Juicer rating 2021-2022

Unlike centrifugal models, screw devices do not heat the juice squeezed out of fruits and vegetables, which allows you to preserve useful vitamins and minerals much longer. At the time of pressing, the raw material does not come into contact with the external environment and does not oxidize, which again increases the shelf life of the resulting product. This segment of equipment is characterized by an abundance of models and brands. In order not to get lost in all this variety, we suggest you read the rating of the best screw juicers, which includes the most successful solutions that have received a lot of flattering reviews from consumers.

Distinctive features of the models

Devices of this type are usually divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. The first ones are compact in size and are suitable for small kitchens, where every inch of space counts. Vertical juicers can be found in both the budget and premium price segments.

Horizontal models are more like classic meat grinders. In this case, the main element – the auger-is equipped not with knives, but with nets. Passing through them, the pulp is in one side, and the juice is diverted to a special container. Horizontal models are much more expensive, but the high cost pays off with a good return.

There are also more advanced options with two augers. These are already the most real combines capable of processing solid root vegetables. 2-screw extractor an excellent job with the preparation wetgrass, the processing of celery and other hard crops. The cost of such equipment, of course, is much higher than ordinary horizontal solutions.

Next, we present a rating of the best screw juicers for 2021.

Types of juicers

There are several types of juicers. Centrifuge machines work by using a chopper knife, which moves in a circle at high speed. Products cut into pieces or slices are placed in their gutters, and they are crushed inside the device. After pressing, it remains on the filter, and the juice itself seeps into a bowl made of stainless steel or plastic.

Universal or combined models can also handle different types of products. Raw materials are transferred by a pusher to a special disk grater, which moves at a fast pace and, as a result, turns the workpiece into a concentrated juice with pulp. There is a choice of similar products in different price categories.

The algorithm of operation of screw juicers is somewhat different. First, the products are crushed and processed by a built-in mechanism. Only then is the juice squeezed out. Drinks are better quality, they almost do not feel the pulp. But there is also a drawback: to use a juicer, you have to apply physical effort.

Special models for citrus fruits have also been developed, including both manual and automated ones. But the General principle of operation is the same. Fruit slices are pressed on the nozzle, and the pulp itself sprays out juices, albeit in small quantities. These juicers take up little space and are quickly assembled.

Types of juicers

According to the type of device, juicers are divided into: manual, mechanical, and electric. We will consider modern juicers with electric drive. They are the most efficient and powerful, although they create more noise.

By the principle of operation are known:

  • centrifugal (rotary) juicers,
  • a screw extractor.

Centrifugal juicers usually have a vertical design. Processed products are lowered into the neck of the device from above. From there, they enter the centrifuge, which rotates at high speed. Vegetables-fruits are broken on the net and knives. The juice is drained, and the cake remains in the basket or is removed to a separate container. Such devices are relatively cheap, work very quickly, and create a lot of noise. Very fast operation of the device produces a slightly warmed juice, so this juice should be quickly drunk or processed to avoid its oxidation.

Advantages of a rotary juicer:

  • very fast,
  • not expensive,
  • handles large volumes of fruits and vegetables.

The design of screw juicers is usually horizontal. Sometimes two screws are installed in the device at once. Compared to the rotary juicer, the screw juicer is much slower; however, the fresh juice obtained with this device is stored longer.

Advantages of the screw juicer:

  • low noise,
  • universal,
  • longer continuous operation time,
  • the juice is stored for up to 48 hours.

We will not consider professional juicers (for bars and cafes), as well as industrial units. Let’s focus on household items. The household juicer is designed for a family of 3-4 people. The device will cope with a bucket of apples from the dacha or provide a home children’s holiday with berry juice.

There arespecial juicers:

  • for citrus fruits,
  • for solid products,
  • for the bones.

We will focus on universal ones. Universal juicers are usually powerful and equipped with many additional tools. On such devices provides for the cutoff of the foam, adjusting the amounts of pulp. Universal juicer “on the teeth” any fruit or vegetable! Some models will even help the hostess make homemade noodles or sausages. The cost of “station wagons” is higher than specialized juicers, but they also have more advantages.

In turn, a universal juicerare:

  • centrifuge or centrifugal machines with a cylindrical separator;
  • centrifugal pumps with a conical separator;
  • screw systems.

As mentioned above, the devices use a centrifuge grater, or an auger.

Prepare to clean the centrifuges manually, but they will give you up to 90% of the juice by weight of the fruit.

Station wagons with a conical separatorthey will output the cake to the container. This will save you from cleaning the device, but you will also get less juice: about 70% of the fruit weight.

“Station wagons” with screw screwthey are not very fast and productive, but consumers love them for their low power consumption and excellent juice quality (up to 95% of the juice by weight of the fruit).

In turn, when buying a horizontal screw juicer, you will have to use a pusher.

The vertical screw juicer will push the food itself.

How to choose a good juicer?

The first thing you should pay attention to isthe material of the juicer. The device will be in constant contact with an acidic environment. This means that most of the parts must be made of stainless steel. Plastic nozzles and containers are also quite suitable.

Neck width– another important point. If you don’t have time to cut fruits and vegetables by hand, a narrow-necked machine won’t work for you.

Juicer capacityit can vary from 150 to 250 watts (in screw-type juicers) to 1250 watts for centrifugal models. Electricity consumption directly depends on the power of the device.

Pay attention tojuicer operation time. Low-power models work for up to 10 minutes without stopping and without overheating. Powerful juicers-work tirelessly for up to 20 minutes without a break. Cleaning of parts is required during a stop. For some devices, this cycle is adjusted automatically.

Today, manufacturers offer heavy-duty models with a fan blowing the engine. You can also find juicers with two centrifuges powered by a single engine.

When deciding on the juicer model, you should also take it into accountcomplete set:

  1. Additional attachments extend the functions of the device.
  2. The lid will reduce noise and protect you from dust.
  3. The brush will help to clean the strainer.
  4. A guide tray or pusher is very necessary in most cases.
  5. A built-in juice container is a good thing, but it significantly increases the size of the device. It is also good because the juice is guaranteed not to spill, since the vessel is securely attached to the body. Its capacity is usually from 0.2 to 1.5 liters. Some juicers are equipped with a whole set of vessels.
  6. The case’s swivel spout also reduces the chance of spilling juice.
  7. The foam separator is absolutely necessary when processing a large volume of products!
  8. Rubberized feet, suction cups are needed for a strong attachment.
  9. The squeeze container provided on some models often has holes and is accompanied by an additional juice container. This allows you to increase the performance of the device.
  10. The separator requires special attention. The fine-slotted separator is not suitable for all products, so many manufacturers offer separators with adjustable slits. The presence of such an opportunity-indeed, will be an advantage of your new “station wagon”.

When choosing a juicer, think about how versatile the device should be. So, juicers with smooth speed control expand its capabilities. For soft or hard products, you can set the required speed yourself.

Juicer rating 2021

9 electric Juicer-shredder BelOMO

The most reliable domestic device. The performance of the mini-mill
Country: Republic Of Belarus
Average price: 3,290 rubles.
Rating (2021): 4.3

20 years old! This is exactly how much this model has turned out this year, and it still remains a favorite Apple juicer for several generations of gardeners and gardeners. In 2009, it was awarded by the State Committee for standardization of the Republic of Belarus and became a laureate of the contest “Best goods of the Republic of Belarus on the Russian market”. What did it do to earn national recognition? First, reliability. Looking at the impressive size of an asynchronous motor, you can already understand that the device is solid and made, as they say, for centuries. Judging by the fact that the manufacturer gives it a 30-month warranty, it is confident in the durability of its brainchild.

Secondly, the design compares favorably with competitors with a truly high performance – in 20 minutes you can get at least 20 liters of the freshest juice. And what is important for processing a large number of apples, they do not need to be pre-crushed and remove the seeds. Users note that they do not have time to wash the fruit, so quickly does the machine deal with them. The cake turns out to be dry as sawdust – a cylindrical centrifuge squeezes the maximum out of the fruit. In addition, it can be easy to shred the cabbage, so that fans Kvasiny with the acquisition of the Belarusian machine will greatly facilitate your life. In General, for conservation in especially large sizes, this is a super-mite.

5th place-Polaris PEA 0934A juicer (2750 RUB.)

Fast juicer with high-quality Assembly with a power of 900 watts. It deserves attention because of the high spin speed (up to 18,000 revolutions per minute). It is equipped with a direct juice supply system and is equipped with a pulse mode. Polaris PEA 0934A is made of stainless steel and has a comfortable ergonomic design. This is a device with small capacities, so it is suitable for daily home use, processing small volumes of fruits and vegetables.


  • Type-centrifugal;
  • 2 speeds;
  • The maximum rotation speed is 18000 rpm.;
  • The case is stainless steel;
  • The mesh material of the centrifuge – stainless steel;
  • Automatic pulp ejection;
  • The system of direct filing juice;
  • Foam separator;
  • Protection against accidental activation;
  • Overload protection;
  • Pulse mode;
  • Maximum power – 900 W;
  • Neck: 65 mm;
  • Juice tank-0,4 l;
  • The tank cake – 1.25 l;
  • Rubberized feet;
  • Juice level indicator;
  • Weight-2.4 kg.


  • low cost;
  • ease of use;
  • functionality;
  • spin quality;
  • good and well thought out build;
  • wide chute for serving fruits and vegetables;
  • a convenient container for juice;
  • lightweight and compact;
  • beautiful appearance.


  • inconvenient to wash;
  • small volume of the glass;
  • a small volume of the cake container.

8. Gemlux GL-SJ-207

This model is a frequent guest of ratings and comparative reviews of screw juicers. The vertical device attracts first of all a good balance of price and quality. Despite its low cost (about 4000 rubles), Gemlux GL-SJ-207 offers a decent return.

The model is great for squeezing Apple, orange, pear, grape, carrot and melon juice. Additional options include automatic pulp ejection, drop-stop systems, and direct juice delivery.

Important! Users don’t mention any critical issues in their reviews. The existing minor shortcomings are offset by the low cost of the juicer.

  • price;
  • direct feed and drop-stop system»;
  • ergonomic design;
  • easy maintenance.
  • the engine requires frequent rest (not suitable for a large family);
  • poor equipment;
  • after a month or two of use, the case starts to creak.

Prices for Gemlux GL-SJ-207 on Yandex Market:

4th place-REDMOND RJ-M906 juicer (7,199 rubles).)

This juicer is quite powerful. It produces juice both per liter and per glass. Any juice can be prepared in up to 5 minutes. The juicer is protected from accidental activation, so it can be purchased by a family with small children.

Well squeezes Apple, celery, carrot. Able to work for a long time. Many fruits and vegetables are taken whole.

Technical specifications

  • Type-centrifugal,
  • Housing-stainless steel.steel,
  • Automatic pulp ejection,
  • Protection against accidental activation,
  • 2 speeds,
  • Maximum power – 700 W,
  • The diameter of the feed opening is 7.5 cm,
  • Juice tank – 1 l,
  • Oilcake tank – 2 l,
  • The maximum speed of rotation of the centrifuge is 21500 revolutions/min.,
  • Rubber suction cups.


  • affordable price,
  • quality of materials,
  • quiet operation,
  • foam separator,
  • a dry cake,
  • wide neck,
  • processes uncut vegetables/fruits,


  • does not handle solid foods well,
  • inconvenient to wash,
  • clean thoroughly after each use.,
  • low quality of the resulting juice,
  • the grid is difficult to remove,
  • sometimes the cake doesn’t get into the container.

Best screw juicers for apples

Panasonic MJ-L500

An incredibly stylish and functional device from Panasonic is an excellent solution for those whose morning starts with a glass of freshly squeezed fresh fruit. In addition to a remarkably beautiful design, the device has its own advantages:

  • a solid, perfectly crafted, metal case;
  • the ability to prepare, in addition to juices, desserts from frozen products. This is very important on hot summer days;
  • compact size. Containers intended for juice and cake are placed in each other during storage;
  • the ability to extract juice from fruits of different degrees of hardness;
  • preservation of useful substances in the squeezed juice;
  • automatic cleaner that prevents clogging of the filter;
  • a special cap on the spout so that the juice does not drip.

Only one drawback: the high price, which is fully justified by the functionality, high-quality Assembly and design of the device.

Kitfort KT-1104

A screw-type juicer with a nice design and perfect Assembly. The device perfectly squeezes juice from vegetables and fruits, including the toughest and most fibrous ones. There is no increase in the temperature of the juice compared to the initial raw material, which contributes to the preservation of all taste qualities and useful substances. The cake turns out to be dry, the juice yield is high.

The undoubted advantage of the device is a wide neck for loading raw materials. The functionality of the device is expanded with a nozzle for frozen raw materials and a filter for smoothies. The juicer is great for making baby purees. The included brush allows you to quickly clean the device.

  • high-quality Assembly;
  • nice design;
  • low noise level;
  • excellent performance, fast and high-quality spin;
  • additional attachments included;
  • easy operation.

Disadvantage: high price.

The lightweight and convenient electric juicer has a plastic housing. This is a screw device with one speed mode. Motor power is 240 watts. The cap on the spout prevents spillage of juice. The three-level mesh filter contributes to a high quality of extraction, and the screw mechanism allows you to get juice from any vegetables and fruits, even the fleshiest ones. The large feed port allows you to avoid wasting time on cutting raw materials.

  • high-quality spin;
  • versatility, the ability to produce juice from various products;
  • drop-stop system»;
  • wide loading port.

ENDEVER Sigma-92

A model that has all the advantages of a screw-type juicer. With its help, you can get juices from any fruit and even from greens. With cold-pressed technology, the product does not heat up, which means that the useful substances are completely preserved. An important advantage of the Sigma-92 is that the device does not start if it is not properly assembled. In addition, there is a motor overload protection. The device runs for a while and then shuts down until it cools down completely. The device does not make any noise or vibrate during operation. The kit includes 2 tanks: for juice and cake.

  • includes 2 containers, cleaning brush and pusher;
  • material of manufacture-stainless steel;
  • motor protection against overload and accidental start-up.
  • high-quality spin;
  • silent operation;
  • the device is easily disassembled for cleaning;
  • quick juice preparation.
  • when squeezing Apple juice — a lot of pulp and foam;
  • the need to finely chop the fruit;
  • inefficient and short-lived cleaning brush;
  • plastic auger (on a metal rod). Over time, notches form on it.

Apples are better to take hard varieties, because the juice from soft fruits is too thick.

For processing a large number of apples, it is advisable to choose a centrifugal model. In this respect, the products of domestic companies are ideal: inexpensive, unpretentious and high-performance. For a small harvest or the preparation of morning fresh juice, a screw juicer is desirable. The press unit is the choice for an agricultural enterprise that processes products on an industrial scale.

Choosing the right juicer for your home-video:

3rd place-Bosch MES4010 juicer (10,001 rubles).)

This juicer model is so powerful that it can process a bucket of apples in 5 minutes. It is characterized by reliability and fairly wide functionality.

Consumers note the wide neck, foam separator and protection against accidental switching on as advantages of the model. “Drop-stop” is a permanent function of this device. It won’t let the juice spill. The model is quite easy to use. It should be washed with a brush from the kit. The parts can also be washed in the dishwasher. The juicer is suitable for very intensive use.

Technical specifications

  • Type-centrifugal,
  • 3 speeds,
  • Housing – aluminum,
  • The centrifuge mesh material is stainless steel. steel,
  • Anti-drip system,
  • Automatic pulp ejection,
  • Foam separator,
  • Protection against accidental activation,
  • Maximum power – 1200 W,
  • The diameter of the feed opening is 8.4 cm,
  • Juice tank-1.5 l,
  • Oilcake tank-3 l,
  • Rubber suction cups,
  • Compartment for the power cord,
  • Juice level indicator,
  • Washing brush


  • power output,
  • wide neck,
  • speed of operation,
  • the quality of the juice,
  • capacious container for cake,
  • design,
  • easy to use,
  • compact size,
  • aluminum housing,
  • processing the fruit as a whole,
  • spout with DripStop function,
  • the release of pulp,
  • stability.


  • the high cost,
  • vibration of the housing and plastic cover,
  • noise,
  • no alignment (balance) of the screen and motor shaft,
  • ceramic knife,
  • only one strainer included.

How to choose an Apple juicer

Depending on the method of extraction, there are devices of centrifugal and screw types. In addition, there are professional equipment for industrial use (for example, presses). Since the principle of operation of these units is significantly different, the selection criteria will be different.

Centrifugal pumps

This type of juicer is one of the most common. The devices are ideal for hard fruits. Raw materials are crushed with a special disk that acts as a grater. Rotating at high speed, it grinds the fruit to a pulp. Pulp and juice are separated in the separator compartment. Depending on the type of separator, devices are distinguished:

  • cylindrical ones. They are distinguished by the maximum level of performance. Such units can withstand long-term continuous operation and are suitable for processing large crops. The only drawback of this option is the need to remove the cake manually;
  • they are conical. The device automatically discharges the cake into a special container. However, the efficiency is 10-15% lower than that of cylindrical models.

When choosing a centrifugal juicer, you should consider the following criteria::

  • power. The higher it is, the faster fruit processing is. At a high speed of rotation of the centrifuge, the juice will contain a significant amount of pulp. If you reduce the speed, the juice is lighter, and the cake is larger. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a device with an adjustable rotation speed. This allows you to optimize the spin mode depending on the hardness of the fruit;
  • centrifuge grid. The best option is a thin, dense and fine-mesh stainless steel mesh.;
  • the automated ejection of the cake;
  • dimensions of the loading port.

Additional options include: stop-drop system, smooth engine start, fruit tray and suction Cup legs (keep the device in place when vibrating).

Disadvantages of centrifugal devices:

  • a large percentage of waste. However, if you have to process significant amounts of raw materials, this is not critical;
  • during the cooking process, the juice heats up, which reduces its quality. This drawback is also not critical. When harvesting products for the winter, they must necessarily undergo heat treatment. Therefore, the complete preservation of vitamins is out of the question.

Auger systems

These are universal devices that can be used to produce not only fruit and vegetable drinks, but also juices from herbs and even herbs. Some modifications are equipped with attachments for grinding nuts, coffee beans and even pressing vegetable oil. Mechanical screw models are suitable only for soft fruits.

By design, this juicer is similar to a meat grinder. Raw materials are crushed using a spiral shaft-screw. The resulting gruel is passed through a strainer, and the juice flows into the container. For light juice, use hard apples. Depending on the location of the housing, there are vertical and horizontal models.

Models with a vertical body are more compact. Their convenience is also in the fact that raw materials are drawn in automatically, without using a pusher. Horizontal modifications take up more space and require the use of a push rod. Such a device can be equipped with one or two screws. The latter option is more productive.

Advantages of screw technology:

  • low power consumption;
  • a good efficiency of extraction;
  • low noise level;
  • cold-pressed technology that preserves the entire set of vitamins.

It is an ideal choice for squeezing juice from a small number of fruits (for example, when making fresh fruit). In addition, the drink can be stored for two days.

Criteria for choosing a screw juicer:

  • materials for manufacturing components. It is desirable that it was stainless steel;
  • the size of grid cells. The smaller they are, the better the drink will turn out;
  • the reversibility. Function that increases the efficiency of the device;
  • neck diameter, possibility of processing whole fruits.

2nd place – juicer Kenwood JE850 (12,589 rubles).)

If you decide to buy a very powerful juicer, then the Kenwood JE850 is for you! Excellent model made of solid aluminum, with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The model is quite cute, but impressive and overall. It is very well attached to the surface and is able to process large volumes of products for a long time. A great option for summer residents and gardeners. At high power, it works quite quietly.

Equipped with a drop-stop system and reliable protection.

Technical specifications

  • Type-centrifugal,
  • 2 speeds,
  • The maximum rotation speed is 10500 rpm.,
  • Housing – aluminum,
  • The centrifuge mesh material is stainless steel. steel,
  • Anti-drip system,
  • Automatic pulp ejection,
  • Foam separator,
  • Protection against accidental activation,
  • Smooth engine start,
  • Maximum power-1500 W,
  • Neck: 85×110 mm,
  • Juice tank-1.5 l,
  • Oilcake tank-3 l,
  • Rubber feet,
  • Compartment for the power cord,
  • Washing brush,
  • The length of the power cord is 1.25 m.,
  • Weight-5.335 kg.


  • expensive, but justified,
  • power output,
  • easy to wash,
  • does not overheat,
  • a dry cake,
  • performance,
  • stability,
  • design,
  • drop-stop system.


  • the high cost,
  • when ejected from the separator, the cake sticks to the container,
  • heavy and oversized.

5 Hurom HE DBF04

The best device for healthy eating. Ultra-quiet operation
Country: South Korea
Average price: 21,700 rubles.
Rating (2021): 4.8

Of all the ways to make juice, manual is considered the most natural. However, it is neither effective nor easy. But if you make Apple juice using the Hurom HE DBF04 device, excessive effort will not be needed, and the drink itself will contain the maximum amount of vitamins. Why is this so? All thanks to the spin technology at low speeds. In this case, the screw shaft moves at a speed of only 80 rpm, and the extraction of liquid occurs due to the very slow pressing of the crushed fruit mass through the basket. As a result, the raw material does not overheat, and the juice retains the original taste and aroma of the fruit, without splitting into layers.

If you like unusual drinks, or you need to use them for medical purposes, then in this case the juicer will be the best assistant. It will cope with any task that is often beyond the power of centrifuge analogues, and easily squeeze out juice from greens and microgrins (sprouts of various plants) or extract milk from nuts or seeds. Thus, the appearance of the device in the kitchen leads to a significant enrichment of the family diet. At the same time, it does not cause any inconvenience, since it works extremely quietly and makes noise at the level of a whispered conversation. Buyers agree that this Apple juicer is not cheap, but it has a long service life, and the manufacturer itself gives a 7-year warranty!

1st place-Philips HR1837 juicer (4,500 rubles)

The Philips HR1837 juicer became the leader of the 2021 juicer rating. According to customer reviews, this model has an optimal ratio of cost and quality. Despite the fact that the model does not have a separator, it is good for daily use and processing of small volumes of fruit.

The model is very compact. Easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean. This juicer produces very high-quality juice!

Technical specifications

  • Type-centrifugal,
  • Housing – aluminum,
  • The centrifuge mesh material is stainless steel. steel,
  • Anti-drip system,
  • Automatic pulp ejection,
  • Protection against accidental activation,
  • Maximum power – 500 W,
  • Juice tank-0.5 l,
  • Oilcake tank – 1 l,
  • Loading tray,
  • Rubber feet,
  • Compartment for the power cord,
  • Cord – 0.8 m


  • the optimum value,
  • high-quality juice,
  • a dry cake,
  • there is no odor of plastic,
  • rotary spout,
  • easy to disassemble and clean,
  • low noise,
  • details are black or transparent – they are not stained with fruit juice,
  • stability,
  • security,
  • compact size.


  • narrow neck,
  • short cord,
  • fruits should be cut and used with a pusher,
  • not a very reliable build,
  • not perfect detail quality,
  • there is no foam separator,
  • juice spills out of the container when it is almost full.

Let’s sum up the results

In juicers, users value high productivity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of handling. Consumer characteristics of the device are good if it perfectly squeezes any product and produces almost dry cake. Housewives like powerful models with a foam separator. The design of the device should be simple. Those who use the juicer daily prefer not to spend a lot of time assembling and washing parts. Simple and compact models are suitable for such customers. Multifunctional “station wagons” will appeal to owners of gardens and suburban areas. Such a juicer will become the” right hand ” of an Amateur gardener and an excellent helper in a large family.

Professionals from all over the world recommend having a dozen “tools” in your Arsenal, and not just one universal one — so that everyone really does their own thing. So, let the fate of juicers be really high-quality juice production, and meat grinders will make high-quality minced meat and other meat products, respectively. The mixer shows itself perfectly in mixing, and the blender-in slicing (and in the role of a mixer, it often loses). And even plain tea, it seems, will taste better-if it is brewed at the right temperature.

Updated in July 2021

4. Mirandi J-100

On the 4th place in the top of screw juicers is a vertical model from the premium segment. The device operates at a speed of 55 rpm with a power of 200 watts.Users separately note the high speed of obtaining juice, as well as convenient functionality.

The model is equipped with a “drop-stop” system and automatically gets rid of cake. I was pleased with the roomy liter tank and the delivery package with an impressive list of nozzles, pushers and other useful utensils. Users did not find any critical disadvantages. Prices for the device start at 17 thousand rubles.

  • speed of getting juice;
  • plenty of functionality;
  • rich delivery package;
  • silent motor;
  • original appearance;
  • compact dimensions.
  • not the most convenient service (washing, cleaning of elements);
  • very expensive attachments.

Prices for Mirandi J-100 on Yandex Market:

Let’s compare the models

Model number Type Power, W Housing material Weight, kg Price, RUB.
Kitfort KT-1101 vertical screw installation 150 plastic 4,2 5990
Scarlett SC-JE50S43 vertical screw installation 200 plastic 3,5 5700
Galaxy GL0802 vertical screw installation 200 plastic, metal 3,6 3300
Kitfort KT-1104 vertical screw installation 240 plastic 7,4 11990
Panasonic MJ-L500 vertical screw installation 150 stainless steel 4 10900
REDMOND RJ-912S vertical screw installation 580 plastic 4,8 10400
BBK JC060-H02 centrifugal 600 stainless steel 2,8 2060
Bosch MES3500 centrifugal 700 plastic 4,5 7820
Kitfort KT-1112 centrifugal 1100 stainless steel 4,1 5690
Moulinex JU 385 Elea Duo combined 300 plastic 2,3 5450
NOVIS-Electronics Vita Juicer combined 240 stainless steel 7 29990
Hurom Alpha HZ-SBE17/EBE17/LBE17 combined 150 stainless steel 5,4 43500
Bosch MCP3000/3500 for citrus fruits 25 plastic 0,89 1695
Kitfort KT-1107 for citrus fruits 160 stainless steel 2,3 3390
Moulinex PC 302B10 Vitapress 1000 for citrus fruits 25 plastic 0,82 2190

3 Bosch MES4010

Ceramic disc-knife. Fastest Assembly and disassembly
Country: Germany (made in China)
Average price: 14,500 rubles.
Rating (2021): 4.9

If until now you didn’t like homemade fresh apples because they can taste like metal and contain pulp, pay attention to the model from the popular German brand Bosch MES4010. It is good because it has a strong aluminum body that confidently stands on suction Cup legs on the table, a large entrance hole that allows you to load large enough apples entirely, and a compartment for cake of decent size. The machine is assembled and disassembled very quickly – just remove the glass, remove the transparent panel, and then pull out the knife, drain spout and cake container. All this is perfectly washed with water, which means that a minimum of time is spent on making juice and cleaning the device.

But the most important difference of this juicer is the knife made of ceramic. The fact is that when chopping vegetables and fruits with an ordinary metal knife, the pulp quickly oxidizes, which makes the drink a little more acidic and gets a metallic taste. The ceramic surface does not react with the pulp, so the juice retains its natural sweetness and aroma. In addition, during operation, it remains perfectly smooth, as well as the polished surface of the screen, so it is not difficult to clean them from cake (the weak point of many juicers). The device receives mostly positive reviews from users: it is praised for its stylish design, high-quality materials, and squeezing dry apples, including soft ones.

2 Panasonic MJ-W171

The most economical one. Unique technology of cleaning of the grid. An additional feature of blender
Country: Japan (made in Malaysia)
Average price: 7490 rubles.
Rating (2021): 4.9

If one of the search criteria for an Apple juicer is overall dimensions, take a closer look at the Panasonic MJ-W171 model. Its height does not exceed the size of a toaster, and its rectangular shape and light weight even allow you to store the device in a locker. Using it is simple and convenient, and the brush for cleaning the centrifuge basket allows you to remove the cake from it right on the go, through a special window. The quality of juice extraction is amazing: from 1 large Apple weighing 260 g, 200 ml of the drink is obtained, from 220 g of grapes, the juice yield is 190 ml, and from 200 g of peeled carrots – 130 ml. Leftovers in reviews are all called “plasticine” without exception, so little juice remains in it.

Economical device makes not only performance, but also low power. It turns out that for high-quality separation of fruits, only 230 watts are enough, and not 1000, or even 2000. An already decent design greatly benefits from the presence of a high-quality glass blender in the kit. You can use it to quickly make a milkshake, fruit smoothie, or baby puree. Thus, if you compare the cost, compactness and ease of use, the Japanese juicer can be called the best in terms of price and quality of manufacture.

1 Rotel Juice Master Professional

Possibility to operate 24 hours in non-stop mode. Best service
Country: Switzerland
Average price: 25,940 rubles.
Rating (2021): 5.0

Thanks to the air cooling system specially developed for the Rotel Juice Master professional series juicer, its working time is unlimited. This unique property is confirmed by user reviews: different people used it to process about 20 buckets of apples and 500 kg of carrots in 9 hours of non-stop operation. Given the high productivity and cost-effectiveness of the juicer, it is also cost-effective to operate it for commercial purposes – in cafes, restaurants and other public catering establishments. It is noteworthy that for squeezing juice from different vegetables and fruits at the same time, you do not need to disassemble and wash the juicer every time – the manufacturer provides a “Turbo” mode, which periodically turns on automatically cleans the knives and filter.

You can put absolutely any herbs and fruits in the device – from spinach and asparagus to beets and grapes. From 100 g of spinach, at least 50 ml of a healing drink is obtained, and from a kilogram of apples – about 600 ml. Push-UPS are very dry and tasteless. This means that all micro-and macronutrients are released into the juice, and it will be as useful as possible. There is no need to worry about removing the peel and small seeds, since the juicer design is designed for laying whole products. A PET bag is placed in the cake compartment, which further reduces the cleaning time. As befits professional equipment, it has an official warranty and technical support, service centers have the necessary spare parts, and all questions of customers on popular Internet sites are answered by the company’s specialists.

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When choosing a screw juicer, you should first look at the brand and cost of the device. Here, the rule is more true than ever: “a Miser pays twice.” There are no good models for 1-2 thousand rubles.

You can save significantly on additional options and device power. If the first and second are unnecessary, then there is absolutely no need to overpay extra money. But when a family consists of more than three people, then power with productivity, as well as the convenience of using equipment, play a big role.

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