You like the way the pigment looks on the skin and combines with its shade.

You like the structure of the product, it is convenient to “wear”it.

From the first application, it was possible to get the shade that is indicated on the package, you do not need to apply a second layer.

The shadows were drawn evenly and without gaps.

If you choose cream products, they should be applied to the area of the skin that will not come into contact with clothing for 30-60 minutes. During this time, the shadows should not be smeared, and the color should not lose its saturation.

Features of choosing eye shadows and other cosmetics for evening makeup of gray eyes

Experts assure that for the festive or just evening makeup of gray eyes, you can choose shadows of brighter shades. But only if the girl has an even skin tone without flaws. If there are still minor aesthetic defects, they can be masked with a primer, concealer, Foundation and powder.

For gray eyes, rich sapphire or turquoise gradients are great, including those with sparkles and a shimmer effect. Arrows can also be drawn with colored eyeliner – green or blue-depending on the overall make-up style and image. In this case, the main focus is on the eyes, emphasizing their unique shade, shape and natural beauty. Rich eye shadow colors are perfectly combined and complemented with Nude or simply neutral lipstick and a clearly drawn brow line.

The technique of evening makeup for gray eyes may not differ from the technique of everyday makeup. Just change the shades of shadows from pastel to more juicy and bright. An alternative option for gray-eyed girls is smoky eyes makeup. Gray eyes surrounded by a haze of shadows look mysterious and attractive.

Smokey eyes for grey eyes

12 rules for choosing shadows for gray eyes

For this make-up technique, mother-of-pearl or shimmer shadows of plum, lilac, graphite, Burgundy, purple, eggplant tones are suitable. The technique of applying cosmetics does not cause difficulties even for girls who do not have much experience in makeup:

Let’s say we chose a shade of eye shadow that is several shades darker than the color of the iris – graphite, the color of wet asphalt, etc. After applying the primer, you need to use shadows, applying them to the lower half of the mobile eyelid closer to the lash line. The width of the strip that is being painted expands slightly closer to the outer corner of the eyes. Shadows are shaded to create a haze effect.

On the lower eyelid, also apply the product of the selected shade, shading it, you need to connect the line of contact of shadows on the lower and upper eyelids so that the shape of the eyes is surrounded by shadows without unpainted areas. The outer corners of the eyes should be painted over more intensely than the inner ones.

With black (dark gray, graphite, silver) eyeliner or a soft pencil Kayal, you need to draw arrows along the border of eyelash growth on the upper eyelid and along the mucosa line on the lower eyelid, connecting the arrows in a single continuous line. In the outer corner of the eye, an elegant arrow is drawn on the upper eyelid, extending 3-5 millimeters beyond the eyelid area.

If you blend the line drawn with eyeliner, you can achieve the maximum effect of “smokiness”. After that, mascara is applied to the eyelashes, matching the color of the used shadows and eyeliner. If Smokey ice is made as an evening make-up, you can curl your eyelashes with special tweezers to make the look even more expressive and seductive.

Choosing shadows for daily makeup for gray eyes

Experts recommend making everyday makeup for gray eyes as natural as possible. To do this, you can use Nude shades. Dark gray or gray-green pencil (or eyeliner) will help to emphasize the expressiveness of the look, and give the appearance a zest.

You can use the colors that you like and are suitable for you, based on the sequence of making a make-up for a girl with gray-green eyes:

A primer is applied to the upper eyelids, that is, a base for cosmetics that will make the makeup more resistant.

All over the upper eyelid, the basic or basic Nude tone is shaded – pale beige, milky, Nude.

To make the look more expressive and deep, you can apply a darker shade, such as sand, to the crease of the eyelid.

The third, even darker pigment, for example, chocolate, is applied to the outer corner of the eyelid, slightly affecting the crease. All gradient transitions are shaded in such a way as to hide the borders, but not “smudge” the shadows into a single color spot.

Along the lash line on the upper eyelid and between the hairs, apply a line with a gray pencil. The lower eyelid can be drawn with a pencil of an unobtrusive greenish shade.

Under the line of growth of the eyebrows and, especially, on the area under the tips of the arches, apply basic light shadows or highlighter.

The final touch in makeup for gray eyes is applying mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Ink color – black or graphite.

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