How to properly paint your lips with a pencil – 3 expert tips

Make-up can make a beauty out of a plain girl or hopelessly disfigure the most stylish image. Professional makeup artists will help you avoid mistakes. Our analysts received 3 detailed tips from the expert on how to properly paint your lips with a pencil in everyday life and for going out.

Tip # 1: Make up with pencils that match the specific type of final coating

How to properly paint your lips with a pencil - 3 expert tips

Glosses, dry, liquid and cream lipsticks are radically different in texture. To ensure that the product remains on the lips for as long as possible, you should paint with the right pencil. They come in several types::

Classic slate. Rods of medium stability that can be used under any coating consistency. In addition to eyeliner, slate pencils are used in matte makeup of lips without coating.

Mechanical. The pull-out rod has a soft texture that dissolves with liquid and cream coatings. They draw a contour only for dry lipstick. Mechanical rods are also used as shadows, which allows you to create an image in a single color scheme with a minimum amount of cosmetics.

White professional. Its main function is contouring. The pencil tip contains shimmering pigments, so it adds volume to your lips.

Physical. Beige slates paint excessively plump lip rollers, when there is a need to narrow them.

Silicone. It is indispensable for age-related makeup. Fills in wrinkles, adds juiciness. It is used as a base for any final coating.

Water-resistant. Designed for contouring under glosses and cream lipsticks.

The color of the pencil is chosen in accordance with the type of girl and the desired visual effects. For those with fair skin, experts recommend using matte pencils in a cool range of shades from light pink to plum. Dark-skinned girls should pay attention to the products of the peach, brown and red palettes. Representatives of the European type go matte and mother-of-pearl pencils of berry, coral and beige colors.

A Mature woman must have a silicone concealer in her makeup bag. Young girls who are advised by makeup artists to paint exclusively with translucent glosses can not do without a white waterproof pencil. Others can follow the General rules for choosing the type of product.

Tip # 2: when applying lip color, adjust for the thickness of your lips

How to properly paint your lips with a pencil - 3 expert tips

Cosmetologists distinguish 4 forms of lips:

Thin with a height of up to 6 mm.

Medium. Creases with a height of 6-10 mm fall into this category.

Thick ones. They are characterized by a height of 10-13 mm.

Swollen. This category includes all forms with a height of more than 13 mm.

Lips are painted with a pencil, taking into account their shape.

Thin ones

They are distinguished by an indistinct outline and small thickness. These features require a visual increase in the crease. To do this, use a white pencil to paint the outline of the lips 0.5-1 mm further than the natural pigmented area. Draw a colored pencil over the light line.

Then draw an arc along the edge of the bump on the upper lip with a pencil. Draw a semicircle in the center of the bottom one so that both elements form a rounded x. Put a highlighter point in the lip groove. All lines are carefully shaded, apply lipstick. Preference should be given to dense, pigment-rich textures. Transparent glosses will make your lips invisible.

Also, a wide strip drawn with a white pencil in the center of the mouth will give volume. It is shaded, then covered with mother-of-pearl lipstick.


A universal basis for all techniques of make-up. The classic method of drawing a contour with a pencil looks the most advantageous. The correct algorithm involves several steps:

Circle the upper lip check mark.

Make up the left and right sides of the crease with dashed movements, making sure that the lines are located symmetrically.

Draw a vertical line along the center of the lower lip border.

Moving the pencil from bottom to top with light strokes, connect the line with the corners of the lips.

We paint with lipstick or glitter.

If you want to add volume, we recommend drawing the outline of the lips beyond the natural border of the crease with a slight indentation in the thickness of the sharpened pencil lead.

Thick and swollen

They look good with transparent glosses. Lipsticks of rich shades will make the image vulgar and tasteless. If the creases look unattractive, the correct solution is to change the shape using special techniques:

Mandatory application of masking agents. Foundation in the tone of the skin is covered not only the face, but also paint the lips. They should be powdered on top. This will allow you to remove the visual volume as much as possible, and also provide pencil and lipstick durability for several hours.

The contour is guided along the pigmented area, not reaching the edge of the crease. This method will increase the effect of volume reduction.

Use a dark pencil to draw a wide stripe in the center of the lips, blend all the lines.

Full lips are contraindicated highlighters, white, silicone-containing cosmetics.

Tip # 2: Stay on trend, only use pencils to make up!

How to properly paint your lips with a pencil - 3 expert tips

Matte make-up is a technique that holds the palm among existing makeup methods for several consecutive seasons. Make-up artists constantly offer new ways to perform it. The last variation is drawing with pencils.

For the correct matte make-up, you need slate products in 2 colors, which differ from each other by no more than a tone.

We paint using the following algorithm:

Use a darker pencil to draw a wide line that covers the natural contour and part of the lip skin.

The resulting line must be carefully painted over, then shaded. You can do this with your fingertips or a cotton swab, but it is more correct to use a lipstick brush.

We will paint the Central area with a light pencil, shade the border of the transition of shades.

If the skin is dry, we recommend that you finish the matte make-up with a hygienic lipstick. Do not apply a heavy layer, just a few touches of the stick.

Tip # 3: Do the gradient effect right!

How to properly paint your lips with a pencil - 3 expert tips

The gradient (Ombre, dip-dye) is another popular technique of lip makeup used for day and evening make-up. The essence of the method is to draw smooth transitions of colors from the same palette or contrasting shades. The gradient allows you to not only change the appearance, but also visually adjust the shape of the lips. The main thing is to correctly paint over the base with a pencil. In accordance with the hatching technique, there are several types of Ombre, which can be divided into horizontal and vertical.


Experts recommend a horizontal gradient for owners of narrow and normal shapes. This Ombre will visually expand the lips, and various combinations of light and dark stripes will allow you to change their volume in the right direction.

There are 3 basic combinations of lines for drawing the correct horizontal gradient:

A dark pencil is drawn over the entire upper lip and the contour of the lower lip, and a light shade is highlighted in a small area near the edge of the oral mucosa. The technique visually increases the lower lip, so we recommend it to owners of excessively prominent upper crease.

Mirror image of the previous method. Fill the bottom crease completely with a dark color, and select the border on the top one. Shine or highlighter brighten the bump. This gradient is recommended for those who want to eliminate the effect of “capricious” lips.

We paint light stripes along the border of the folds, and dark ones – in the area of their closure. The technique helps to remove volume, so makeup artists advise its owners of thick, swollen forms.

Before applying the pencil, the lips should be painted with hygienic lipstick, and then powdered. Preparation will increase the durability of makeup.

Vertical Ombre

Two vertical lines divide the folds into 3 equal sections. The choice of pencil shade to fill in the marked areas depends on the desired effects.:

Dark edges, light center. Such hatching visually expands the folds, makes them more plump and juicy.

Light edges, dark center. Make-up is recommended for those who want to remove the volume.

Additional rules apply to color combinations. For red Ombre, experts recommend painting the contour with a black pencil, plum-colored pencils. Beige gradient is made with brown, chocolate colors. Pink degrade is correctly painted with rods with a predominance of crimson, coral, and Golden tones.

It is important to remember that for daytime makeup, you should give preference to shades of pastel palette. Going out in the evening requires more bold decisions. For this case, it is appropriate to make up with cosmetics of contrasting colors.

Following the advice of experts, you can change your appearance with minimal effort without surgical cosmetology or other painful procedures. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment with techniques, color combinations, and textures. Even if not the first time, but you will definitely be able to achieve the desired effects.

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