20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

Characteristics in the rating

Almost every responsible car owner tries to protect their car from the negative effects of the external environment, especially when it comes to the interior. Dust, exhaust gases, cigarette smoke and other chemicals have a very detrimental effect not only on the condition of the cabin, but also on the health of passengers, which in no case should be allowed. One of the easiest ways to protect the microclimate in the car is air fresheners.

Today, this niche market contains a huge number of devices of different types. However, the reality is that even the cheapest flavored accessories have significantly increased in price, which forced consumers to look for alternative offers in Chinese online stores. In this regard, we have compiled a rating of the best air fresheners for cars found on the vast expanses of the Aliexpress trading platform. Products were selected for the rating based on the following criteria::

  • the popularity of air freshener users (the rating of the buyer);
  • combination of cost and structural characteristics;
  • reusability (service life);
  • aromatic qualities of the product;
  • decorating properties.

Best air fresheners for air deflectors from Aliexpress


20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

IKSNAIL UO-X3004 does not stand out from other fresheners by its original design or specific aroma. This is a classic model for those who love minimalism. The oblong black product is made of durable aluminum, its dimensions are 82*13.5 mm. The set includes aromatic capsules, which can also be ordered separately from the seller. It offers five different scents to choose from, sold as a set or piece by piece. The range includes air fresheners with aromas of lavender, citrus and ocean breeze.

Thanks to its concise design, the IKSNAIL UO-X3004 will perfectly fit into the interior of the car, and the unobtrusive smell will appeal to all passengers. It lasts up to 90 days, after which you will need to replace the capsule. Reviews praise the build quality and the pleasant, non-chemical aroma of the air freshener. Customers have complaints about the packaging – sometimes the sealed bag opens, as a result, all the smell disappears.

4 BASEUS Car Air Vent Freshener

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

The BASEUS brand has managed to create the thinnest air freshener for cars. Its dimensions– 78*30*7.6 mm, the product weighs about 20 grams. Due to its thickness, the fragrance is easily placed in the ventilation grate and does not block the air flow. Thanks to the silica gel layer, it will not be able to damage important parts of the car. Plastic and aluminum alloy were used for manufacturing. You can choose black or silver color, also on Aliexpress there are sets of two air fresheners. The set includes 6 cartridges with different scents (floral, marine and Cologne).

Reviews confirm that BASEUS is hard to spot with the naked eye. It fits perfectly into the interior of the car, easily attached. The quality of manufacture is high, all parts are securely fixed. As for the main task of the air freshener, everything is in order, the aroma is pleasant and unobtrusive. The only negative-the durability leaves much to be desired.

3 LEEPEE 14284

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

A standard aroma bottle for placing on the deflector, the cost of which is several times less than similar “trinkets” from retail stores. It is available in two versions: with transparent and cloudy glass, but completely empty. However, the latter fact does not deter motorists at all. On the contrary, everyone is free to independently select the aromatic oil and mix it in the required concentration. The product is very high-quality: there are no complaints about its design parameters, as well as the price level.

2 Car ornaments parfume 00255

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

Car ornaments parfume 00255-a freshener designed to give the interior of a personal car more Shine and catchiness. The aromatic capsule is placed inside a three-dimensional case, the front part (also known as the lid) of which is inlaid with inexpensive but spectacular models of precious stones and rhinestones. The range contains about nine different finishes with the same aromatic accompaniment-weakly expressed and unobtrusive, very pleasant for perception. The cost (within the category) is average, but execution fully pays for the cost.

1 LEEPEE Panda perfume

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

The air freshener in the form of a Panda has gained considerable popularity among car owners, and in terms of operational qualities it turned out to be extremely successful. The aroma module perfectly fits into the overall concept of the muzzle, but performs rather a secondary function, since users put decorative parameters first. Panda perfume is made in five different color schemes, the most popular of which (quite expectedly) is black and white. The price is prosaic, the clothespin on the deflector is tough – in General, a worthy representative of its category.

Best hanging air fresheners from Aliexpress


20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

This model can be hung or attached to the car visor, seats or any surface in the car thanks to a special clip. Miniature air freshener (dimensions-50*70 mm) is made in the form of a triangle with contrasting inserts. The range includes different color options – white SEAMETAL C39049 with pink or silver stripes, black with blue or green inserts. Inside each product is one odorous tablet, you can immediately order a spare set of three pieces.

Aliexpress customers in reviews praise the appearance and workmanship of SEAMETAL C39049. The seller packs the product in a thick plastic box and wraps it with a bubble wrap, so that nothing will be damaged during shipment, and the smell will not fade. The fragrance is not too rich, but pleasant, somewhat reminiscent of men’s perfume. The only caveat – after a week it completely disappears, you have to change the pill.


20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

AUTO CARE WBAP01-bright leaves that are hung on the mirror, door handle or hooks for clothes in the car. In the assortment there are products of different colors, you can choose the smell of a new car, Apple, Jasmine, lavender or vanilla. Children like them, they look good in the car. The seller also offers to buy a similar model, but in the form of alcohol bottles. This option is suitable for a gift to adult friends and family members.

Reviews note the fast delivery and pleasant aroma of air freshener. Customers with Aliexpress write that at first the smell may seem harsh, but it lasts for a long time. A significant disadvantage of AUTO CARE WBAP01 is the price. The seller does not send the leaves one by one, you need to immediately order a set of 12 pieces. If you don’t like the fragrance, you’ll have to find other uses for the remaining products. The best solution to the problem is to buy a set that includes leaves of different colors to choose the appropriate smell.

3 AUTO CARE Air Freshener

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

This air freshener is often ordered as an unusual gift for car owners. Its highlight was the design in the form of bottles of vodka or whiskey. AUTO CARE is available in two versions-with the phrases “Life is beautiful” and “Calm down and continue” in Russian or English. Each package contains 6 10*8 cm pendants with different scents. There are sweet, floral, fresh, Oriental and classic flavors. All bottles are in separate bags, so that odors will not mix during transportation.

Aliexpress users praise AUTO CARE’s design, delivery speed, and packaging quality in their reviews. Serious disadvantages of the flavor were not found, except that the durability disappointed some customers. One suspension is enough for a maximum of a week, then you will have to change it. Despite this, the freshener looks original and smells good, so the reviews continue to recommend the product for purchase.

2 HLEST CZ58898

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

To purchase this sticker, a domestic consumer must have an outstanding sense of light self-irony. “I am a deer” – this is exactly what the large inscription in the center of the freshener says, located on neutral backgrounds of nature, reproductions of artists and a “space-mosaic” theme. He copes well with his direct duties. According to consumers, the sticker has a stable aroma of expensive perfume, sufficient to refresh the air in the car interior and does not cause headaches. To completely dominate the competition, only color saturation is missing – the contrast of the real product with the photo on the preview is too obvious.

1 LEEPEE 18304

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

LEEPEE 18304 is a plastic ball (diameter – 3.5 cm) with a flower inside, inside which you can pour any essential oil, perfume or fragrance. The product is closed with a small stopper, after which it is suspended in the car. There is also a miniature bell hanging on the string. This aromatic pendant looks very elegant, sets up a romantic mood. Of course, business women and men are unlikely to want to buy such an air freshener in their car, but married couples or newlyweds will be delighted with it.

Aliexpress users like the design of LEEPEE 18304. The plastic is quite strong, the flowers inside the ball look like real ones. The main disadvantage is that they sometimes break. It is also important to keep in mind that the seller sends an empty pendant, so you will have to fill it with a fragrant liquid yourself. And only from this will depend the durability and duration of the effect of using an air freshener.

Air fresheners with the most original design from Aliexpress


20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

SEAMETAL C38936 looks stylish and unusual. This air freshener is attached to the air deflector, in appearance it resembles a miniature fan. Inside the round body is a propeller that rotates under the influence of air flow, filling the car with a pleasant aroma. At the same time, a multi-colored led backlight is turned on. You can buy a blue, red or silver air freshener, and a set of replaceable tablets is also sold separately on Aliexpress. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the smell.

Product dimensions-43*50 mm, SEAMETAL c38936 weighs about 25 g. Most of the parts are made of aluminum, high-quality Assembly. Occasionally, there are complaints about backlash or marriage in the reviews. The disadvantages include the fact that the smell quickly disappears, the tablet lasts just a few days. Buyers also note that without instructions, it is not always possible to assemble the fan the first time.


20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

CDCOTN CFK110 looks simply delicious, at first glance it is difficult to understand that this is the most common flavor for cars. It is made in the form of a bouquet of dried flowers in a bright paper wrapper. You can place it on the ventilation grate or just put it on the dashboard. Each product is made by hand, the approximate dimensions are 140 * 80 mm, the weight is about 30 g. of Course, the flowers themselves almost do not smell, the bag with the fragrance is inside the bouquet. There are 11 color options and 5 scents to choose from (peach, lemon, lavender, Cologne and ocean).

Customers with Aliexpress were satisfied with the quality of CDCOTN CFK110. All bouquets are made carefully, the aroma is persistent, not too cloying. The work of the seller is also respected: the packaging is reliable, delivery is fast. The only drawback is that the colors and smells don’t always match the ones you ordered. Sometimes the package contains a completely different option.

3 Yesplease Solar Car Air Freshener

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

On Aliexpress, there are electric and conventional air fresheners for cars. Yesplease is a cross between the 2 options. Inside it is a solar panel, thanks to which the rings begin to rotate, spreading the smell through the car. If there is not enough energy, the flavoring agent remains in a static position. Available in 4 metallic colors. The body of each product is made of plastic. When the smell disappears, you can pour essential oil or perfume into the bottom of the product, so this freshener is considered reusable.

The main advantage of Yesplease is its original design. Rotating rings are fascinating, children and adults enjoy watching them and filming the process on video. As an air freshener, the device performs well, the smell is felt for a long time. The disadvantages include a mediocre Assembly and the fact that the rings rotate too quickly under bright sunlight.

2 JA Frio Coche Air Freshener Car

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

Air freshener JA Frio Coche has become popular on Aliexpress, despite the high price. The product is designed in the form of a metal ball with glasses and a pilot’s hat. The headdress is made of leather, available in 4 colors. You can choose a fragrance (Cologne, Jasmine or ocean), order a set of several pieces, or limit yourself to buying a perfume ball. The latter option is suitable for those who have already ordered the fragrance before and want to update the smell. The diameter of the product is 42 mm, weight-100 g. the helmet has a loop for hanging, you can also attach the air freshener to the air deflector.

The site regularly receives positive reviews about JA Frio Coche. They note the excellent quality of workmanship, persistent and unusual aroma. The main disadvantage was the solid weight of the ball. When swaying on the road, there is a risk of damage to the windshield. If the product is placed on the ventilation grate, the air flow will be partially blocked.

1 MR TEA Cartoon Style

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

MR TEA Cartoon Style air fresheners are a real godsend for loyal fans of popular franchises. These are inexpensive but effective sets of stickers with the image of your favorite characters, which can be placed on the grille of the air deflector. It is noteworthy that one set contains five or seven stickers, depending on the selected series. From now on, every Marvel fan can recognize the flavor of Black Widow and Tony stark’s mechanical armor! A very good purchase, especially considering the total number of items.

Best electric air fresheners from Aliexpress

5 MEIDI VO-1011C

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

MEIDI VO-1011C is a stylish and compact air freshener. Its rated power is 2 W, and its operating current is 400 mA. The range includes devices in pink, white or blue cases. At night, the led lights turn on (from the bottom, top, and center of the case). You can choose one of seven colors or set up custom switching.

It is quite easy to operate the device: first, you need to pour perfume, fragrance or water-soluble essential oils inside. After that, the container is closed, you can turn it on using the large button on the case. The seller recommends rinsing and wiping the diffuser dry after each use. The disadvantages include a fairly high price, but the build quality fully corresponds to it. The only drawback that Aliexpress users were able to detect is that some instances have problems with the mini USB port. This causes the charger to run out.

4 Ruijie Nanum II

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

Ruijie is one of the most famous manufacturers of automotive air fresheners on Aliexpress. In the assortment of this brand there are both successful and not too high-quality models. For example, Nanum II received mostly positive customer reviews. The air freshener works from the network via a USB cable and from a cigarette lighter. Device dimensions– 6.8*7*21 it weighs a little less than 100 grams, the case is made of plastic. Inside is a cotton filter that can be soaked in perfume or essential oil.

To moisten the air, just pour clean water into the tank. After turning on the device, the liquid begins to spray, filling the car with a pleasant aroma. It also provides an automatic shutdown function after 2 hours of continuous operation. 50 ml of liquid is placed inside the tank. The kit includes a user’s manual and spare filters. The main disadvantage of Nanum II is its flimsy design.

3 Ruijie Cans Humidifier

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

The Ruijie company positions this product as a “3 in 1”: humidifier, freshener and night light. Product dimensions– 75.8*75.8*104.4 mm, there are different colors in the range. 200 ml of water is placed in the tank, and any fragrant liquid can also be added there. The spray sprays it at a rate of 30 ml per hour. In the plastic case of the device there are LEDs that provide multi-colored illumination in the dark. Another diode is located on the fan propeller, which can be used instead of a reading lamp.

One of the advantages of Cans Humidifier is quiet operation: fan noise below 36 dB will not Wake up children. Customers leave rave reviews on Aliexpress about this model: the combination of an air freshener, fan and night light was to the taste of absolutely everyone. The device is ideal for home and car use. There is one significant drawback-a rubber gasket. It stretches quickly, and as a result, the tank begins to leak.

2 NANUM Mist air freshener

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

A new trend in the world of air fresheners required the invention of something unusual. Enterprising developers picked up this idea and presented the world with a combined freshener and humidifier. NANUM Mist air freshener is a simple and practical representative of this combination, powered by a car cigarette lighter. Humidification of the air is performed by steam from a boiling liquid, to which (at the user’s request) you can add aromatic oils and perfume. By the way, this is the best offer on Aliexpress – it is simply impossible to buy an immaculately working electric “fresher” for less.

1 Ruijie Square D Humidifier

20 best car air fresheners with Aliexpress

Ruijie Square d Humidifier is one of the brightest air fresheners on Aliexpress. The range includes different colors (blue, pink, yellow and white), product sizes– 66*66*146 mm, it weighs just under 200 grams. Inside the plastic case is a 180 ml tank and a cotton filter. To get started, you need to fill the vessel with water, add a few drops of perfume or essential oil. After that, the container is tightly closed, the freshener is turned on at the touch of a button.

Reviews praise Ruijie Square d Humidifier, customers like the design and build quality of the device. No foreign odors were detected, and the lights and sprayer are working correctly. For an apartment, the product may seem too small, but for a car it will be just right. The main disadvantage of the model is the lack of automatic shutdown. Even if the water in the tank has run out, you will have to press the button yourself.

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