Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

The bike itself has been known to people for quite some time. This is a very convenient means of transportation, which is not only absolutely environmentally friendly, but also allows you to develop the muscular framework of the body. Not so long ago, electric bicycles also appeared on sale. This product almost immediately became very popular. These devices appeared on the shelves of our sports stores only a few years ago, so not everyone knows how to choose the right products. In this regard, in our rating of the best electric bikes of 2021, we will not only give useful characteristics of specific models, but also tell you what to pay attention to when buying them.

  1. How to choose an electric bike?
  2. Folding options
  3. 5. Xiaomi Himo C20
  4. 4. WELLNESS Cross Rack 750
  5. 3. Dahon Ciao i7 (2015)
  6. 2. Volteco Intro 500W
  7. 1. Eltreco Leto (2021)
  8. Ungainly models of electric bicycles
  9. 5. Eltreco XT-850 (2021)
  10. 4. Volteco Bigcat Dual 1000
  11. 3. Green City E-Alfa
  12. 2. Xiaomi YunBike C1
  13. 1. Kupper Unicorn
  14. In conclusion, a useful video

How to choose an electric bike?

These models are an ideal means of transportation in small towns or in rural areas. In this case, it is best to give preference to models with a motor power of about 350 watts. If the rider will move around a large city, it is advisable to purchase a model with a higher power, as these devices can develop a higher speed. For urban conditions, products that are equipped with electric motors with a power of 500 to 1000 watts will be most suitable. These bikes can reach speeds of about 40 km/h. These models will be able to drive even on country roads.

On sale, you can find devices equipped with a folding mechanism – when folded, these bicycles are convenient to transport and store. It is worth noting that the engine and a number of additional devices provide a decent mass of the product – on average, it is about 40 kg. If you liked a particular model in the store, then you should take into account a number of parameters.

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

The main one is the mass of the frame itself and the batteries. It is best to give preference to a device with a lower weight. On sale today you can find products whose frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, characterized by a low weight and an increased level of strength. The next point is the battery capacity, which is responsible for the mileage that can be driven on a single battery charge without using pedals.

The type of battery is also quite important. For example, lead-acid batteries have a significant mass and have a limited number of charge and discharge cycles. Lithium-ion products are characterized by low weight and longer service life. In addition, you will definitely have to pay attention to the type of motor. The motor can be external or collector, built into the wheel-usually they are brushless motors, which have a fairly long service life. In addition, there are special collector options that are built into the pedal unit.

When choosing models to include in our review, we took into account all the above data, and also largely relied on user reviews and on the price-quality ratio of products. The latter was done so that the majority of our readers could choose the optimal model for themselves. Now is the time to move on to considering the qualities of specific electric bikes.

Folding options

5. Xiaomi Himo C20

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

Available in two color options-black and white. The basis here is an aluminum alloy. The height of the saddle can be adjusted according to the rider’s height. The saddle itself has an original function, as it can also be used as a pump for inflating wheels. The steering wheel here is also folding. At the same time, an on-Board computer, an alarm bell and a lever responsible for turning on the brake system can be found on the handles. Directly above the front wheel is an led flashlight that provides maximum safety of movement in conditions of lack of natural light. A reflector is located under the saddle, so you can ride a Bicycle even on highways in the dark. The pedals of the bike are removable, folding type, which makes it easier to store and transport the bike. The bike is supplied with fenders and a footrest.

In addition, it also comes with two keys that can be used to unlock and remove the battery. As mentioned above, the bike is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which will display information about the current battery charge, real speed, mileage since the last power-on and the selected travel mode. At the same time, the display is placed in a housing that is completely protected from moisture – it meets the IPX5 standard. The engine power is 250 watts, and there is also a six-speed gearbox. The power reserve on a single charge reaches 50 km, but if you help the engine with pedals, this parameter increases to 80 km. The bike is equipped with a dual braking system, so this process is quite safe and more linear: on a dry road, the braking distance does not exceed 4 m, on a wet surface-no more than 6 m.

  • Pretty decent power ratings for driving in urban environments;
  • Ability to reach high speed;
  • Good battery capacity;
  • The folding mechanism is very reliable;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Reasonable price.
  • Weight is 21 kg;
  • The battery is charged within 6 hours;
  • Just two color options.

4. WELLNESS Cross Rack 750

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

The exterior of this bike is similar with a slightly modified mountain products. The diameter of the wheels is as much as 26 inches, the drive here is rear. The kit includes full-fledged fenders that reliably protect the rider from splashing water and dirt during the ride. During development, it was decided to use a two-suspension system, which is equipped with a pair of shock absorbers. The bike has disc brakes, an on-Board computer, and a trunk. The saddle here is spring-loaded, covered with high-quality leatherette. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, on the steering wheel in the immediate vicinity of the on-Board computer is a USB port, with which you can charge your smartphone, player or tablet while driving. The bike is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which is attached to the trunk. The liquid crystal display shows data about the distance traveled, speed, and remaining battery power.

On the steering wheel, you can find three buttons – turning on the engine, the front led headlight and changing the operating mode. The first one, Assist, will maintain the set speed (it is the most energy-consuming), the second one will be activated only on the most difficult sections of the path, for example, on ascents. The large diameter of the wheels allows you to ride not only on asphalt or other smooth surface, but also off-road, and do it with great comfort.

  • When folded, it takes up a minimum of free space;
  • You can charge almost any mobile device on the go;
  • The bike is equipped with two rear lights at once;
  • Decent engine power.
  • The battery mount may become loose over time;
  • The rear brakes start to creak after a couple of months.

3. Dahon Ciao i7 (2015)

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

This folding design is not too heavy – about 22 kg. The model belongs to the urban class, so it is perfect for commuting to work or taking ordinary walks. For folding products, the bike is characterized by a decent wheel diameter – this parameter is as much as 20 inches. Rims and tires were developed directly by the manufacturer, so they are original. The transmission includes seven speeds at once. The steering wheel can be adjusted in height. The frame of the device is made of aluminum alloy, which allows the bike to withstand a rider weighing up to 105 kg.

The power of the electric motor is standard-250 W, but this did not prevent the developers from installing a rather capacious battery on the bike – 8.8 Ah. According to users in their reviews, this bike is very similar to models designed for teenagers. The suspension here is relatively rigid: minor bumps in the surface and small pits will not be felt, but the rider will have to fully feel slightly more serious road defects. Despite the fact that the model was developed back in 2014, it is still very popular with users. The seat is of medium rigidity, covered with high-strength leatherette, so it resists abrasion and other physical exertion well.

  • Reliable planetary bushing that ensures the operation of a seven-speed Bicycle transmission;
  • Lightweight aluminum frame;
  • Large wheel diameter;
  • Ability to withstand significant weight.
  • Wheels on a single rim.

2. Volteco Intro 500W

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

Despite the fact that the design is equipped with a folding mechanism, it belongs to the sports class. With the built-in battery, you can reach speeds of about 35 km / h even without using pedals. The battery is hidden directly in the aluminum frame of the gadget, which provides reliable and thorough protection from possible physical damage. A single battery charge will be sufficient for approximately 8 hours of continuous driving, depending on the mode used. The model is perfect for moving around in urban environments, which will allow you to easily cope with traffic jams and congestion, and significantly save time and effort. The bike has a built-in computer with a liquid crystal display. In the immediate vicinity of it there is a USB connector with which you can charge mobile devices. The frame has a two-suspension shock absorber system. The folding mechanism is carefully designed and characterized by reliable operation.

The transmission is represented by seven speeds. When folded, the bike will be able to fit even in an ordinary car trunk. The engine power is 500 watts, and the bike’s battery is lithium-ion. The seat has excellent ergonomics and a carefully designed anatomical shape. The diameter of the wheels is as much as 26 inches. The braking system is very reliable. At the same time, the bike weighs only 24 kg and can withstand a load of up to 110 kg. There are three modes of operation-electric traction (the rider does not have to pedal at all), classic pedal rotation and Pass Control, when the motor helps the rider overcome the most difficult sections of the path.

  • The battery is located directly in the frame of the bike, which allows you to protect it from moisture and physical damage.;
  • There is a convenient, rather bright and informative display;
  • When folded, it can easily fit in the trunk of even a small car;
  • The front wheel can be removed if necessary;
  • All electrics are very reliable.
  • Users note the high cost.

1. Eltreco Leto (2021)

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

One of the latest models of folding electric bicycles, which appeared on the domestic market of sporting goods just a few months ago. The bike immediately became very popular with users. It looks stylish and bold, has a decent weight, which is 30 kg, so it will not be too easy to carry it on yourself. As with the previous model, the battery is not attached to the frame, but is hidden directly in it. The product is characterized by an electric motor of increased power-500 watts. This allows you to overcome even quite steep climbs, to drive absolutely on any surface. The maximum speed on this bike is 35 km/h. As a battery, it uses classic lithium-ion products with a capacity of 10 Ah and a voltage of 48 V. the Battery is able to provide uninterrupted power for almost 50 km of travel.

It uses the latest technology that will carefully protect the battery from overheating and other impacts. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, the front and rear forks can be adjusted in height. The wheels are 20 inches in diameter, and the bike is equipped with Kenda tires that easily grip any surface. The braking system here is disc-based, so that the braking distance is minimal, regardless of the road base. The led display shows the state of charge of the battery, the current speed of movement, as well as the distance covered since the last battery charge.

  • Convenient and easy-to-use folding mechanism;
  • Compact frame;
  • High level of maneuverability;
  • Soft ride regardless of the type of surface;
  • Adjustable fork.
  • When using the pedal mode, the start is excessively sharp.

Ungainly models of electric bicycles

5. Eltreco XT-850 (2021)

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

Another new model released at the very beginning of this year. It is a carefully reworked last year’s modification. A Bicycle will be a very suitable option for people who prefer long trips, who in addition to this are trying to insure their strength with a capacious and reliable battery (a 10.4 Ah battery is installed here). On a single charge, the device can cover up to 70 km. The appearance is sporty, and the model itself is characterized by an acceptable cost. It has everything you need to ensure that the rider gets the most out of the trip. In particular, the engine power is 500 watts, so that without human intervention, the bike can reach speeds of up to 35 km / h. This factor ensures comfortable movement both on urban roads and on rough terrain.

The bike is equipped with a liquid crystal display that does not allow moisture to pass under the body. You can use it to control traffic and adjust all the work parameters depending on your needs. The bike is equipped with wheels of increased diameter-as much as 27.5 inches. The tread provides a reliable grip on the surface, regardless of its type. The front fork has a reliable shock absorption system, which in combination with disc brakes allows you to move confidently, smoothly and safely. The aluminum frame can support a rider’s weight of up to 110 kg.

  • Capable of withstanding significant weight;
  • High quality materials and Assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Large diameter wheels;
  • Reliability and safety are fully thought out;
  • Convenient and easy-to-use on-Board computer.
  • No anti-slip coating is provided on the pedals.

4. Volteco Bigcat Dual 1000

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

The model belongs to the category of winter devices, which allows you to use it both in the warm and cold seasons. The bike is perfect for people who regularly ride off-road. It is made on the basis of a high-quality frame made of lightweight aluminum alloy, equipped with wheels with a diameter of 26 inches, wide tires. The wheels provide a reliable support for the rider, as well as increase the level of safety. Another distinctive feature associated with such a bike is the presence of two Bafang 8FAN electric motors at once, whose total power is 1000 watts. It is quite natural that the device is equipped with a computer that displays all the necessary data on the liquid crystal display. The bike has a seven-position transmission, a pedaling function is provided. The total weight of the model is 30 kg, which is not so much for such a powerful unit.

The maximum load that the bike can withstand is 120 kg. The seat has an anatomical shape, so you can spend many hours on the product without interruption. The manufacturer has placed a trunk behind the seat that can withstand a weight of up to 60 kg, and there is also a front trunk. The maximum speed that this bike can reach is 35 km/h. The suspension is rigid and the fork is reinforced, so even significant bumps in the road surface will not be felt too much.

  • Excellent cross-country ability regardless of road conditions;
  • The presence of two electric motors at once;
  • Carefully designed shock absorption system.
  • Quite a large mass of the bike.

3. Green City E-Alfa

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

This bike is a multifunctional and practical product. It can be used by two people at once, and it is also designed to carry relatively heavy loads. The shape of the frame is designed in such a way that it is convenient for absolutely everyone to use the device – women, men, teenagers and even the elderly. There is an electric motor with a power of 350 watts. It is located in the Central part of the rear wheel, with its help you can accelerate to a speed of 35 km/h. There is a standard lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 9 Ah and a voltage of 48 V. With it, you can drive 35 km without recharging and using pedals. The wheels are 24 inches in diameter. Tires are characterized by a high level of tenacity, which makes it easy to cover significant distances on both asphalt and dirt roads.

The bike has a drum brake system that reduces the duration of the braking distance, regardless of weather conditions. It is worth noting that the brakes are engaged on both the front and rear wheels. The seat here is quite wide, if necessary, it can be adjusted in height. There is also a rear seat that replaces the classic trunk. It is soft, equipped with a backrest. In total, there are three driving modes – classic pedal, electric (the wheels rotate exclusively with the help of the engine) and combined – the engine turns on only in difficult areas.

  • Decent load capacity;
  • The presence of a comfortable footrest;
  • Reinforced frame;
  • Ability to reach high speed;
  • Carefully designed shock absorption.
  • Significant weight of the unit.

2. Xiaomi YunBike C1

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

It has a fairly compact overall dimensions, so the bike will be suitable even for residents of urban apartments, since you do not need to provide much storage space for it. The device is designed specifically for fast movement in urban environments, but it is much less suitable for rural areas or off-road conditions. In total, there are two modifications of this electric bike on sale-men’s and women’s. The difference between them is only one: the female model has a slightly curved frame, while the male model has a straight one. The products are available in six color options. The appearance of the unit is classic, and all the distinctive features are hidden in nuances. The bike has a straight and wide handlebar equipped with soft grips. They have special retainers, so they will not scroll while riding, so the rider will have absolute control over the bike.

The steering wheel has a compact but loud bell, and there is also a smartphone mount, and it is universal-suitable for gadgets of any size. The on-Board computer screen displays all the necessary information for the rider, with the exception of the speed limit. The latter can be tracked using a special application that you will need to download to your smartphone. Not surprisingly, there is a USB connector for charging mobile devices. The bike has a battery capacity of 5.1 Ah, which is enough to accelerate to a speed of 25 km/h. If the battery is used as an auxiliary element, then on a single charge it will be possible to drive about 75 km. The battery is located directly under the saddle, it is hidden under a special plastic casing that reliably protects it from dirt and moisture. The wheels here are 20-inch.

  • Built-in light elements;
  • 20-inch wheels make the bike optimal for transportation in the Elevator;
  • The battery is removable;
  • Low weight;
  • High level of maneuverability;
  • You can choose the appropriate color and modification.
  • Fenders and trunk will have to be purchased separately;
  • The load capacity of the trunk is only 3 kg.

1. Kupper Unicorn

Best e-bikes, top 10 rating of battery-powered bikes

Now we have reached the leader of this part of the rating. The first-place model is an original example of the most modern design, combined with a high level of technological efficiency. The frame here is installed rigid, traditional type, which allows it to withstand a significant mass. The brakes here are disc brakes, mechanical type. The saddle is sporty, characterized by an excellent and carefully thought-out anatomical shape. The fork has an excellent safety margin, provides good shock absorption on bumps and bumps. In terms of its driving qualities, this electric bike is significantly ahead of standard velobikes. The model has a gear-type engine, with which it is possible to reach speeds of up to 25 km / h, the maximum mileage is 100 km. If you wish, you can download a special mobile app that runs on the Android and iOS platforms.

The bike will be very comfortable to ride both on asphalt and off-road. The weight of the unit is only 18 kg – one of the minimum values for electric bicycles with a non-collapsible frame. In the app, if necessary, you can set a route, adjust the speed, and use the assistant mode. The built-in battery capacity is 5.2 Ah, and the engine consumes battery power very sparingly. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches, the maximum weight of the rider is 110 kg.

  • Excellent quality of bike manufacturing and Assembly;
  • Reliability of parts and components;
  • Excellent cross-country ability regardless of the road surface.
  • Some users think that the seat is slightly stiff.

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best electric bikes has come to an end. As you can see, we have tried to collect as much information as possible for each of the models, so that each reader will be able to choose the best products for themselves, which will serve them faithfully for many years to come. If you suddenly have some questions about the model you like, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We will respond promptly to each such request: we will collect and provide the necessary data as soon as possible.

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