10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

In Moscow, there are several proven modeling agencies that specialize in finding new faces in all cities. They organize auditions and help young people build a career in the fashion industry. We will talk about them in our rating.

Rating of the best modeling agencies in Moscow

Category place Modeling Agency rating
The best modeling agencies in Moscow for adults 1 A.B.A. GROUP 5.0
2 Al Model Management 4.9
3 TopModelGroup 4.8
4 Starsystem Russia 4.7
5 Avant Model 4.6
Best children’s modeling agencies in Moscow 1 President Kids 5.0
2 UltraKids 4.9
3 Top Secretkids 4.8
4 RosKids 4.7
5 MoscowDreams 4.6

The best modeling agencies in Moscow for adults

The first category includes organizations that accept girls and boys over the age of 14 for casting.


10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

Opens the list of agencies that are leading not only in our rating, but also in terms of the number of models shown in the capital. The company is active in both the Russian and foreign markets. It cooperates with American and Asian agencies. A. B. A. GROUP is a production center with its own photo lab and equipment for filming. Well-known image makers, makeup artists, photographers and retouchers work here.

The model Bank is updated every day. The company is based on the principle of finding new faces. To test yourself as a model, you need to fill out a questionnaire on the resource pages, upload three of your photos and wait for a call from your Manager. Address: Bolshaya Sukharevskaya, 16/18. Phone number: 7925-375-1301.

Al Model Management

10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

Anyone who wants to connect their career with popular global brands should pay attention to the model Agency Al Model Management, which is active in the United States. The main office is located in new York. The company’s employees select the best models and successfully promote them on the international market. This is proved by positive reviews of girls from different parts of the Russian Federation.

The results of the work of models of this center can be seen on the covers of fashion magazines, including Vogue, Love and GQ. The Agency operates a school for girls aged 7 and over. You can apply from any city in Russia. To do this, fill out an online form on the site. Among the advantages of Al Model management, it is Worth highlighting the provision of assistance to beginners when traveling abroad. Before applying, you need to take care of snapshots-photos without photoshop in a swimsuit. Auditions and consultations are held regularly. Address: 6, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. Phone: 7903-502-6687.


10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

The rating is continued by an international Agency operating in Moscow, the French capital and other regions. The organization is constantly looking for fresh faces and promotes young guys and girls in the fashion industry. Models over the age of 14 are invited to audition. The maximum age limit is 30 years. You can post your photos on the Agency’s web pages.

It is worth noting that TopModelGroup does not have requirements for certain external data standards. Agency managers are considering a variety of types. Among the advantages of the company are favorable deals outside of Russia, the ability to promote your profile. This is the best option for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the modeling world. Address: 4 Gilyarovsky street. Phone: 7984-353-4212.

Starsystem Russia

10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

The founder of the Agency Starsystem Russia was John Casablancas, who acted as an agent for such models as Crawford and Campbell. The company is a branch of a popular scouting network. Here, every season, new faces are sought to participate in projects. Starsystem Russia does not miss fashionable world events. Among the services provided by the Agency are portfolio creation, posing, foreign language training, and psychological assistance.

All expenses for traveling abroad are covered by the company. The obvious advantages of Starsystem Russia are direct cooperation with global brands, full training of girls. Address in Moscow: 2/1 Spartak pereulok. Phone: 7426-168-6348.

Avant Model

10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

The Avant Model company has been operating in the capital for more than 15 years. Its main concept is to develop a modeling career to the maximum level. The organization actively cooperates with popular brands and glossy publications, Parisian and new York firms. Casting takes place about five times a year. Girls from 13 to 22 years old are allowed, provided that they are at least 1.7 m tall. The waist should be no more than 63 cm, and the hips – up to 93 cm.

The model Agency is the official representative of the famous Elite Model Look contest. Among the clients of Avant Model, it is worth highlighting “Versace”, “Givenchy”, “Calvin Klein”. This is one of the most reliable agencies in the capital that does not impose paid services. Auditions are held in two stages. First, you need to fill out a form on the Internet resource and attach your photos without retouching. The address: street the Kuznetsk Bridge, the house 12/3.

Best children’s modeling agencies in Moscow

If parents want to see their child on the covers of glossy magazines, they should be taken to a modeling Agency for children. Experienced specialists will teach the child how to present himself correctly on the podium, reveal his creative potential and abilities.

President Kids

10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

The President kids Agency’s school is Considered one of the best in Moscow. The prestigious company offers students a choice of 2 training programs-acting and modeling courses. The training conditions depend on the field of study. Modeling takes 6 months. Classes are held twice a week for 2 hours. The lessons are taught by renowned teachers. Graduates of the school are rapidly developing in the fashion industry and enjoy priority in the selection process in other similar organizations.

The President kids modeling Agency Offers its students TV shoots, fashion shows, and magazine shoots. The school will be an excellent Foundation for the child’s development in the modeling field. For a month of training, you need to pay 12,000 rubles. Address in Moscow: Bakuninskaya, 10-12, 2A. Phone: 7495-542-0923.


10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

In 2008, the Ultrakids modeling Agency opened a children’s school, which today trains kids for professional work in the fashion industry. To get here, you need to fill out a questionnaire and upload several photos of the child. A great advantage of the Agency is that the school has a child psychologist who provides moral support to students. He communicates with children and immediately solves any problems that arise.

The training is based on an individual approach to each child. Regular contests give kids from 4 years old and older a chance to go out of school and show themselves on the best catwalks in Russia. The training price is 15,000 rubles per month. Phone: 7929-668-9905. Address: 12c22 2nd Zvenigorodskaya street.

Top Secretkids

10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

Next in the ranking is the top Secret modeling Agency, which teaches plasticity, basic makeup, and catwalk gait. The work of the school is aimed at unlocking the potential of the child and developing his personality. Judging by the reviews of parents, after studying at Top secret, their children became more confident, more successful and more relaxed. The school has 5 age groups in total. The youngest students are 3 years old. The best models regularly participate in beauty contests and fashion shows, as well as advertising photos.

Top Secretkids is considered to be one of the most popular modeling agencies for toddlers. A successful career start will be achieved thanks to experienced teachers and an effective training program. We are pleased with the adequate prices for training. The price for the Junior group is 6000 rubles per month. Address: 7499-322-2109. Address: 15 Rochdelskaya street, building 31.


10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

Roskids children’s school is a modern portal for young models. Training in the company will be the starting point in your career. This is the best choice for children who do not know how to control their body sufficiently and walk beautifully on the catwalk. The Agency constantly passes selections for various projects. Young actors and models earn lucrative royalties. There are development courses to support young talents.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of rave reviews of children and their parents. They praise talented teachers and look forward to interesting and informative classes. On the school’s website, you can find out about the next casting call and requirements for participants. Address: 28 Shchipok street. Phone: 7495-266-60-51.


10 best modeling agencies in Moscow

Rounding out our rating is a leading center specializing in training models for catwalks in Europe and the Russian Federation. Its advantages include a large number of fashion shows, many partners in the children’s fashion market, and the participation of students in top-class fashion events.

MoscowDreams gives you the opportunity to realize yourself in the modeling business. Teachers of the Agency allow the child to feel self-confidence, become more independent, develop plasticity and grace. On the basis of the Agency, there is an intensive training group for fashion shows, acting courses, and a fashion theater. Students are at least 3 years old. Address: Pozharskiy pereulok, the house 10. Phone: 7495-543-7994.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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