7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

On the one hand, nail salons are actually located on every corner, especially in such a big city as St. Petersburg, and among this variety it is easy to choose the right one. But on the other hand, there are a lot of risks associated with unprofessional provision of services. We have collected reviews and opinions about the most popular nail salons in St. Petersburg. When compiling the rating, we paid attention to several important points::

  1. duration of work in the market;
  2. reputation;
  3. popularity among clients;
  4. the presence of feedback;
  5. cost of services;
  6. safety and sterility;
  7. comfort and convenience;
  8. unique services.

Rating of the best nail salons in St. Petersburg

Category place salon rating
Rating of the best nail salons in St. Petersburg 1 LEECHES 5.0
3 Orange 4.8
4 Lena Lenina’s Studio 4.7
5 A priori 4.6
6 Charmel 4.5
7 Beauty Room 4.4


7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

The popular Russian chain LEECH tops our popularity rating. Currently, more than 65 branches of nail studios are open in different cities, 46 of them operate in St. Petersburg. Salons, as a rule, are located within walking distance from metro stations in different parts of The city.

Services that are provided by LEECH studios: traditional women’s, children’s and men’s manicures and pedicures, as well as super-fast in 4 hands. In addition, clients can be offered a wide range of shades, as well as complex types of design (art design, rubbing, small and geometric drawings). You can also use the services of restoration and restoration of the damaged nail plate.

LEECHES are mostly opened under a franchise, which explains the different quality of services provided within the same city. Many clients emphasize excellent service, quality control service, and a pleasant atmosphere. Most of the complaints are caused by not always high-quality work of craftsmen, their different skill levels, as well as queues.

Registration is made by phone, which is common for the entire network, and via an online form on the site. Many girls complain that it is not always possible to get to the chosen master and there are often overlaps in time. At the same time, we are pleased with the individual approach, a separate set of tools for each client and the fact that the masters work in a mask and gloves.

For a manicure with a gel-varnish coating, you will have to pay about 1200 rubles. A pedicure will cost an average of 1600-1700 rubles. At the same time, the guarantee for nail Polish coverage is 1 day, for gel extensions-3 days. You can visit the studios from 9.00 to 23.00, preferably by appointment.

Opening hours: 9.00-23.00

Phone: 7 (812) 640-00-00 (one for the entire network).


7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

The company originally from St. Petersburg, Opilki LLC, which develops a network of nail salons under the Kistochki brand, is placed on the second step in our rating. The network started working with the OPilki sign, but after the rebranding, the name was changed to KISTOCHKI. Currently, there are 19 salons in St. Petersburg, and in 2021 the chain plans to enter the Moscow market as well. KISTOCHKI is currently being developed mainly by franchise.

The main distinguishing features of this network is that the studios work around the clock, there is also the possibility of calling a master at home by appointment, although, of course, these services will cost more. In addition, you can register for a manicure online on the site. The network also provides a guarantee for the services rendered. In principle, this is a big plus, because most of the complaints in reviews are concentrated around poorly rendered services by individual craftsmen.

To attract the interest of customers, KISTOCHKI regularly holds promotions. For example, discounts on gel Polish coverage at certain hours, gel Polish removal as a gift for photos in social networks. There is also a children’s workshop that caters to children under 12 years of age.

The cost of a classic and hardware manicure is 500 rubles, gel Polish will cost 900 rubles. Various beauty treatments, nail extensions, massages, peels and much more are also offered. During the waiting period, customers will be offered soft drinks, coffee, tea. Free Wi-Fi is also available. Kistochki operates daily and around the clock.

Opening hours: around the clock

Phone: +7 (812) 333-33-43.


7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

The Orange network, which has been operating since 2003, takes the third position in our rating. In St. Petersburg, there are currently 10 branches in different parts of The city. Among the procedures in the Orange network, clients are offered standard edged and hardware manicures, pedicures, including men’s and children’s ones, as well as nail design and spa manicures.

Clients especially note the pleasant atmosphere and staff, the high professionalism of the craftsmen, as well as a variety of services, because in addition to manicure, you can also do makeup, hairstyle, waxing. Among the disadvantages, many highlight the high final cost of services. For a gel Polish coating, you will need to pay from 1250 rubles, for a manicure-from 930 rubles. Also, some customers say that the price in the price list on the site and upon the provision of services may differ significantly. “Orange” works, as a rule, seven days a week, from 9 to 21 hours.

Opening hours: 9.00-21.00

Lena Lenina’s Studio

7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

Lena Lenina’s popular network is ranked fourth in our rating. In terms of class, the Studio classifies itself as a nail bar where you can get a professional manicure on the way to work or home. The first manicure Studio of Lena Lenina was opened in 2009 on the basis of “Alessandro beige”.

The slogan of the network is “Luxury in everything”, which is primarily reflected in the design concept, which was created by European designers. At the same time, the network operates both small Islands in shopping centers and full-fledged studios of the usual format. This organization, like many others, is developing by franchise. Currently, there are 18 branches in St. Petersburg. On the basis of the salons, there is a private school where masters are trained.

The main disadvantage of Lena Lenina salons, as evidenced by numerous reviews, both from customers and some employees, is unskilled staff, which changes very often. This affects the quality of services provided and the reputation of the institution, so to avoid excesses, it is better to initially register with top masters.

The cost of a manicure with a gel-varnish coating is 1200 rubles. Spa treatment starts from 400 rubles, pedicure from 1200 rubles, pedicure with gel Polish-from 1700 rubles. The brand also offers its own line of skin care for hands and nails.

Working hours – from 10 to 22-23 hours every day.

Phone: +7 (812) 245-63-63

Record online: llmanikur.ru

A priori

7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

A Priori studios are on the fifth step of our rating. There are only 5 branches in St. Petersburg, although at the moment the owners are launching the sale of franchises, so we should hope that in the near future, both in St. Petersburg itself and abroad, new salons that have just opened will appear.

The list of services “a Priori” includes hardware and classic manicure, using disposable nail files. All instruments are sterilized in high-temperature autoclaves. The gel-varnish coating is guaranteed.

Among the unpleasant moments, clients note a frequent change of masters and a higher cost of services, compared to other salons. So, for a manicure with gel Polish, and under the promotion, you will have to pay 1300 rubles, for a pedicure-2300 rubles. You can register for one of the 5 salons on the official website, in a specially designated form. Also in the “a Priori” can offer beauty and hairdressing services.

Opening hours: 10.00-21.00

Phone: +7 (812) 748-29-86


7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

Charmel occupies the sixth step in the rating. The institution started its work in St. PETERSBURG in 2009. They offer clients manicure and pedicure services, classic and hardware, extension, strengthening.

Charmel employs craftsmen with at least 6 years of experience who have been trained in the Accent and plastek training centers, or so it is stated on the official website of the salon. Cosmetics used for coating and design — CND, Gehwol. Instruments are sterilized according to the requirements and standards of GOST.

At the moment, there is only one salon in the city, which accepts customers from 10 to 21 hours. The cost of a manicure with a coating varies from 1110-1900 rubles.

Address: Ushinskogo str., 4, building 3

Opening hours: daily from 10: 00 to 21: 00

Phone: +7 (812) 597-81-25 (26)

Beauty Room

7 best nail salons in St. Petersburg

Salon of the winner of the second season of the show “Battle of salons” Yuri Muradyan “BeautyRoom47” completes our rating. In total, 2 salons are currently open in St. Petersburg: on Gorokhovaya street, 47 and on Liteyny, 17.

The “BeautyRoom” provides the following services: manicure+pedicure (hardware and classic), children’s and Japanese manicure, massage, beauty treatments, nail repair. Reviews of the salon are mostly positive. Clients note good service, respectful attitude of the staff, high qualification of craftsmen and a pleasant, bright interior. The cost of services is at the same level as other establishments of this class. Manicure 800 rubles, pedicure 1400 rubles, gel Polish – 600 rubles, design of one nail 50-200 rubles.

Address: Gorokhovaya 47 and Liteyny 17.

Phone number: +7 (921) 983-51-47, +7 (921) 910-77-17

Opening hours: 10.00-21.00

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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