14 best TVs with Smart TV function

*Review best according to redakciey. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Just a few years ago, Smart TV-enabled TVs were a real curiosity. Now it is almost pointless to buy a device devoid of smart functionality, unless it is used somewhere in the kitchen, in the garage or in the bathroom. In the living room or bedroom, you want to quickly access a particular content, and only Smart TV can provide this. That’s why we decided to tell you about the best TVs equipped with WebOS, Tizen or any other operating system.

Most popular operating systems

If the vast majority of smartphones currently sold are running Android and iOS, then the TV market has a slightly wider variety:

LG devices come with the WebOS operating system. It has a long history, its first versions were developed by Palm, which then produced good PDAs. For some time now, WebOS has been adapted exclusively for TVs. The operating system displays the main applications in the form of checkboxes-bookmarks in the lower area of the screen. Most settings are made in just a couple of clicks of the remote control. Especially if it’s a so-called magic Remote that comes with top-end and mid-budget 4K models. Also, this operating system is able to boast a special function, thanks to which the TV screen displays what is happening on a computer, tablet or smartphone — for this purpose, Miracast technology is used. If we talk about the disadvantages, then only the lack of support for the m2ts format comes to mind — it was eliminated with the release of the fourth version of the OS. Therefore, it is better to download 4K movies to such TVs in MKV format.

Samsung has been installing the Tizen operating system on its Smart TVs for many years. At one time, the South Koreans tried to completely ease it. As a result, Tizen started appearing on smartwatches and even refrigerators. In TVs, however, it seems that its most functional version is used. At the same time, operating system management remains as simple as possible. It also supports transmitting images to the TV display via Wi-Fi. And if the device has a Bluetooth module, and the corresponding remote control is included in the kit, then the operating system will understand voice commands. But you can’t use the remote control as a pointer — for some reason, Samsung abandoned this control method several years ago. But in the new models, the built-in Steam Link began to appear. This means that the buyer will be able to play games that are available in their Steam library on the TV — the image will be transmitted from the computer without brakes and with minimal delay. Otherwise, Tizen is a typical operating system adapted to a huge TV screen, where you need to make only one or two clicks on the remote control for certain settings.

Android TV is also very popular now. This operating system is distributed free of charge, so several companies produce TVs based on it at once. Sony is most active in this direction — the Japanese realized that Smart TV based on Linux does not make any impression on the buyer. Perhaps it is Android TV that can be called the least stable system — slowing down may one day even begin on top-end TVs equipped with a very powerful processor and a large amount of memory. The operating system interface is adapted to the TV display and remote control. Unfortunately, Android TV devices are equipped exclusively with a traditional remote control, so someone will still want to connect a wireless mouse. But this operating system is famous for its openness. This means that you can run almost any application that is somehow adapted to the landscape orientation of the screen. In particular, you can run a torrent client here by downloading media content to an external hard drive. Competitors will definitely not be able to offer this!

This completes the list of the most popular operating systems for Smart TV. As mentioned above, Sony used to install something from itself, developed on the basis of Linux. That operating system was quite possible to use, and it still feels good on the TVs of happy customers. But it is impossible not to note its nightmarish interface, devoid of any decorations. And the set of applications is extremely small, which is also disappointing. Here’s why

in addition to Sony, a few companies were engaged in such an experiment. You can also find Opera TV and Firefox OS operating systems on Smart TVs.

What’s better than TIZEN, ANDROID TV, or WEBOS

Finally, you can read the table, which contains the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular operating systems present on modern smart TVs.

Built-In Steam Link,

+ Understands almost all video formats,

+ A huge number of apps and games,

+ It is possible to use a wide variety of peripherals,

+ You can start the torrent client.

– The program interface is not always adapted to the remote control.

– Doesn’t understand some BDMV movies in folders,

– Does not allow you to select the ninth and subsequent audio tracks,

– No support for torrent clients.

Rating of the best TVs with Smart TV

Category place product name price
Best TVs with Smart TV on the Tizen operating system 1 Samsung QE65Q7FAM 157 000 ₽
2 Samsung UE55MU6100U 61 990 ₽
3 Samsung UE49NU7100U 34 700 ₽
4 Samsung UE43NU7400U 35 600 ₽
Best Smart TVs running on Android TV OS 1 Sony KD-49XE8096 60 800 ₽
2 Philips 49PUS6412 42 000 ₽
3 BBK 50LEX-6027/UTS2C 25 980 ₽
Best Smart TVs running WebOS 1 LG OLED65C7V 135 990 ₽
2 LG OLED55B7V 87 500 ₽
3 LG 49SJ810V 44 640 ₽
4 LG 43UJ630V 27 500 ₽
5 Sony KD-55XF7096 59 690 ₽
6 Sony KD-55XE7096 59 550 ₽
7 Panasonic TX-55EXR600 49 500 ₽

Best TVs with Smart TV on the Tizen operating system

Samsung QE65Q7FAM

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Opens our rating of Smart TV created using QLED technology. This means that its 65-inch matrix has quantum dots. To put it very roughly, such pixels can glow much brighter than their usual counterparts. As a result, you can look at the screen of such a TV from any angle — you will definitely not notice a drop in brightness or color distortion. This display is also 10-bit. This indicates that this is where the HDR image looks best. Finally, it is necessary to note the high frame rate-the matrix boasts a parameter of 120 Hz. In short, you will find the most smooth and richly colored picture! Of course, it uses 4K resolution, but it’s better to forget about Full HD now.

The Tizen operating system feels its best. The processor power and memory capacity are enough for the eyes. Slowdowns, of course, can be achieved, but for this you will have to install a huge number of additional applications. Internet access is provided via a high-speed Wi-Fi or LAN port. There is also Bluetooth — it is needed for audio output to wireless headphones and proper operation of the One Remote.

Despite its very large size, the TV’s power consumption does not exceed 153 watts. It was possible to slightly reduce this parameter precisely by using the QLED matrix. The weight of the device is 28.2 kg. It was influenced not only by the huge screen, but also by the audio system. It consists of four speakers with a power of 10 watts, and the whole thing is complemented by a subwoofer. By the way, if you are going to watch TV, then this model will also have no questions — it understands all digital standards, including satellite DVB-S2. It also includes three USB ports and four HDMI connectors. For wired audio output, only optical output is used.


  • Increased scan rate;
  • It uses a QLED matrix with a huge color gamut;
  • 4K resolution;
  • Stable operation of the operating system;
  • Excellent audio system;
  • The maximum viewing angle;
  • Large sizes;
  • All digital TV standards are supported;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth modules are available;
  • Large number of connectors;
  • Remote control with voice control included.


  • Very high cost;
  • Low prevalence in Russia;
  • There is no 3.5 mm audio Jack.

Samsung UE55MU6100U

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Our rating continues with a significantly less expensive TV. It uses a more traditional and familiar PLS display rather than a QLED matrix. Its diagonal is 54.6 inches. Viewing angles can not be called maximum, but the distortion of the image is extremely insignificant, not everyone will notice them. The image is displayed with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The refresh rate of the matrix is 50 Hz, as with most 4K displays in this price segment. Interestingly, local dimming is implemented here. This allows us to hope for very deep black colors. However, this function does not work in the best way — someone will even disable it. Well, as for the brightness, it is extremely difficult to find fault with it — even when viewing HDR content, the picture does not seem too dim.

In the production of this Smart TV, South Koreans almost did not save money. In this regard, the product received a very powerful processor, due to which Tizen almost does not slow down. However, if you make a direct comparison with similar models in 2018, then you can notice a loss in speed. Store aggregators indicate that the operating system only accesses the Internet via Wi-Fi 802.11 n. However, in the reviews, no one complains about the speed of data reception and transmission. Perhaps support for a higher-speed standard is still implemented? Well, what you can’t argue with is the presence of a Bluetooth module here. It is through this technology that voice commands are transmitted, which are spoken into the complete remote control. If you are interested in wired connections, then there are three HDMI connectors, a pair of USB ports and an Ethernet Jack. Audio output — only via the optical output. You will want to connect a home theater system in the future, as two 10-watt speakers will gradually become too small.

The device has two independent TV tuners. The first one is designed for cable and terrestrial TV, and the second one is designed for satellite. The image is easily written to a flash drive. However, instead, many customers are much more likely to play videos from it. I am glad that the standard player supports almost all modern formats. It also understands downloaded folders with m2ts files. Nice work here and “aplawrence”, which literally draws additional frames.

Please note that the power consumption of the TV reaches a considerable value-210 watts. There are also defective copies where a horizontal or vertical bar appears on the screen. There are also other cases of marriage — such a TV must be changed before the warranty period expires. If this scared you, then pay attention to other models that were included in our rating.


  • Large diagonal;
  • Acceptable viewing angles;
  • High brightness level;
  • There is support for satellite TV;
  • Bluetooth Enabled;
  • Comes with a remote that supports voice input;
  • Stable operation of the operating system;
  • 4K-resolution.


  • Large percentage of defects;
  • Not very loud for such a diagonal sound;
  • The number of connectors could have been larger;
  • Flimsy stand;
  • The 3.5 mm Jack is missing.

Samsung UE49NU7100U

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

This Smart TV already belongs to the 2018 model range. The diagonal of its screen is 49 inches. This allows you to install a TV even in the bedroom, even in the living room-it turned out to be a kind of universal option. The 4K resolution here looks perfect — it’s impossible to see individual pixels even from a short distance. However, this is the youngest model of the 7-series, and therefore there were some simplifications. The frame rate of the matrix installed here is 50 Hz. Increasing to 100 Hz is possible, but only programmatically — by activating the corresponding function in the settings. The display was created using VA technology, which indicates average viewing angles — you will definitely notice a decrease in brightness if you look at the TV from somewhere to the side. But such a matrix provides very deep black colors — in this regard, the TV is second only to QLED and OLED TVs, which are significantly more expensive (the latter are not yet presented in the 49-inch diagonal). Another simplification is related to chroma. The fact is that the matrix is 8-bit. This means that the HDR content is not too different from the usual — you should not dream of a billion colors.

The body of the TV is painted black, the frame turned out to be very narrow. Two legs are used as a stand — the design turned out to be very stable. The device has not only a screen, but also a pair of speakers. The power of each is 10 watts, which can be considered the standard for such a diagonal. There are three HDMI connectors and two USB ports on the back of the device. There is also a LAN socket, which is necessary for a wired connection to the router. And this is almost not relevant for this model, because the high-speed capabilities of Wi-Fi 802.11 ac are quite enough to play 4K content. An optical output is also located on the back wall — only it is used for audio output.

Unfortunately, the Smart TV does not include a Bluetooth module. That is why the standard remote control that does not support voice input is included in the package. It also makes it almost impossible to connect headphones.


  • Power consumption does not exceed 140 watts;
  • The display has a 4K resolution;
  • Deep black color;
  • Quite stable operation of the OS;
  • There is support for the DVB-S2 satellite standard;
  • There is a light sensor present;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac is used;
  • Low cost.


  • Missing Bluetooth;
  • No 3.5 mm audio Jack available;
  • Not very wide viewing angles;
  • Not the largest number of HDMI and USB connectors.

Samsung UE43NU7400U

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

One of the most compact TVs in our rating. On its front panel is a VA-display, the diagonal of which does not exceed 42.5 inches (108 cm). At the same time, the buyer is waiting for a full 4K resolution. It is because of compliance with the Ultra HD standard that the TV costs quite a significant 40 thousand rubles.

Like other devices from Samsung, this model operates under the control of Tizen. If the operating system does, it’s only in the rarest of cases. Smart TV belongs to the line of 2018, so there is already a built-in Steam Link, which simplifies the transfer of computer games.

The body of this model is painted black. The screen located here has an anti-glare coating. The scan frequency here is the standard 50 Hz. Programmatically, the image can be made smoother — the TV copes with this task very well. Although it is better not to set the maximum level of smoothness, otherwise you will find a lot of artifacts. Viewing angles are also average here. But the black color can be called very deep — the VA matrix does its job. The HDR effect here is on the “four with a minus” — it feels like the display is only 8-bit.

The 42.5-inch diagonal indicates that the TV is ideal for installation in the bedroom. If your room has a large enough area, then such a screen will not be enough. An audio system consisting of two speakers with a power of 10 watts can also not suit you. Fortunately, audio can easily be brought to the Soundbar or home theater by using the optical output. But you won’t be able to connect headphones — there’s no 3.5 mm audio Jack or Bluetooth. Due to the lack of the latter, the TV is equipped with a regular remote control, which is devoid of a microphone. This imposes a certain restriction on the use of YouTube — entering the search query will take some time.

The router is connected via the high-speed Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ac. However, no one bothers to use a wired connection, if suddenly there is such a need. In addition to the LAN port on the back wall, you can find three HDMI and two USB jacks. It should be noted that there is no USB 3.0 connector here, so it is better not to play videos with a very high bitrate through this interface.


  • The Wi-Fi module supports the 802.11 ac standard;
  • A screen with 4K resolution is used;
  • Extremely deep black color;
  • Implemented satellite TV support;
  • Not very high power consumption; Weight comp
  • it consumes 12.1 kg (including the stand).


  • Missing Bluetooth;
  • No 3.5 mm audio Jack available;
  • Part of the print run-with an IPS matrix;
  • A lot of instances with flashing lights;
  • Comes with a simplified remote control.

Best Smart TVs running on Android TV OS

Sony KD-49XE8096

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

If image quality is very important to you, then be sure to pay attention to this TV. Many people say that Sony makes a huge mark-up for the brand. But in reality, this is not the case — the high cost is due to a higher-quality image. Sony KD-49XE8096 is a vivid confirmation of this. However, not without reservations.

The buyer of this model is waiting for juicy colors and high brightness of the backlight. Also, the TV is able to boast maximum viewing angles, while the mid-budget competitors from LG and Samsung will necessarily either distort colors, or the brightness will drop. However, there are a couple of limitations, if not problems. It uses 8-bit color depth (which most customers won’t even pay attention to). And the TV does not melt the dynamic picture well. If the image fills the entire screen, then everything is fine. If there are black stripes on the top and bottom, then jerks begin. This is a software problem that has not been solved for several years.

The screen of this Smart TV has a diagonal of 48.5 inches (123 cm). The product also boasts a very thin frame. The sound is output by two speakers with a power of 10 W each-in this regard, Sony decided not to get sophisticated. If you don’t want to Wake up your sleeping partner or your children, you can connect headphones. This can be done via a 3.5 mm audio Jack or a Bluetooth module. This immediately sets the TV apart from South Korean products. There are also three USB ports and four HDMI jacks on the back panel. In short, with the connection of equipment to the device, there will definitely be no problems!

This model supports all digital TV standards, including terrestrial DVB-T2 and satellite DVB-S2. As for access to the Internet, it is carried out via cable or Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. Android TV is responsible for processing information here. The operating system slows down, but in quite rare cases. I am glad that the possibility of installing programs from third-party sources has not disappeared anywhere — this is how you can find a torrent client and other similar SOFTWARE.


  • The screen has a rich color gamut;
  • The maximum viewing angle;
  • Very large number of connectors;
  • The headphones connect without any problems;
  • 4K resolution;
  • All digital TV standards are supported.
  • built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Bluetooth modules.


  • Strange working “aplawrence»;
  • The high cost;
  • Increased power consumption;
  • Comes with a simple remote control;
  • An external power supply is used.

Philips 49PUS6412

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

This TV was included in our rating thanks to its thin frame, painted in silver color. Not just her, though. We remember how at one time Philips TVs stirred up the public. Their illumination of the space behind the screen, called Ambilight, visually expands the image. Many people are willing to buy such a device just because of it! Well, such consumers are recommended to take a look at the Philips 49PUS6412. This model operates under the Android TV operating system, for which a huge number of applications have been created. Optimization is at the same level, although it is still impossible to call it ideal.

On the front side of the Smart TV is an IPS display with 4K resolution, which has a diagonal of 48.5 inches (123 cm). Perhaps the main disadvantages of the device arise precisely from the matrix used. The viewing angles are good here, but some fading of the image is still noticeable. But most of all, the black color is disappointing — it is far from ideal here. Also, some instances sin with dark corners-this is caused by the use of Direct LED illumination. But the Central part of the screen is illuminated as evenly as possible.

Don’t think we’re trying to scare you. The flaws of the creators are invisible to the vast majority of unassuming buyers-this is confirmed by numerous reviews. But you can’t help but complain about limited Bluetooth. It is present here, but it is extremely difficult to connect something to it — it supports a minimum number of audio systems. It gets to the point that it is easier to connect wired headphones, the connector for which, fortunately, is present on the back panel. Not far from the 3.5 mm Jack, there are four HDMI jacks and a pair of USB ports. You can also connect to the Internet via a wired connection. In fact, this is the only connection method that provides comfortable viewing of online content in 4K resolution. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi does not support the 802.11 ac standard, and therefore at certain times it does not have enough bandwidth.

If we are talking about the global web, then it is necessary to note the easy entry of URLS and some search queries. For this purpose, a QWERTY keyboard is located on the back of the remote control, which is very convenient to use. Otherwise, it is an ordinary remote control that does not have the function of a pointer or receiving voice commands.

The device allows you to connect to it at least cable TV, even a satellite “dish”. The TV is held on the Cabinet by an elegant D-shaped stand. The sound is output by two 10-watt speakers — in this regard, this model is unlikely to surprise you with anything. In short, this is a very good option for your money. As you may have noticed, competitors with similar characteristics cost a good ten thousand rubles more.


  • 4K resolution;
  • Low cost for such a diagonal;
  • Implemented Ambilight illumination;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • There is support for all digital TV standards;
  • Large number of HDMI connectors;
  • Elegant design.


  • You can’t delete channels;
  • The console could use smart features;
  • Low contrast level;
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t understand the 802.11 ac standard;
  • Selective Bluetooth module;
  • Someone will not have enough of a third USB port.

BBK 50LEX-6027/UTS2C

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Many people prefer to buy LCD TVs from the three most famous brands. But still, we must admit that such devices have a slightly inflated price tag. Alas, not all residents of Russia are able to boast of a large salary. If your funds are also very limited, it is better to look at cheaper TVs. For example, a good model with a 49.5-inch screen was presented by the Chinese company BBK Electronics. In Russian retail, this LCD TV is asked for 26 thousand rubles, which is quite acceptable for such a diagonal.

So, what will the buyer have to put up with? First, with a fairly wide frame — it immediately catches the eye. Secondly, with not the highest reliability — we would not expect a ten-year service life (although some percentage of manufactured copies will last even longer). Third, you will definitely have to work on the settings — by default, the colors on the screen will be incorrect. Fourth, the Android TV operating system does not work too fast here. However, if you only use YouTube, then getting used to the firmware will not be difficult. Finally, there is a very weak sound. Smart TV turned out to be quite large, and the speakers inside it are only 8 — watt.

As the models considered above, the product of the company BBK is able to boast a 4K resolution. However, if you want to watch the movie in this resolution — you will have to “shamanize”. The fact is that the operating system installed here copes with the playback of such heavy content with great difficulty. The problem is solved, as they say, by dancing with a tambourine.

The manufacturer does not specify the exact technology used to make the matrix. However, there are practically no complaints about the image quality in the reviews, so we can safely say that the display will definitely suit an unassuming buyer. Here, even HDR support is available, albeit in a somewhat stripped-down form. You can upload content in a variety of ways. To implement DLNA, you will need to install an application that supports this technology. Communication with the global web is carried out either by wire or via Wi-Fi 802.11 n. You can also use external image sources, such as a game console. There are three USB ports and the same number of HDMI connectors for connecting them. Also, the Chinese have not forgotten the headphone output.

The best thing about the simplest components is the weight of the device-it does not exceed 10.4 kg, and this is already taking into account the stand!


  • A good display with a large diagonal;
  • The TV turned out to be quite light;
  • A decent number of connectors for such a cost;
  • It is possible to connect headphones;
  • All digital TV standards are supported.


  • It is better not to flatten the image;
  • Missing Bluetooth;
  • Uncomfortable remote control;
  • Very faint sound;
  • Wi-Fi does not support the 802.11 ac standard;
  • The operating system does not have enough capacity of installed components.

Best Smart TVs running WebOS


14 best TVs with Smart TV function

One of the most expensive TVs in our rating. Its high cost is due to the presence of an OLED matrix. Organic light-emitting diodes do not require a separate layer with illumination, which is why the TV panel turned out to be extremely thin. It also contributed to an almost infinite contrast ratio — black here is exactly what it should be.

The diagonal of the screen installed here is 64.5 inches (164 cm), and the width of the frames is minimized. Oddly enough, even such a huge TV can be held by a stand. Although no one will argue with the fact that it is better to hang it on the wall after all. Large dimensions allow us to recommend installing this model exclusively in large halls — this is definitely not the best choice for a bedroom or children’s room.

The matrix used here has an increased frame rate. This has a positive effect on viewing dynamic content. Also, the Smart TV boasts perfect HDR support, because the color depth is brought up to 10 bits. You can watch videos on the OLED screen via an Internet connection. For this purpose, of course, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac is used. However, no one forbids using a wired connection to the router, if it seems more stable to you. As for interaction with other devices, the creators placed four HDMI jacks and three USB ports on the back wall of the OLED TV. More, perhaps, is not necessary.

Inside this model there are two TV tuners, which allows you to watch both cable, terrestrial, and satellite TV. But practice shows that owners of such TVs prefer to watch much better content — for example, HDR movies. If we talk about sound, then it is given out by four speakers with a power of 10 watts each. There is a separate subwoofer, so you can achieve perfect low frequencies that do not drown out the voice of people and other sounds. If you have a home theater system or Soundbar, you can use the optical audio output. There is no headphone Jack here, but it is unlikely that anyone will want to pair a wired accessory with such a huge TV.

WebOS works here without any complaints. It is felt that the South Koreans did not spare money for a powerful processor and a fairly large amount of memory. To control the system, you can use voice commands, a special pointer (its movements are affected by the gyroscope) , or traditional button presses on the remote control.


  • It is equipped with a convenient Magic Remote control;
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are available;
  • Not a bad, if not perfect audio system;
  • Perfect contrast ratio;
  • The OLED screen has a high refresh rate and 10-bit color depth;
  • Smart TV works perfectly;
  • There is support for all digital TV standards;
  • Large number of connectors;
  • Thin framing.


  • Very high cost;
  • Some customers complain about the stability of signal reception over Wi-Fi.


14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Another OLED TV with Smart TV in this rating, already much more affordable. In Russian stores, this device is offered to buy for 100 thousand rubles. It is easy to guess that such a TV will not have the largest diagonal. Indeed, the buyer is waiting for 54.6 inches (139 cm). This is the minimum starting point for modern OLED TVs. But we must admit that even this will be a lot for some small-sized room.

Of course, the screen can boast a full 4K resolution. The contrast ratio is perfect, on such a screen, black is the most real color. The display also has a 10-bit color depth, so that HDR videos show the maximum possible. We should also mention the high refresh rate, which makes dynamic scenes very smooth.

The operating system used here is WebOS. This means that the customer will enjoy intuitive operation. Slowdowns are practically eliminated, especially if you do not forget to update the SOFTWARE to the latest version. Included with the TV is a branded remote control-the Magic Remote pointer.

Of course, such a device could not do without high-speed wireless modules. Against this background, the lack of a 3.5 mm Jack here is not at all disappointing-in any case, it is much easier to use Bluetooth headphones. But four HDMI jacks and three USB ports cause only joyful feelings, because with them you can forget about the AV receiver. For audio output, four 10-watt speakers are used here. If this is not enough, then an optical audio output will come to the rescue, to which the Soundbar or home theater is connected. You can also find a couple of antenna inputs on the back panel — they are designed for viewing terrestrial, cable TV and, of course, Sputnik.

It seems that many people will have enough opportunities for this Smart TV with their heads. If standard models do not have a very high brightness margin, then this parameter is increased exactly twice. That’s why you’ll quickly spot an OLED TV sitting on a store counter next to devices that have a less advanced screen.


  • Large OLED display with 10-bit color depth;
  • An increased refresh rate is supported;
  • 4K resolution;
  • Built-in satellite TV tuner;
  • Operating system running normally;
  • The kit includes an advanced remote control;
  • Good built-in acoustics;
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac are supported;
  • A large number of connectors.


  • The high cost;
  • The speed of the LAN port is only 100 Mbps.

LG 49SJ810V

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Some people will definitely call this TV the best among those that do not have a QLED or OLED matrix in their composition. We will not be so categorical after all. Nevertheless, this model definitely could not fail to enter our rating of the best Smart TVs. At the disposal of this device there is an IPS panel, the diagonal of which is 49.5 inches (126 cm). It supports Nano Cell technology, which supposedly makes the image brighter. Unfortunately, if you look at the matrix under a microscope, you can see that white has been added to the green, red, and blue subpixels. This negatively affects color reproduction — if you can achieve natural and natural colors, then only by very long tinkering with the settings. Also, when compared directly with another 4K TV, it may seem that the picture here is slightly blurred.

However, you should not be afraid. There are a lot of buyers who are 100% satisfied with the device — numerous positive reviews only confirm this. This model looks great due to the thin frame and elegant arc-shaped stand. Viewing angles — close to the maximum (but still you can notice some fading of the image). There is also a mode that makes the image smoother — this also has a positive effect on perception. On the back of the TV there are three USB ports and four HDMI connectors, which is more than enough to connect game consoles and other equipment. The Ethernet port required for wired connection to the router is also not forgotten. But it is much easier to use Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (someday he will definitely tell you about the best routers that support this standard).

In terms of sound, the LG 49SJ810V Smart TV will not offer anything unusual. There are two built-in speakers with a power of 10 watts each. If you want to maximize the experience of watching movies, then it’s better to get a Soundbar or home theater. This model also boasts a pair of TV tuners, which indicates the possibility of connecting a satellite dish.

It remains to add that the product has a very low power consumption — even regular use of the TV will have almost no effect on electricity bills.


  • 4K resolution;
  • The TV does a good job of flattening the image;
  • There is support for all digital TV standards;
  • The operating system works without any complaints;
  • Included is a Magic Remote;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • Large number of connectors;
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac modules are available;
  • There is a headphone Jack;
  • The power consumption is only 85 watts.


  • The price tag will still not suit everyone;
  • A white subpixel can make the image look grayer.

LG 43UJ630V

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

The cheapest LCD TV in our selection. At the same time, there is also WebOS — a full-fledged operating system that allows you to install several additional applications. The image here is displayed on an IPS display with a diagonal of 42.5 inches (108 cm). Such a TV will look perfect in the bedroom or any other small room. The low cost negatively affected the width of the frames. Also, not everyone can be satisfied with plastic, from which most of the case and stand are made. Against this background, it is surprising that such an inexpensive TV was not deprived of a satellite TV tuner! We are also pleased with the fact that South Koreans have been generous with a wireless module that supports Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. If this standard was not recognized, you would have to connect the TV to the router via a wire — otherwise there would be big problems with online playback of 4K content.

This model supports HDR. But in fact, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice major changes in games when you activate this mode. The fact is that it is not a 10-bit matrix that is used here. But even worse, the HDR display is affected by a very bright backlight — because of it, black colors do not look too natural. And we don’t recommend lowering the brightness — in this case, the image will be too dark. But this is a long-standing problem of 4K TVs with an IPS screen — it’s not for nothing that they are cheaper than their counterparts with a VA matrix, not to mention QLED models.

Audio output here is handled by a standard audio system consisting of two 10-watt speakers. In the future, you can buy a Soundbar or home theater system by outputting audio via an optical audio output. If you have wireless headphones, they will also come in handy — the corresponding module is here. And Bluetooth also allows you to use the Magic Remote, which makes it easier to control. But you’ll have to buy it separately, which is a bit disappointing.

In fact, you can find fault with this Smart TV, but you don’t want to do this at all. Yes, not a record number of connectors are built in here. But the vast majority of owners of 43-inch LCD panels have only two HDMI sockets, and here there are even three of them. Seriously complain, perhaps, can only be on the structure of the matrix-LG has used a white subpixel. Because of this, color reproduction is rarely perfect. But, again, not every unassuming buyer will pay attention to dirty white colors, most often turning into gray.


  • Screen with 4K resolution;
  • A well-functioning operating system;
  • Quite decent viewing angles;
  • There is support for all digital TV standards;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi modules 802.11 ac and Bluetooth;
  • The optimal number of HDMI connectors for such a diagonal;
  • Low cost.


  • The structure of the matrix — RGBW;
  • Two USB ports only;
  • A simple remote control is included;
  • Image flattening doesn’t always work perfectly;
  • Weak HDR effect.

Best Smart TVs on alternative platforms

Sony KD-55XF7096

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

For a long time, Japanese manufacturers of LCD TVs could not decide which operating system to use in their devices. As a result, a considerable number of devices came off the Assembly line of the Sony factory, the functionality of which is provided by Linux. In fact, this is the usual firmware, which is supplemented with some popular services — for example, using this operating system, you can open YouTube or some online cinema. However, we don’t recommend counting on more than that. There is an Internet browser here, but its speed is far from ideal. You should forget about downloading additional apps altogether.

Well, how does the TV show itself, if you forget about its “smart” component? Almost perfect. On its front panel is an IPS-matrix, the diagonal of which is 54.6 inches (139 cm). There are no white subpixels here, and the brightness of the backlight is quite significantly increased. All this allows you to enjoy a wonderful picture in full 4K resolution, which also has almost perfect viewing angles. It is not without reason that Sony products are usually bought precisely because of the high-quality image. Separately, we should note the Direct LED backlight used here — it completely eliminates the appearance of instances with flashes at the edges of the screen. HDR also shows itself well here, although it is still impossible to call an ideal picture in this mode.

Otherwise, this is a typical modern 4K TV. It understands all digital TV standards, including satellite DVB-S2. Three HDMI sockets are used to receive images from external sources. The same number of USB connectors allows you to connect a large number of external drives and peripherals. Or power up the SNES Classic Mini game console. But the manufacturer saved on wireless modules — Wi-Fi 802.11 n bandwidth is not always enough, and Bluetooth is completely absent here. It’s a good thing that the 3.5 mm audio Jack is still there, otherwise the buyer would not be able to connect headphones at all. By the way, it uses simple speakers with a power of 10 watts — in the future you will definitely want to bring the sound to something more serious.

It remains to add that the Smart TV turned out to be very large, and therefore its power consumption is appropriate. Also, this model does not have the best image smoothness, when there are black stripes on the top and bottom.


  • 4K resolution;
  • Excellent viewing angles;
  • Good brightness;
  • There is support for all digital TV standards;
  • A fairly large number of connectors;
  • There is a headphone Jack.


  • Not the best operating system;
  • Missing Bluetooth;
  • Not the fastest Wi-Fi;
  • High power consumption;
  • The cost will not suit everyone;
  • It is equipped with an unremarkable remote control.

Sony KD-55XE7096

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

This TV is not too different from the one discussed above. It is definitely newer — it is one of the most recent representatives of our rating. The appearance of its stand has changed a lot — now it is D-shaped. Well, the framework, perhaps, has become even more subtle. The display is used approximately the same. It has a diagonal of 54.6 inches. The viewing angles are maximum, which is good news. Also, it is impossible not to note the juicy colors. The HDR effect is also quite good here, although it is still far from OLED TVs. The scan frequency here is normal, but you can easily make the image smoother programmatically. However, the trouble with floating with black stripes on the top and bottom is preserved here.

Sony is the only TV manufacturer that is constantly rushing from one operating system to another. Opera TV is installed here — an atypical operating system, sharpened exclusively for the TV. This is already better than Linux, but in terms of the number of available applications, the operating system is much inferior to Tizen and WebOS. However, if you only watch online movie theaters and YouTube, you won’t even notice this drawback!

The Smart TV comes with a regular remote control. And how can it be different if there is simply no Bluetooth here? I am glad that at least the headphone Jack is present. Well, Internet access is provided via Wi-Fi 802.11 n. But it is better to connect to the router with a cable — this will simplify online viewing of 4K content.

It remains to add that the product has a standard audio system consisting of two speakers with a power of 10 watts each. If this is not enough, then you can use the optical audio output by connecting a home theater or Soundbar to it.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • 4K resolution;
  • Good color reproduction;
  • Excellent viewing angles;
  • Three HDMI connectors and USB ports each;
  • There is a headphone Jack available;
  • All digital TV standards are supported.


  • No Bluetooth;
  • Not very fast Wi-Fi;
  • The high cost;
  • Not the best operating system;
  • The most common remote control.

Panasonic TX-55EXR600

14 best TVs with Smart TV function

Another atypical representative of our rating. The Japanese manufacturer installed Firefox OS here. Initially, this operating system was developed for use on smartphones. However, it did not go beyond the release of several models. But now this operating system can be found in some Smart TVs. It differs from its analogues by its high speed and very small size of applications. It’s just a pity that there are very few of these programs.

The screen here is a 139-cm IPS panel. The colors are natural, and the viewing angles are wide enough. However, the contrast ratio is very low — this is the main drawback of all IPS-displays. This means that the HDR effect will be barely noticeable. The screen refresh rate is standard, but the software “uplavnyalka” works very well. In short, the buyer is waiting for an average quality display. The Japanese are much inferior to Sony in this regard, but they are slightly superior to the products of their South Korean colleagues.

The product has received support for terrestrial, cable and satellite television. Audio is output to standard 10-watt speakers. In the future, the buyer can get a sound panel — it is connected via an optical audio output. There are also three HDMI jacks and a pair of USB connectors on the back of the TV. There is also an Ethernet port. It is useful if your router does not support the high-speed Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ac.

Otherwise, this is a typical inexpensive LCD TV. It comes with an ordinary remote control. It doesn’t have Bluetooth. At least the light sensor is not forgotten. However, many buyers prefer to disable its operation — not everyone likes a dark picture, but this is exactly what it becomes when the lights are turned off in the evening.


  • Good viewing angles;
  • 4K resolution;
  • There is support for Wi-Fi 802.11 ac; Eats
  • b headphone Jack;
  • A fairly large number of HDMI and USB sockets;
  • Implemented support for all digital TV standards.


  • Missing Bluetooth;
  • Not everyone is satisfied with the image quality;
  • Any questions about reliability;
  • Not a very large number of apps;
  • A normal remote control.


As you may have noticed, we completely bypassed compact TVs, the screen diagonal of which does not reach 43 inches. The fact is that such devices, if they receive a Smart TV, then they work extremely slowly. This is due to the fact that small and inexpensive LCD TVs introduce a weak processor and a minimum amount of memory. As a result, their customers quickly stop using smart functionality, as it only causes annoyance. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your Smart TV experience, consider buying at least a 43-inch model.

Attention! This rating is subjective in nature, is not an advertisement, and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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